35 Best Replies To “How Much Do You Love Me?” (Fun & Cute)

When you’re flirting with someone, one question they might ask is “how much do you love me?”. At first, such a question might seem easy and innocent. But, coming up with a good reply is where most people get lost. Today, we’ll look at 35 ways that you could respond to “How much do you love me?”.

Why Would Your Partner Ask “How Much Do You Love Me?”

“How much do you love me?” is asked when a couple is flirting with one another, and one wishes to confirm that the other has deep and genuine feelings for them. It can help improve communication within a relationship. It can also be said when one partner wants something.

Funny Replies

1. Even More Than Kanye Loves Kanye

Many of you will be aware of the famous rapper Kanye West. He used to be married to Kim Kardashian, and he’s built a career from being controversial, opinionated, and sometimes slightly narcissistic.

Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that Kayne loves himself. So if you love someone even more than Kanye loves Kanye, that is incredibly powerful love.

2. More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow

This response makes no sense. Because there is no way you could know how much you are going to love someone. You might need to be careful with this one, as implying you will not love someone as much tomorrow may upset people.

But, if you know that they would also find it funny, then what’s the harm?

3. More than the total pollution in the world

Our world has a big problem. And that is pollution. Because of the carbon dioxide we are putting into the atmosphere, the climate is changing. This response is clever as it both highlights your love for your partner and the scale of our pollution problem.

4. Love Is A Lie

In romantic situations, we are expected to act sweet. This is why it’s so funny when we instead act nihilistic. They may want to hear that your love for them is strong, but it doesn’t exist. Because love itself is just a made-up concept. Becoming dark and philosophical to lighten the food is funny.

5. I Love You Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake

We imagine that all kids love cake. It’s just that the fat ones tend to eat slightly more of it. We imagine that a fat kid will likely dream about cake, and become upset when they’re not around it. Which is likely how you feel about your partner. It has the perfect balance of sweetness (sorry for the pun) and humor.

6. More Love Than I Thought I Was Capable Of

It could be that before you met this person, you used to think of yourself as cold-hearted, and not capable of love. However, because of your partner, you have learnt a lot about yourself. The heart with you thought was frozen forever has been thawed, and you can finally allow yourself to feel the butterflies. A nice bit of self-deprecating humor will always be appreciated.

7. I Love You More Than Water Is Wet

When you ask a question where the answer is obviously “yes”, you might be asked the theoretical question “is water wet?”. This is to highlight the absurdity of your question and how clear it is that the answer is “yes”.

Surely, water is the wettest thing imaginable. So, if you love someone more than water is wet, you love them more than anyone can imagine.

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8. To The Moon, To The Shop, To The White House, And Then Back Here

One common reply to “how much do you love me?” is “to the moon and back”, but that reply has now become cliché, and a little bit cheesy. So, our new version brings an element of humor into it, as well as expanding the distance. If you’re creative, you could even replace some of the words. Maybe you would rather say “To Mars, to Big Ben, to Mt Fuji, and then back here”.

9. What Do You Want?

As we mentioned earlier, when some people ask “how much do you love me?”, it may be because they have an ulterior motive. Because they want you to buy them something. By saying “what do you want?”, you make it clear that you know what they’re doing, and you would rather just find out what your money is going towards.

10. Enough To Know What’s Best For You

What they might view as a symbol of love, you might view as making things worse than they need to be. For example, if they want a dangerous motorbike. To them, you buying the bike is a sign that you love them. But you just see it as a death machine. Let them know that you will refuse their request because, not despite the fact, you love them.

11. That Depends On What You’re About To Ask For

You know that they’re about to ask you for something. But you have no idea what that “something” is. Perhaps it’s something sensible that you would be happy to buy. Or perhaps it’s something dangerous that you are not even going to think about. By giving this response, you are making the joke that you will love them more if they know what to ask for.

12. Enough

What does it mean to “love someone enough?”. Nobody knows, and that’s why this response is so funny. You do not need to go out of your way to show your love, because the amount that you currently love them is just right.

13. I Love You More Than I Love (Insert Thing)

Is there something you love? And does your partner know that you love this thing? It could be anything at all- shoes, cars, clothes, beer, wine, pie.

If your partner understands just how much you love this thing, it will make them very happy to learn that you love them even more. You might be obsessed with one thing, but your love is for your partner.

