22 Best Replies To “Nothing Much” (Read This First!)

Have you ever asked someone what they’re doing, just to have them reply with “nothing much”? This either means they don’t want you to know, or they just aren’t doing much. But, what do you say in response to “nothing much”? Allow us to give you 22 options for potential comebacks to this common reply.

Is It Okay To Say “Nothing Much”?

It’s okay to say “nothing much” most of the time, particularly during casual conversations. It helps as it prevents them from boring you with dull and pointless details. The only time it’s best to not say “nothing much” and just be honest is when you’re talking to an authority figure.

When someone such as your boss, parents, or police officers asks you what you’re doing, the best thing to do is, to be honest with them. If you say to someone like this, “nothing much”, it will just raise suspensions and you will be more likely to get into trouble.

However, most of the time when someone asks you “what are you doing?”, it will not because they think you are doing something you shouldn’t, they are just making small talk, and what you’re doing seems like a good place to start.

If you are not doing anything exciting, maybe just scrolling through social media, “nothing much” is a great reply as it cuts out all the boring details. Do you want to hear about all the tweets someone has read in one day?

The best thing about “not much” is that the person you’re talking to has the option of asking for more information, or just accepting that you’re not doing much and changing the topic.

Cute Replies

1. Mind If I Do Nothing Much With You?

Sometimes, we just like to chill and relax. But, even the most boring of tasks becomes far more enjoyable when it’s done with someone you care about. Even if they don’t think what you’re doing is important, it is to you because it’s them doing it. If you have to do nothing much, it may as well be with someone you care about.

2. I’m Sure It’s Not. Everything You Do Is Important

Some people don’t always realize just how important what they do is. To them, it might be nothing much, but to you, it’s a reflection of who they are and an insight into their mind and thought processes. This could even lead them to tell you about something that they think is “nothing much”, but you think is really interesting.

3. I’m Not Letting You Do Nothing All By Yourself

Sometimes, the most difficult thing to do is nothing at all. Particularly when we have to do it alone. Like we said in 1, even the most boring of tasks becomes better when someone you like does it with you. When that special someone is there “nothing much” turns into a conversation, laughter, and learning.

4. Sounds Like A Great Idea For A Date

Some people have this idea that dates are supposed to be big, fancy, and over the top. If you care about them, you would stop at nothing to make them happy. But dates do not need to be that way. If the two of you just spend some time together and talk, that could be far better than the most expensive restaurant.

5. Well Hopefully What We Have Isn’t

Although what they’re doing might be “nothing much”, what the two of you have together is quite the opposite. Let her know just how much you value the connection that has been built between the two of you.

6. And That’s What Matters To Me, Besides You

Although there may be a few things that matter to you, you are a relatively simple person. So long as you have this person in your life, you should be okay. Things like money, social status, and power don’t matter to you as much as the fact this person likes you.

7. Is That Code For Thinking About Me?

Are you feeling confident? If you think that they were secretly thinking about you, call them out on it, and let them know that you know what’s really going on. But more importantly, also make it clear that you don’t have a problem with it.

8. Good Job I Saved You From Your Boredom

Sometimes, when we get bored, all we need is a hero to come along, sweep us off our feet and make everything better. If you’re the one to do that, so be it.

9. Is What Else I Want To Do Besides Be With You

You don’t care if you never go to the room, make a million bucks, or become famous. All you want to do is be with this person.

10. Sounds Like Fun! May I Join You

Who says not doing much has to be boring. When it’s with the right person, there are few things more enjoyable.

11. That’s What Life Meant Before We Met

Everyone should have some sort of meaning in their life. And for some, the best way to do that is with another person.

Friendly Replies

12. Is That What’s In Your Brain?

Maybe the person you’re talking to is a bit of an idiot. They are not doing much, because they are not capable of much. After all, that would be too much mental stimulation for them to handle.

13. Same, Aside From Being Cool

You also are doing “nothing much”. However, one thing you are doing is being cool. But, because this is something you do naturally, it’s not a strong response alone to “what are you doing?”. That question should only be answered with something that has taken you effort.

14. Well Aren’t You A Barrel Of Laughs

We all like to hear cool stories about what people are doing. We want to know what they do when they have nothing else to do. So when someone is doing “nothing much”, it could be an indication that they are not a very exciting person.

15. Oh, I Bet You’re Fun At Parties

A similar kind of vibe to the last one. What do they talk about at parties if they are not doing anything? Having hobbies is a great way to always have something to talk about.

16. Yeah, I Know That. But What Are You Up To?

You know they are doing “nothing much”. But “nothing much” is not nothing at all. Even if they are just scrolling through Twitter, you still want to hear more about it.

17. Nothing Much To You. Tell Me More

What one person might view as “nothing much”, another could view as incredibly interesting. Although they might see it as just a part of their day to day life, you see it as something more special. You want to learn more and become a more open-minded person.

18. How Can You Do Nothing And Much At The Same Time?

For some grammar nuts, the phrase “nothing much” is a bit of a paradox as the two words have opposite meanings. How would it be possible to do “much”, but at the same time, do “nothing”. It makes no sense!

19. I Am Doing The Exact Same Thing!

We all do “nothing much” from time to time. Don’t let your friend think they are the only one. There is nothing wrong with simply relaxing.

20. Is That What The Last Girl You Slept With Said About Your Willy?

Be careful with this one. Make sure the person you’re saying it to knows your sense of humor and will find it funny. It might seem strange to some, but for some men, joking about their willies builds comradeship.

21. Is That What It Takes To Sleep With Your Mother?

Again, be careful. Make sure you only use this one people you KNOW will find it funny. For some people, joking about their mother’s is just how they build a strong friendship. It does not mean you have anything against their mother.

22. Let Me Know When You’re Done With All The Partying

The joke here is that you’re assuming that “Nothing much” is code for “parting like a wild animal”.

How To Not Make “Nothing Much” Kill The Conversation

There is of course the worry that “nothing much” might end up killing the mood. However, it does not need to be this way.

When someone says “nothing much”, the question you need to ask is “how can I use this to further the conversation?”.

Think about whether you want to be funny, insulting, friendly, conversational, flirtatious, sexual, etc. Whatever you say after “nothing much” will often set the tone for the rest of the conversation.

What To Say Instead Of “Nothing Much”

Of course, some of you might not want to say “nothing much”. That could be because you’ve heard it so many times before you’re sick, or you just want to spice up your language. But whatever your reasoning, here are some alternatives to “nothing much” that you might want to use.

  • Jackshit
  • diddly squat
  • nothing interesting
  • I don’t want to bore you with the details
  • wanking
  • I am just being myself
  • being bored ‘
  • thinking about being productive
  • I am currently just relaxing
  • Everything that I should be doing