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Welcome to Grammarhow.com!

We believe that language skills should never stand in the way of your achievements.

No matter if you need to improve your grammar and spelling or need to pick the right phrase in your everyday communication, we got you covered!

Founded in the beginning of 2020, we’ve now covered more than 3,000 topics that English speakers often have a hard time figuring out.

We appreciate the support from our loyal readers who keep us motivated to create English lessons.

Founder – Martin Lassen

Martin Lassen is the founder of Grammarhow.com. He is an experienced English speaker working professionally with communication and teaching.

During the past six years, he has obtained valuable experience in writing professional emails to executives, clients, and coworkers.


  • Teaching experience from Aarhus University
  • Five years of experience helping clients with communication and online visibility
  • Two years of experience in the banking sector, communicating in a formal language with executives and colleagues


  • Master’s degree in Finance and International Business from Aarhus University
  • Top grades in English at A-level from Skanderborg Business School
  • Masterclass in English from Skanderborg Business School

Media coverage:

Martin has contributed with his expertise on topics such as communication and teaching on ForbesShopifyUpJourney, and EnglishClub.

Learn more about Martin on LinkedIn here.

Our Story

In 2016, Martin moved to London to work with digital marketing and communication at an international company with employees from all over the world.

He quickly realized that the lack of English skills among his coworkers was a barrier to everyday communication, resulting in slow progress and misunderstandings.

That’s where the idea for Grammarhow first started. It was obvious that there was a big need for simple English lessons to help English learners in their daily communication.

In 2020, the idea became reality. Grammarhow was launched with a focus on helping all English speakers no matter their current skill level.

Today, Grammarhow has more than 3,000 English lessons helping English learners with grammar, expanding their vocabulary, and how to choose the best phrase for a specific situation.

Our goal is to become the go-to resource for English speakers by providing in-depth and easy-to-understand English lessons.