14. A Bit More Than I Hate You

Whether they admit it or not, every couple has just a tiny bit of hatred for the other. This does not mean it’s bitter hatred, and they wish for their partner to die, it just means that some of their daily habits annoy them a bit. But the thing with love, it’s so powerful that no amount of hate can overpower it. If you love your partner more than you hate them, you will be able to overcome any issues that you might have.

15. More Than The Price Tag Of The Thing I’m Not Getting You

Another great option for when you know your partner is only asking such a question because you know they want something. If they are probably going to ask for something expensive, such as a handbag, or a new video game console, you can let them know that you love them more than these riches will ever prove.

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16. You’ll Have To Do Better Than That

You are no fool, you know that they are about to ask for something. If they want that something from you, they will need to do better. “How much do you love me?” is a common manipulation trick that you have seen plenty of times before. And you have grown to expect more from them.

17. Somewhere Between A Bit And A Lot

This one highlights the absurdity of “how much do you love me?”. Because how could you answer that? There is no universally agreed-upon measurement for the ability to love. Do you love one person 5 but another person 15?

Instead, you use generic words such as “a bit” or “a lot”. Or, if you want to be funny, somewhere in the middle.

Cute Replies

18. So Much That I Will Never Let You Stand Alone

When you love someone, the one thing that you will dedicate your life to avoiding is their loneliness. Because when someone is lonely, they become lost, sad, and have nothing to live for. The idea of love is that you stand by someone all the time, no matter what challenges you have to overcome together.

19. So Much That You Should Never Wait For My Messages The Whole Night

There is no point in telling someone that you love them, and then not acting upon your word. It is not love if they stay up all night waiting for your text, but you’re too busy playing video games. This is not loving at all. To show that you love them, let them know that you are also willing to put in some effort.

20. So Much That You Will Always Find Me Beside You

As we said in number 18, to love someone is to stand by them no matter what. Even if they make mistakes in life, which they will, you will be there to support them, and get them through the difficult times. Because love isn’t supposed to always be easy, that’s why so many people work so hard to find it.

21. So Much That Whenever You’re Upset I Will Be There To Convert It Into Happiness

In an ideal world, we would be happy all the time. There would never be any pain, suffering, or misery. But of course, we live in an ideal world, we live in the real world. Bad stuff happens and people get hurt. But, when you love someone, when they’re going through this sort of time, you will be there for them. And even if you don’t always succeed, you will always do your best to take some of their pain away and make them happy.

22. So Much That I Will Never Let You Go Away From Me.

When you love someone, you will move heaven and earth to stop them from going away from you. Even when the world seems to be against you, there is no way you’re letting them get away. That’s how valuable they are to you.

23. So Much That I Will Shower You With The Fountain Of Love Every Day.

Every day, you will find a way to show your love for them. Whether that’s celebrating in their time of joy, helping in their time of need, or just being there every day. Love is something that you need to show every day.

24. So Much That I Will Be The First And The Last Person You Wanna Talk To In A Day.

Whether it’s 6 am or 10 pm, this is the person you want to talk to. And you hope that they feel the same. Because they are the only person you want to talk to when there is nobody else in the world for you.

25. So Much That You Will Be My First Priority.

You will put them above everything else. Be that work, hobbies, or money. Because although that stuff might matter to you, the only thing more important is love. And you have made your priorities.

26. So Much That I Will Never Break Any Promises.

One key part of love is trust and loyalty. If you make a promise to someone you love, to break that promise is to damage the love you have for them. Promises mean something, and to discard them is a sign that you are a flawed character.

27. So Much That I Will Never Let You Feel I Don’t Love You.

If you love them, it makes sense that you want to ensure they know about it.

28. Enough To Stand By You Through Thick And Thin

To love someone means to love them even when they are going through a difficult time.

29. Enough To Hug You Every Day

Something as simple as a hug is enough to show love sometimes.

30. Enough To Be Your Lover But Also Your Best Friend.

To you, she is so much more than just an object. She is someone you deeply care about.

31. I Would Bring The Moon To Earth If It Meant Showing You My Love

Shows the lengths you’re willing to go to prove that you love them.

32. I Would Cross All Seven Oceans For You

You will make a dangerous journey for them.

33. More Than I Know How To Put Into Words

Because there are times when words are not enough.

34. I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Showing How Much

Love is a lifetime commitment, not just an emotion.

35. With All My Heart

A classic, but lovely nonetheless.