11 Best Compliments For Students (Praise From Teachers)

Any respectable teacher knows that it’s wise to praise a student when they’ve done good work. This article wants to help you come up with a few good compliments that you might be able to use the next time you feel like complimenting one of your students.

Best Compliments For Students

The preferred compliments for students from teachers are “I really appreciate your effort today,” “you’re learning fast,” and “that’s exactly how I would have done it.” These compliments are a great way to improve a student’s self-esteem and to let them know they’re doing great work.

I Really Appreciate Your Effort Today

“I really appreciate your effort today” is a good compliment to show that you appreciate the hard work a student is putting into your lessons.

If they always work hard, this phrase works well. If they don’t usually work hard, but they are choosing to do so today, this phrase is made even better.

  • I really appreciate your effort today. You’ve grown a lot since the last time we had a chat.
  • I really appreciate your effort today. I’ve never seen you work so hard before, but I really appreciate it.
  • I really appreciate your effort today! I’ll be sure to report back to your parents to let them know how impressed I am.

You’re Learning Fast

“You’re learning fast” is an encouraging statement that works well. It’s very effective when we’re trying to teach difficult concepts to students, and they’re finding it easy to follow along with what we’re saying.

We also encourage you to use this phrase if a student is struggling to understand something at first. If you dedicate some time to teach them more about it one-on-one and they start to pick it up, you can use this encouraging phrase to remind them that they’re doing well.

  • You’re learning fast! I haven’t had to spend much time teaching you what to do because you already do it so well!
  • Wow! You’re learning fast! I can’t quite believe how much you’ve grown over these last few weeks.
  • You’re learning fast! You’ll be top of the class in no time if you keep up this spirit.

That’s Exactly How I Would Have Done It

“That’s exactly how I would have done it” works well in many cases. Many students look up to their teachers, so letting them know that you would have solved a problem in the same way is a great opportunity to shine a bit of respect back at them.

You’ll be surprised by how many students appreciate comments like this. It makes them feel like they’re on the same level as their teacher rather than the teacher being the head of the class (and feeling like they’re below them).

  • That’s exactly how I would have done it. You never cease to amaze me!
  • That’s exactly how I would have done it, and I knew I could trust you to come up with the same solution.
  • Well, that’s exactly how I would have done it. You’re really bright when you apply yourself to these things.

That’s Coming Along Nicely

“That’s coming along nicely” is another good example of a compliment for students. Nice things to say to students like this one lets them know that you’re keeping an eye on their work and you’re happy with the direction it’s taking.

It reminds a student that the work is worth doing. Sometimes, they might lose sight of that, and a simple reminder from a teacher that you appreciate their work is all they need to hear.

  • That’s coming along nicely! Keep at it, and I’ll definitely hang it up on the wall when you’re finished.
  • Your project is coming along nicely. Let me know if you need any help, though I’m sure you’ve got it under control.
  • That’s coming along nicely! I’m so happy you’re enjoying yourself getting this project done.

You Have Really Grown

“You have really grown” is great positive praise for students. We can use this one to show that they’ve really changed into a more positive character in your classroom.

It works for any student, as long as you’ve noticed growth and change in their behavior or demeanor.

  • You have really grown over these last few months. I just want to tell you how proud I am.
  • I can see that you’ve really grown. I’ll be sure to include that in my report when it’s time to hand them out.
  • You’ve really grown, and your grades so that! You should be proud of yourself.

I Love How Hard You’re Working

“I love how hard you’re working” is great when complimenting a student for their efforts. It works well because it shows that you really appreciate all the work they’re putting in.

It’s even more effective when you know the student isn’t always the hardest worker. If you’ve noticed a dramatic shift in their work ethic, then this praising sentence can be a great way to highlight it.

  • I love how hard you’re working right now. It reminds me a little bit of myself when I was your age.
  • I love how hard you’re working on getting this completed. I knew you had this work ethic inside you somewhere.
  • I love how hard you’re working! Thank you for showing that you’re capable of doing all of this.

This Is A Fantastic Project

“This is a fantastic project” is a great way to compliment a student. Positive things to say to students like this will remind them that their project is worth doing.

It also lets them know that you appreciate their time and effort on the project. A lot of students can believe that projects are a waste of time, so encouraging them like this is going to help fix that thought process.

  • This is a fantastic project, and I can’t quite believe that you came up with it all on your own! Well done, you!
  • This is a fantastic project. I’m really excited to see what you do with it once it’s finally completed.
  • This is a fantastic project. Thank you for sharing it with me. I can’t wait to see what direction you take it in next.

I Couldn’t Find A Single Mistake!

“I couldn’t find a single mistake” is a great compliment after you’ve marked something that a student has handed in. If it was a good paper, essay, or answer, you could use this compliment to show that you’re impressed with them.

  • I couldn’t find a single mistake in your essay! It was completely flawless, so I sent it to the head!
  • I couldn’t find a single mistake! I’m always so amazed at the things you can do, and this is another great example.
  • I couldn’t find a single mistake in this answer. Well done on figuring out exactly what I was asking for.

This Really Got Me Thinking

“This really got me thinking” lets a student know that they’ve come up with the idea that’s managed to challenge their teacher. A lot of students respect their teachers, so letting them know that you’ve thought about something they’ve said makes them feel great.

Imagine if your role model told you that you’ve come up with an incredible idea. That’s kind of how it feels for a teacher to admit that a student came up with something that “got them thinking.”

  • This really got me thinking. I’ve never seen someone pose a question like that before.
  • What you said here really got me thinking. I’m quite impressed with your ability to think like that.
  • This really got me thinking. I’m so grateful you were able to share this side of yourself with the class.

Look At You Go

“Look at you go” works really well when you’re complimenting younger students. You should stick to using this one when you teach people before secondary school.

“Look at you go” might be seen as a bit condescending if you use it on older students. You should make sure you know your audience when you want to use this form of encouragement.

  • Look at you go, Matthew! I knew you had it in you!
  • Oh, look at you go! I’m so proud of what you’ve been able to achieve over these last few weeks.
  • Wow! Look at you go! You’re really quite remarkable being able to do all of these things.

I Like That You Set This Goal For Yourself

“I like that you set this goal for yourself” is a good one to show that you appreciate a student’s accountability. Getting students to set their own goals or tasks is a good way to make sure they stick to them.

The more they can succeed at the things they set themselves, the more confident they’ll feel overall.

  • I like that you set this goal for yourself. It shows that you’re really putting effort into bettering yourself.
  • I like that you set this goal for yourself. It’s clear that you’re trying to find ways to get through this.
  • I like that you set this goal for yourself. It tells me a lot about what you want to become!

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