25 Best Comebacks To Being Called A Kid (Witty & Clever)

Nobody likes to be called a “kid”, and it doesn’t matter if the word used is kid, child, kiddo, or immature, the fact remains, it’s unpleasant.

But today, we’ll explore 25 different ways that you could respond to being called a “kid”. By the end of this article, nobody will talk down to you.

What Does It Mean If Someone Calls You A Kid?

“Kid” is mostly used to call someone immature. They are behaving as though they are a child. Grown-ups who are called “kid” often take on some of the more negative aspects of children, such as a lack of personal responsibility, and being more focused on themselves than others.

Although we are all allowed to have fun sometimes, we still need to have some maturity about ourselves. We ought to consider things such as other people’s feelings, our budgets, our lives, and being healthy. People who neglect any of these will often be portrayed as being immature.

One “kiddish” behaviour is when you don’t accept your responsibilities. For example, when you become a grown-up, you will need to go to work, and then come home to take care of your family and home. But, if you would rather stay inside all day and play video games, and leave someone else to pay your bills and do the cleaning, that is childish!

You may also have a childish attitude to things such as work. You might not want to go in, and act as though you’re a slave throughout the day. Or, your hobbies might be the same as they were when you were a kid, such as playing video games or picking your nose.

Another time when you may be accused of being a “kid” is in your relationships. If you want to talk to loads of women instead of settling with one, this is representative of a teenage boy. You may also expect your partner to give you everything, whilst you give nothing in return.

Any of the negative things that a kid does could lead to you being called “kid”.

Is It Rude To Call Someone A Kid?

Most of the time, yes. Being called a “kid” is rude.

Although it can sometimes be an affectionate nickname, this is rare.

When someone calls you “kid”, they are insulting you and making clear what they think of your immaturity.

But, the question of “Is it rude?” might not be the right question.

A better question to ask is “Is it justified?”. Remember, calling someone a “kid” is an insult. Just because they are immature in some aspects of life, that does not mean they are a childish person.

Let’s say you have someone who works 12 hours a day to feed his family. But, when the kids go to bed, he likes to spend an hour playing video games and reading Beano. Would it be justifiable to call him a “kid”?

Another question would be “Is it correct?”

What you perceive as “immature” might be perfectly normal to most of society. He might be annoyed with you for putting his shirt somewhere it shouldn’t be. You may see his annoyance as childish, but many other people will be on his side.

And the final question is “Is it helpful?”. When you insult someone by calling them a “kid”, what is the end goal? For many, the goal will be to make them realize that what they’re doing is wrong, and they need to grow up. However, you know better that this will not happen.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is cut people out of your life. Doing this will be much easier than trying to convince people they need to grow up.

So, instead of asking yourself “Is it rude to call someone a kid?”, ask yourself “Is it justified?”, “Is it correct?”, “Is it helpful?”.

Because it’s an insult, and most of the time, insults are rude.

Witty And Clever Replies To Being Called A Kid

1. Thanks Oldie. You make me feel younger

Are you a kid? Or are they just acting older than they really are? Maybe the issue is not with your immaturity, but their perceived abundance of maturity. If they want to act like they are wise beyond their years, you’re going to make them feel older than they are.

2. Kid Is Innocent. Kiddish Is Immature

This one is quite funny as it’s the kind of thing a child might say. You’re playing around with the English language by highlighting the difference between being a “kid” and being “kiddish”. You see, a “kid” cannot help how they are, but they are innocent. However, a kiddish adult should know better.

3. I Read About You In A Book About The Stone Age, How Did You Get Here?

Once again, you are mocking how old the other person is. If you are a kid, that must make them a pensioner. The joke is that they are so old, they should be in the stone age. The issue is not that you are not mature, but their worldview is one that died out years ago.

4. I Did Try To Be Born Earlier

Nobody gets to decide when they’re born. Maybe you would be more mature if you had been born slightly earlier. But, because you do not get control over time, you will have to accept that you are just not a mature person yet.

5. So Grown-ups Aren’t Allowed To Have Fun?

Often, when people accuse you of being a “kid”, it’s because you are having fun. But, under which law, is it written, that grown-ups are not allowed to have fun? Everyone needs to put their feet up and relax. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t have fun just because you’ve reached a certain age.

6. I Think Making Assumptions About People Is Rather Immature

Calling you “immature” without evidence is very immature. They think they know so much more than they actually do. If they could spend a day in your shoes, they would quickly learn just how wrong they are.

