10 Best Compliments For Singing (Praising Words For A Singer)

We all wish we could sing. It’s one of the most sought-after skills for many people. Of course, we all know people that can sing, and sometimes it’s nice to compliment them for their ability. This article will explore some of the best compliments you can give a singer.

Best Compliments For Singing

The preferred compliments for singing are “I could listen to you all day,” “you sound better than the original,” and “you are soothing to my ears.” All three compliments are great ways to appreciate a good singer, and you will often make them feel great for saying any of them.

I Could Listen To You All Day

“I could listen to you all day” is a great way to show someone that you love their singing. It works because it shows that you wish they would be able to keep singing to you and providing their amazing voice.

In most cases, we’re too busy to be able to listen to someone sing all day long. That’s why “could” is used in this compliment. It shows that there’s a dream scenario where we could keep listening to them forever.

  • Okay, I could listen to you all day. As much as I would love to, I definitely have some work to be doing right now.
  • I could easily listen to you all day. You have such a clear and beautiful voice. Never change!
  • I could listen to you all day. I think you have such a good talent for this. Why don’t you try to take it further?

You Sound Better Than The Original

“You sound better than the original” is a great compliment when someone is singing a cover song. If the song has already been made by someone else, then this compliment is great to show that you prefer the person you’re listening to.

Many singers wish they could compare to the original songs they sing. That’s why they do it, in the hopes of paying tribute to the original artists while also creating a newer, fresher tone. This compliment will work wonders for their self-esteem.

  • You sound better than the original. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a cover version that’s as good as that.
  • You sound way better than the original! Why haven’t you been signed yet?
  • You sound so much better than the original! Will you be able to teach me some of your techniques someday?

You Are Soothing To My Ears

“You are soothing to my ears” works well when you want to share that someone’s singing relaxes you. “Soothing” implies relaxation. The act of listening to someone else sing is a great way to relax.

Of course, this only applies when someone is singing in a more relaxing tone. If they’re singing something like rock (which is much heavier), then you might be better off with a different compliment.

  • You are soothing to my ears. Please don’t stop singing to me right now. It’s really helping me to relax a little more.
  • You’re soothing to my ears when you make those noises. I wish I could do what you can do, but I thank you for it nonetheless.
  • Thank you! You’re soothing to my ears. I wouldn’t be able to relax without you around serenading me like that.

You’re So Soulful

“You’re so soulful” is a standard way for us to compliment a singer. These are great words to appreciate a good singer because everybody wants to sound “soulful.”

Being “soulful” implies that someone has a lot of depth and soul in the things they say. It means they are able to make you and other people feel things you otherwise might not have the chance to experience.

  • You’re so soulful! Has anybody ever told you that? I wish I had that talent.
  • You’re so soulful with the way you control your voice. It’s such a blessing to hear you sing.
  • I think you’re the most soulful person I’ve ever met! It’s quite remarkable how you can create those notes with such little effort.

Your Song Fills The Air

“Your song fills the air” works well, but you will want to finish the sentence with something positive that they fill the air with. A good example is “your song fills the air with love.”

It’s a great way to compliment someone because it shows the direct effect their singing might have on you.

  • Your song fills the air with love and happiness. I knew you were special, but I didn’t realize just how special.
  • Wow! Your song fills the air with so many good tidings. I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to get to know you.
  • Your song fills the air. I wish I could sing the way you do, but I’m okay with just listening to you right now!

Your Voice Really Moved Me

“Your voice really moved me” is another great example of how to compliment a singer. We use this phrase when we are touched or moved on an emotional level by the person who was singing.

Often, we use phrases and compliments like this when someone is singing about a deep subject. If they’re singing about love or connections in some way, we can use this phrase to show that we were moved by the contents of their song and the way they sang it.

It can refer to both the songwriting or the singing voice, depending on which one made you feel more emotions.

  • Your voice really moved me. I’ve never felt so many emotions listening to music before. You have a real talent.
  • Your voice really moved me. Do you know that? I think you are very talented.
  • Okay, so your voice really moved me! I didn’t even know I could feel the things I felt when I listened to you.

You Couldn’t Be More Perfect If You Tried

“You couldn’t be more perfect if you tried” is more of a general compliment. It’s a good way to compliment a singer, but it works best when you’re close with the singer, and you want to show them that they are “perfect” to you.

  • You couldn’t be more perfect if you tried. You have such a great talent for this. I hope you never change.
  • You couldn’t be more perfect if you tried. I’ve never known anyone to have a voice as beautiful as you.
  • You couldn’t be more perfect if you tried. You truly are the full package.

That Took My Breath Away

“That took my breath away” is a perfect example of how to compliment a song. If you do not have the right words to describe how good it was, you can say something like this to show that you are speechless.

Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a word that seems to do the song justice. If you can’t think of a good way to describe someone’s talent, you might be better off using a phrase like this to share your disbelief with them.

  • That performance took my breath away. Thank you for taking the time to share that with me.
  • You took my breath away singing like that. I don’t even know what to say!
  • That took my breath away! I wish I had a word to describe how I’m feeling right now!

I Couldn’t Stop Listening To Your Song

“I couldn’t stop listening to your song” works best when someone has already created a song. If you have listened to it and enjoyed it, you can use this phrase to show that you wish you could play it over and over again.

It’s a good compliment because not many songs have replayability. Most people tend to get bored of them quite quickly after only a couple of plays. Showing that you’re willing to listen again and again is one of the best compliments for singers.

  • I couldn’t stop listening to your song. I want it to play on repeat over and over! I’ll never tire of it.
  • I can’t stop listening to your song. It’s so beautiful! I hope you’ll allow me to continue listening.
  • I can’t stop listening to your song! Please teach me how you sing like that! I wish I had that talent.

You Must Be Playing That From A Radio That I Can’t See!

Finally, let’s go over a slightly more humorous compliment. We can use this phrase when we want to poke fun at someone while also complimenting them for their amazing singing voice.

Asking them if they are hiding a radio somewhere out of sight shows that we think they’re a great singer. It shows that whatever they’re singing sounds like it could have been professionally produced, and we pretend like there must be a radio around to explain it.

  • You must be playing that from a radio that I can’t see! I can’t believe you can sing like that!
  • No way! You have to be playing that from a radio that I can’t see! Nobody sounds that amazing when they sing!
  • Okay, you have got to be playing that from some unseen radio! I don’t believe that you can sing a song that well!

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