22 Best Replies To “I Love You More” Read This Before Answering!

When you’re talking to a romantic partner, you might say “I love you”. And to this, they might then reply with “I love you more”. This seems like the end of it. But, today, we’re going to equip you with 22 things you can say when someone says “I love you more”.

What Do You Say If Someone Says “I Love You More”?

When someone says “I love you more”, the most important thing is not to panic. Just keep calm and think about what to say next. But, it’s also important to show gratitude and happiness because you want them to be aware that this is not the end of the flirtation.

First things first, do not panic. Often, when we are put into these kinds of situations, our minds can be racing, and we’ll have no idea what the best thing to say is. Add to this, the romantic element, and the pressure to say the right thing just multiplies. But, if you panic, not only will this decrease your chances of saying the right thing.

Even though you should remain calm, it is not wise to allow your calmness to hide your gratitude. The fact that someone who you love also feels the same way about you is something to be celebrated.

It’s also important to make it clear that you’re happy. This does not mean being overexcited and mumbling your words through the joy. Different people have different ways to show happiness. For some, it will be a smile, for others, it will be a hug. However you like to show your happiness, so long as it’s done nicely it is essential.

And of course, the next thing you need to do is figure out what to say. Listed below are some of the potential options. And depending on the situation, you will need to decide whether a cute or a funny reply is better. You don’t want to ruin the comedy, but you also don’t want to make someone feel like they’re a joke to you. So be careful and think about what you say.

Cute Replies

1. That’s Not Possible

There is no way they could love you more. Because you love them so much, it’s not possible for someone to love someone else as much as you love them.

2. I Love You The Most

The one thing higher than “more” would be “most”. If you love someone the most, you love them so much that nobody could ever love anyone as much as you love them.

3. Well I Love You More Than Infinity

Infinity is a pretty big number. There is no such number bigger than infinity. If something will last for infinity, then it will last forever and it will never end. There will never be a point where that thing does not exist anymore. And so, to love someone more than infinity is to say that your love is never-ending. Even when time itself ends, your love for them will not.

4. I Love You More Than Anything

Very few of us love just one thing. For example, I love my dog and bacon sandwiches. But when you tell someone that you love them more than anything, it becomes clear that no matter how much stuff I love, they are more loved by me than any of the other stuff.

5. I Love You More Than Life Itself

I think that most of us could probably agree that being alive is nice- or at least nicer than the alternative. There are very few things that people would give up in exchange for their lives. So, to make someone aware that you would die for them is a huge statement.

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6. I Love You More Than All The Stats In The Universe

Did you know that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand? This is romantic as it shows just how wide your love for them is since it would take a million lifetimes to count all the stars. It’s also romantic as looking at the stars is thought to be a romantic activity.

7. I’ll Have The Rest Of My Life To Prove You Wrong

The implication here is that you are going to spend the rest of your life loving them so much that it will be hard for them to love you more.

8. I Love You More Plus One

However much they love you, you love them one tiny bit more.

9. If You Loved Me More Than I Loved You, Your Heart Would Burst

There is no way they love you more. No human heart would be able to hold that much love.

10. My Love For You Is Infinite

There is no limit to how much you love them.

11. My Love For You Knows No Bounds

A paraphrasing of the previous reply.

Funny Replies

12. Ha Gay!

Loving people is kind of soppy. So call out the sloppiness in a way that will make people laugh.

13. I Love Me More Too

As much as you might love them, you are so amazing that you can’t help but love yourself that tiny bit more.

14. Yeah, I Know You Do

Your partner might create a little competition. So, by not giving it to them, and just letting them win, you might make them a bit annoyed, but it will be very funny.

15. Wait, You’re Capable Of Love?

Sometimes we hear “I love you” from people who shouldn’t be capable of loving other people. When this happens, you can make it clear that you are surprised.

16. I Know Your Tricks

They might just be saying this because they want something from you. But you’re too clever for it, and there is no way you’re falling for it. Something as simple as words isn’t going to make you cower to their demands.

17. I Love You More Than Kayne Loves Kayne

Those of you who are familiar with Kanye West will know that ego is not something he is lacking. So, if you love someone more than Kanye loves Kanye, you must really love them.

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18. I Love You To The Moon- Not Back Though

The old saying is “I love you to the moon and back”. But maybe you love them enough to get to the moon, but not quite enough for the return trip too.

19. Well, This Is Awkward.

Awkwardness always creates comedy. So, when you joke that they probably do love you more, it creates a funny tension because they may have expected you to try to argue that you love them more- instead, you’re giving in.

20. Not That It’s A Competition

Is there a ranking of love? How is it measured? How can you prove that you love someone more? Why do you need to be competitive about something like love?

21. More Than What?

The answer is of course obvious. They love you more than you love them. But they don’t need to know that you know. Why not play stupid?

22. I Love You More Than Bacon

If you don’t love bacon, just replace it with something you love, and your partner knows you love.

How To Not Make “I Love You More” A Conversation Stopper

Some people might hear the words “I love you more”, and be happy to hear them, but also be a bit upset at the fact that it’s probably the end of the conversation. Whoever, it doesn’t need to be. Here is some advice we have on how you can prevent “I love you more” from being the last thing said.

The most important thing is to use a bit of creativity and imagination. Why would you limit yourself to being boring and predictable? Say something they wouldn’t expect you to, and allow them to become interested or entertained.

Next, you need to allow your reply to lead onto something. If they laugh at your joke, keep on making jokes. With any luck, they should soon join in, and the conversation will have a new chapter.

Or, an alternative route is to start a bit of competition. You two can spend a bit more time having a nice argument about who loves the other more. Maybe it will end in one of you winning, or it could end in a tie. Either way, at least “I love you more” did not end the conversation.


And there we have 22 of the best ways that you can respond to “I love you more”. Of course, there aren’t just 22 options, so if you want to say something that isn’t on the list, then of course, feel free to do so.

But, next time someone says “I love you more”, and you don’t know how to reply, you will now have something to look at to give you a few ideas.