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Welcome to Grammarhow.com!

We are on a mission to help English learners find the answers to all of their questions, and to help native English speakers improve their language skills even further.

With more than a million visitors each month and thousands of articles, we have grown to become a valuable resource for all English speakers out there.


My name is Martin and I am the founder of Grammarhow.com. With a team of excellent English writers, I am on a mission to cover all topics where I see that English learners often make mistakes. Ranging from English grammar and general writing and speaking tips to English sayings, we have created a valuable resource for English learners trying to improve their language skills in an easy way.

The Team

Founder – Martin Lassen

Martin is the founder of Grammarhow.com. With top grades in English and teaching experience at university level, he is on a mission to share all of his knowledge about the English language. Having written thousands of articles, he is an expert in communicating difficult topics in a clear and understandable language. Learn more on LinkedIn here.

Writer – George Briley

George is our expert when it comes to grammar and general tips for writing and speaking. He has built his experience as a freelance writer for the past several years, working for demanding clients.
We are glad that he wants to share his extensive knowledge with our readers.

Writer – Frederick Williams

Frederick is our native UK writer and expert on English sayings. With a passion for the English language and how it has developed for the past centuries, Frederick is the ideal person to teach our readers about these topics.