Judging others is super immature.

7. That’s Not What My Imaginary Friends Think

This one is a great bit of self-deprecation. Because by admitting that you still have imaginary friends, you are admitting that you are not very mature. You are both admitting and denying your immaturity in one sentence.

On the one hand, you have others who think you are mature. But these people are made up.

8. Says The One Who…

Maybe they’re just pointing out your childishness to hide their own. If you know something they do, that you think a kid would also do, let them know that they are being a hypocrite. Highlight that those in glass houses should not throw stones.

9. I’m Not Immature For Relaxing

In the real world, most of us have busy lives. And we just want to put our feet up, and relax when we get in. Having some time to yourself to unwind after you have been working all day is not “immature”.

So, if someone wants to accuse you of acting like a child, just because you want to put your feet up, let them know that they are insulting you using incorrect words.

10. I’m Not Immature For Having Emotions

People may accuse you of being immature just because you express emotions. To some people, it may come as a shock that even grown-ups have feelings. They aren’t something that goes away just because you’ve turned 18.

11. What Kind Of Kid Works, Pays Bills, Etc

Who are they to call you a kid? You fulfill all of your grown-up obligations, such as working, paying your bills, looking after the kids, etc.

Just because you annoy them a bit, that does not mean you are behaving like a kid.

12. Sorry That I’m Not All Uptight And Snobby Like You

When people insult you, it’s often more of a reflection of them than you. They think you are a kid, just because they are so stuck up. But, you know better. You know that the issue is with them, and not with you.

13. My Maturity Level Depends On Who I’m With

We all have those moments where we act like a child. Even the most prim and proper people know how to let their hair down and relax. But, if you want to be silly and immature, it helps if you do it around people who are also being silly and immature.

14. That’s Just What Boring People Say To Describe Fun People

Once again, this is a great one to use when someone is acting stuck up. The issue is not that you are not mature, but that they have no sense of fun. They are just getting their anger out on you, but really, they wish they could unwind as well as you can.

15. You’re Young Once, But You Can Be Immature Forever

Okay, maybe you are immature. But who is to say that’s a bad thing? Being immature means you get to live your life without the worries of most other people. Whether they like it or not, this is who you are, and you are not going to change it for anyone.


This option sounds like something an immature politician would say. Instead of admitting your flaws, it can be funny to instead act as if they are the problem. Whatever they have just accused you of is a lie, you are too immature to admit your flaws.

17. Yes, And I’m Trying To Change That

But, maybe you don’t want to be immature. You know that you have some issues, and you are working on solving them. Having people insult you isn’t going to do anything.

18. Finally! All Those Inner Child Workshops I Did Are Paying Off

We all need to let go sometimes. Some people may even choose to attend “inner child workshops” if they’re struggling to have fun. This is also a funny comeback.

19. Everyone Is Allowed To Be Sometimes

What law says that we all need to be super mature all the time? You have just as much right as anyone else to be immature.

20. I’m Not A Kid, I’m Just Youthful

They might be right about you lacking maturity. But, you are not a kid. However, that is not to say you haven’t kept some of the more positive aspects of youth.

21. And What Makes You Know Me Well Enough?

Some people will make assumptions about you. But not all of their problems will be valid or correct.

22. Surely Having A Problem With This Is Immature

Are you the immature one? Or are they immature for having a problem with what you’re doing?

23. Says The Poopy Head

“Poopy head” is the kind of thing a child would say.

24. And You’re Dumb And Stupid

Again, reacting to being accused of being a “kid” by responding like a kid.

25. That’s Not What My (Insert Adult Person) Here

If you were a kid, would you talk to your accountant, lawyer, landlord, etc?

How To Stop People From Calling You A Kid

I’m going to be honest with you about this one. Most of the time, you can’t stop people from calling you a kid. This is because their insults are more of a reflection of you than it is of them.

If someone is calling you “kiddo” chances are, they are stuck up and think of themselves as better than other people. It is not your job to change this, nor is it going to be possible.

The best thing to do with these types of people is to just avoid them. Having negative influences in your life is not healthy, and you deserve to live a happy life.

However, that is not to say that you should act like a kid. If one person calls you immature, it’s most likely their problem. But if multiple people say it, then chances are, you need to improve.

Immaturity can prevent you from living a full and happy life. Sure, you might not have to worry about things like bills, but you never get the satisfaction of knowing that you have made the world a better place.

Be immature sometimes, but make sure to balance it out with fulfilling your responsibilities.