23 Best Replies To “It Is What It Is” (Witty & Clever)

When you complain to someone about anything, instead of taking it seriously, they might just reply with a simple “It is what it is”. This is actually a deeply philosophical idea that has been around longer than the phrase. Today, we’ll give you 23 things you can say in response to it.

Why Do People Say “It Is What It Is”?

The main reason people say “it is what it is”, is it helps us to get through some tough times. Sometimes, there is nothing we can do to make it any easier. Instead of complaining you can just accept the world for how it is.

Another reason why people might say “it is what it is” is that they don’t like responsibility. When something can be changed, it will take time, effort, and work to get it changed. But nobody is willing to put in this work. So, instead of making an effort to make things better, you could just say “it is what it is”, and accept how things are. Although, as you can imagine, there are plenty of issues with this.

Perhaps, you’re at a point in your life where you have serious problems, and you should probably seek professional help.

But, instead of paying money to speak to a therapist, you could just say the phrase “it is what it is”, and go about your life as it was.

And the final reason why people say “it is what it is” is because it sounds cool. And I know, for some of you, that might not be a good enough reason. But there is no denying that it does sound cool. It just flows off the tongue so easily, and it has a nice rhythm to it. It’s the kind of phrase that anyone can memorise and bring up when the occasion is correct.

Listed below are some witty and some funny ways that you can respond to “it is what it is”.

Witty Replies

1. Very True

If there is nothing you can do about “it”, then perhaps the best thing to do is accept your fate and agree with the statement. Try not to think of this as “giving up”, think of it more like accepting the world for what it is.

2. Suffering Makes Us Stronger

Just because there is pain, that is not to say you can’t find the good in it. Why not use your hurt to become a stronger person? After all, nobody would grow as a person if our lives were easy the whole time.

3. Good Point

Again, if there is nothing you can do to make things better, perhaps the best thing you can do is to just agree with what’s been said and continue with life.

4. Yeah, I Won’t Worry About It

What is the point in worrying about things if they are not going to change? Nobody has ever worried a problem out of existence. So, worrying is probably the most pointless thing you can do.

5. Of Course. People Have Had It Worse

Are you complaining about something that doesn’t matter? Has someone been mean on Twitter? Or did McDonald’s run out of nuggets? Just remember, some people are literally dying right now, and others are struggling to feed their families.

6. Then Why Don’t We Change It

But maybe, you ARE complaining about the people who are dying or struggling to feed their families. Why would you just sit there and say, “it is what it is”, when you could get your mind to work and think of how to change it.

7. That’s Not An Excuse

We should all do what we can to make things that little bit better. When you know there is something wrong, accepting it is not good enough, and you should do what you can to change it.

8. But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Again, “it is what it is” can be too pessimistic. So instead of acting as though the world is evil, why not try to make it less so. Many people do great work to help others.

9. Imagine If We All Said That

Can you imagine if civil rights activists, feminists, and other people just said “it is what it is”? The world would be a colder and more hateful place. The world is better because people didn’t accept “it is what is” for an answer.

10. Imagine Is Martin Luther King Had Said That

If you want, you could replace Martin Luther King with any leader or political activist of your choosing. But, the point remains that the reason why he went down in history is that he refused to take “it is what it is” for an answer.

11. But What’s The Solution To What It Is

It might be what it is. But you don’t want it to be that. You would rather know how to solve it than accept it.

Funny Replies

12. And It Isn’t What It Isn’t

This must be the logical conclusion that you can draw. If it is what it is, then it has to follow that it isn’t what it isn’t.

13. Yeah, But It Sucks

Maybe you rather enjoy complaining. If so, you can accept that “it is what it is”, but still complain to your heart’s content. This is a great a balance between doing what’s right and what’s realistic.

14. That’s What I Said To Your Mom

Any jokes relating to anyone’s mother are always funny. Who knows what this implies? But whatever it does, it sure is funny.

15. Okay, But What Is It?

Acting stupid can always get you a few laughs. So, why not make them explain what “it” is, and watch them struggle.

16. That’s What Mum Said When I Asked Her What Was On My Plate?

Is your mother a bit of a creative chef? Does she ever serve you something and you get confused about what it is?

17. When Did You Become A Philosopher?

As we said in the opening “it is what it is” is a deeply philosophical statement. So why not mock this?

18. Wiser Words Were Never Spoken

Even though it might sound simple and childish, the advice of “it is what it is” can (at times) be incredibly wise.

19. That’s What You Say When You Get Your Dick Stuck In The Toaster?

This one is just funny because the thought of getting a penis stuck in a toaster is always funny. The thought alone is so terrifying that it makes you laugh.

20. No way! I thought it was what it isn’t.

Of course, it is what it is. But by pretending to be surprised, people will laugh as they know that you’re joking.

21. That’s Americas Approach To It’s Past Injustices

This one borders the line between witty and funny. America indeed likes to ignore the racismof the past. And bringing it up in a joke like this is a safer way to make your point.

22. That’s Not What Google Says

Just straight up telling someone that they’re wrong is never not going to be funny.

23. Such A Great Social Justice Leader

The world would be worse, but the history books would be a lot funnier if Martin Luther King had taken an “it is what it is” approach.

How To Not Make “It Is What Is Is” A Conversation Stopper?

I understand that some of you might worry that “it is what it is” could become a conversation stopper, but here is some advice to stop that from happening.

The first thing to do is talk about what it is. To accept that “it is what it is”, you first need to understand what “it” is. Once you’ve done that, accepting it will be much easier. Plus, the two of you may not always agree on what “it” is.

Another option is to disagree with them. Arguments can always add more to everyday conversation. Perhaps they think that “it is what it is”. But maybe you don’t. Maybe you think that a better option would be to try to change what it is.

As we mentioned, “it is what it is” is a philosophical phrase. So there is no need to be scared of this philosophy. Have an open discussion about it, and try to understand where it comes from, and why people say it. You could also discuss some of the pros and cons of taking this approach in life.


And there we have some of the ways that you can respond to “it is what it is”. It’s a phrase we seem to hear more and more every day. But thankfully, there is no need to worry too much as you now have a whole list of 23 things that you could say in response.

Next time someone says it to you, you will not be lost for words.