35 Best Replies To “Why Do You Love Me?” Read This Before Answering!

Oh to be young and in love. Is there anything better? It is what we all want. To have someone who loves us as much as we love them. It is a wonderful and beautiful experience that few are lucky enough to truly experience. So, when your partner looks at you and asks “Why Do You Love Me?” what do you say?

Why would your partner ask you “Why do you love me”?

There are a few reasons they may ask you. Maybe they genuinely want to know why you love them. Maybe they are going through a tough time and need mental validation from you listing why someone could love them. Maybe they just like hearing all the reasons you love them. Can’t blame them for wanting to hear that, can we? Whatever the reason is that they ask you, you should tell them. Tell them exactly why you love them, but if you are a bit tongue-tied, here are some reasons to keep in your head.

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35 things you can say when your boyfriend or girlfriend asks you “Why do you love me”?

He are some reasons that you might love your partner. Hopefully, you find one below.

1. Sense of humor

Find a partner who is funny. It’s a magical thing to have a great time laughing with your partner. If you can’t honestly say this to them, why not? Think about that.

2. Personality

Tell them you love their personality. It’s a nice broad thing to love about them and they will probably ask you for specifics about their personality that you love but this will buy you the time to look up this article.

3. Confidence

Tell your partner that you love their confidence. Now, they might not exactly buy this because they do seem to need you to list the reasons you love them, hinting at a lack of confidence, but it is still a good basic thing to say to help you stall to think of more reasons that you love them.

4. Their ambition

YOu love them for their ambition. Your partner is one of the most ambitious people you know. They are always chasing after what they want and you can’t help but love them for it. Sure, it might be annoying just how ambitious they are, but you still love them.

5. Cooking skills

Your partner is a great cook. Like, a really good cook. They know exactly what meals you like and they absolutely love to cook them for you. How could you not love someone for that?

6. Hobby

You love them for their hobby. Sure some people may think their hobby is dumb and a waste of time but they love it and you love how much they love it. The way they could go on and on, talking about their hobby for hours on end. You love that about them, who wouldn’t?

7. Kindness

Your partner is just such a nice person. It is hard to believe just how kind they are to people. You could never in a million years be as kind as them. How they manage to do it is a mystery, but you sure do love them for it.

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8. Always there for you

Your partner is always there for you. Of course, they are, we just talked about how unbelievably kind they are. Obviously, they are always there for you. Just an incredibly kind person who will stop what they’re doing to hear you vent about work or whatever.

9. Because you love me

Why do you love them? That’s simply because they love you. Them, your partner, your perfect partner for some reason loves you of all people. You’d be a fool not to love them back.

10. Eyes

Have you seen your partner’s eyes? They are the most beautiful shade of blue or brown or green or whatever. They have beautiful eyes and you could spend all day just staring at them. Getting lost in your perfect partner’s beautiful eyes.

11. Laugh

Have you heard your partner’s laugh? Simply put, it is one of the best sounds in the world. Just an absolutely beautiful sound that you could never get enough of. Making her laugh is your favorite chore around the house because you get rewarded with that adorable laugh they have.

12. Smile

Have you seen your partner smile? Simply put, it is one of the best sights in the whole entire world. The Grand Canyon, the New York City skyline, the sunrise, they do not hold a candle to the beautiful sight of your partner’s smile. Just an absolutely beautiful thing that you could never get enough of. Making her smile is your hobby because you love to get to see it.

13. The way you *something you think they do in a cute way*

You know what I’m talking about. It popped right into your head the minute you read it. That thing, you know what, that seemingly normal thing that they do that is just so cute. They aren’t even doing it on purpose. It’s just how they do it and it is perfect. You love how they do it and could never get enough of it your whole life.

14. They only seem to notice your strengths.

You have faults. We all do. You always only ever notice your faults. It can get hard, only noticing what you do wrong. But, somehow, your partner, your perfect partner who you love, they only ever seem to see your strengths. They don’t notice, or at least don’t bring up your faults, instead, they always point out your strengths. It makes you feel so good, and you love them for it.

15. They don’t just tell you they love you, they show you.

It is one thing to be told “I love you”, it’s another thing to be shown it. And, your partner does it. Whether it’s picking up your favorite treat on the way home from work “just because” or when they let you sleep in on the weekends or when they give you random compliments throughout the day. They show you that they love you, and you love them for it.

16. They know how to cheer you up when you’re sad.

How they do it, you have no idea. It’s almost magical how they manage to cheer you up every time without fail. How could you not love them for that?

17. They care deeply about your success and happiness.

This circles back to how absolutely kind they are. How do they do that? How do they care so much about you of all people? You are so lucky they love you.

18. They care about the people around them.

Again, they are such a kind person. Your partner is just such a nice person. It is hard to believe just how kind they are to people. They aren’t just nice to people. They are nice to everyone. You could never in a million years be as kind as them. How they manage to do it is a mystery, but you sure do love them for it.

19. They are patient and loving with those close to them.

You could never run out of ways of saying how kind of a person your partner is. You could never run out because they always manage to find a new way to be kind to the people close to them. She’s even patient with you, that just about makes her a saint.

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20. They always tip.

Your partner is always kind to members of the service industry and always leaves a tip. Often times they rely on those tips to survive. And your partner always tipping shows how kind they are and that is a reason to love them.

21. They’re always there when you need a shoulder to cry on.

They are there for you. Through it all. Through thick and through thin. Through sickness and through health. They are there for you. You need to vent. They are there. You need to cry. They are there. Your partner will always be there and you love them for it.

22. They are smoking hot!

I mean, we were all thinking it right? I mean they are. Your partner is so hot. Is it a shallow reason to love someone? Sure. But that doesn’t make it any less true. At the end of the day, we are all just animals with monkey brains and we all want a partner we find to be smoking hot.

23. You love to cuddle with them.

Just getting the chance to lay down together and cuddle together is a great peaceful way to spend time together. And you love doing it. You could cuddle with them all day long if you had the chance.

24. They’ll do your chores when they know you’ve had a bad day.

Again, you can not say enough about how kind your partner is! If they know you had a tough day, they will do whatever it takes to make you feel better. Even if that means doing a little extra work around the house so that when you get home you can just relax and not have to worry about anything. You gotta love them for that.

25. When you do their chores or pick up the slack around the house, they always noticed.

When you do the same for your partner as said above, it never goes unnoticed. They always make sure you know that your effort and hard work are appreciated. You love them for that.

26. They are your best friend.

Simply put, they are your best friend. No question about it. How could you not love your best friend?

27. With them you can be yourself.

You feel safe around them. You do not have to pretend to be someone else around them. You can just be unabashedly you, and they will continue to love you.

28. You love them because you are family and friends at the same time.

You know you can lean on them and rely on them like family when times are tough but you also know that at the end of the day you will always have a good time with them like a friend.

29. When you’re together, all your problems disappear.

When you are with them all your problems and worries feel so far away. They make you feel so safe with them. It’s like nothing can ever hurt you. YOu love them for that.

30. They are truthful and vulnerable with you.

As safe as you feel with them, you know they feel with you. It’s a great feeling to know that someone feels safe around you and you know they are with you. You’ve seen them at their most vulnerable and you love them more for it.

31. They encourage you even after you feel like you’ve failed.

Your partner is so supportive of you. Even after you feel like you’ve failed, they will encourage you to keep trying. That level of unconditional support is something special and feels so nice to have. YOu love them for giving you that.

32. They make you feel like you can get through anything, as long as you have them

Time can be though. Does not matter how in love you are. Sometimes bad things happen. But, with your partner by your side, you know you will be able to get through it all. No problem.

33. They sacrifice and work so hard.

How much have they sacrificed? Too much. They deserve the world. But they do it because they know it’s what they need to do. You love them for that.

34. They love your family

I mean, you’ve met your family. They can be quite the handful sometimes and yet, she still manages to love them and you. How could you ever find anyone else that would do the same?

35. You just do

Finally, you love them, simply because you do. Love doesn’t always have a reason. Sometimes it just is,

What if you can’t say these things while being honest?

If your partner says to you “why do you love me?” and you can’t look at them and say any of the above without lying, you have some soul searching to do. If you can’t truthfully say anything listed above, if you can’t think of a single reason why you love your partner, you have to ask yourself, do you even love them? If you can’t think of a single reason why you love them then, you might not. It sounds like maybe the relationship is not working out for the best for either of you. You both deserve to be with someone you love and who loves you. It might be time for you two to move on.

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