11 Best Ways To Describe A “Good Movie” (Compliments)

We’ve all seen good movies in our time, and sometimes it can be nice to come up with suitable compliments for them. This article will look at some good comments for movies that took your breath away.

Best Ways To Describe A Good Movie

The preferred compliments are “that was a really good movie,” “I was not expecting it to be that good,” and “I’m so glad I took the time to see this.” These work well to share your admiration for the movie or the way it made you feel while watching it.

That Was A Really Good Movie

“That was a really good movie” is a simple compliment, but it can be very effective. If you’ve just finished watching the movie and this is all you say, it shows that you can’t think of any suitable words that do it justice.

Sometimes, when we’re lost for words, we have to come up with the first thing we think of. In this case, “really good” is the only way we can describe the movie. Realistically, it’s much better than that, but we simply don’t know how else to phrase it.

  • That was a really good movie! I’m so glad I spent the money to get a ticket for it.
  • I thought that was a really good movie. I get why you didn’t like it, but I think it’s by far one of my favorites ever.
  • I think that was a really good movie. I’m glad you took me along to watch this one!

I Was Not Expecting It To Be That Good

“I was not expecting it to be that good” is a great compliment when you did not think a movie would end up being as good as it was.

If you went to see a movie with low expectations, this compliment might be the one for you. It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised by something, and this is a great phrase that shows just how surprised you were about it.

  • I was not expecting it to be that good! I simply can’t believe how they decided to end it, though.
  • I was not expecting it to be that good! It was such a strong contender for a modern classic!
  • I was not expecting it to be that good! I’m really blown away by how much time and effort they spent on this!

I’m So Glad I Took The Time To See This

“I’m so glad I took the time to see this” is another example of awesome movie comments. You should use this one when you spend time and money on something that you thought you might not have enjoyed.

If it later transpires that you did enjoy the movie, then saying “I’m so glad” about it is a good way to let people know you enjoyed it.

  • I’m so glad I took the time to see this! I think I would have regretted it if I didn’t at least give it a try.
  • I’m so glad I took the time to see this! I knew it would be good, but I don’t think I realized just how good.
  • I am so glad I took time out of my day to see this. I won’t be forgetting that plot for a long time to come yet!

What A Brilliant Movie

“What a brilliant movie” is a good compliment in many cases. It allows us to use “what a” to talk about the specific qualities of something that we enjoyed.

  • What a brilliant movie that was! It had everything I could possibly want out of a big production like that.
  • What a brilliant movie! I’m so glad I got the chance to see it in theaters before it was released.
  • What a brilliant movie. I don’t think there’s been a single movie close to that one since it was released.

I Had A Fun Time Watching That

“I had a fun time watching that” is a simple one. It works because it shows that you had “fun” watching the movie, which is what movies are fundamentally designed to achieve.

It’s a modest compliment, but you can use it if you’re a modest person quite well. If you don’t like over-the-top compliments or flashy statements, this one might be your best bet.

  • I had a fun time watching that. I think I’d be happy to go again and see it if you’re okay with that?
  • I had such a fun time watching that! It was humorous in all the right places, but it also allowed me to think deeply.
  • I had a fun time watching that one! I think I’ll definitely be excited to go and see the second installation when it’s out.

I Think This Is A Masterpiece

“I think this is a masterpiece” is a great way to show someone how good a movie was. Calling something a masterpiece is a high praise, and it should only be reserved for the best of the best.

Usually, masterpieces go down in history as some of the best movies ever released. If you genuinely believe that will happen with the good movie you watched, you should use this compliment.

  • I think this is a masterpiece already. I know it’s only been out for a few weeks, but it’s going down in the history books.
  • I think that was a masterpiece. No movies released today can compare to that classic.
  • I thought this was a masterpiece. Seriously. I’ve never seen another movie hit me in the same way this one did.

I Would See That Again

“I would see that again” is great when you don’t often rewatch movies. If a movie was so good that you wanted to go and see it twice, even though you know what happens now, then you can use this to show someone just how good it was.

  • I would see that again if I could! I don’t often rewatch movies, but I know that this one deserves it.
  • I would see that again! I loved all the finer details of the movie, and I want to experience them all over again.
  • I would happily see that again. I think it would be really interesting to see what happens when you know the outcome.

Can We Rewatch It?

Again, if you want to rewatch the movie because you enjoyed it so much, “can we rewatch it?” is a good one to use. It shows that you’re desperate to see the movie again because of how much you enjoyed it the first time.

  • Can we rewatch it? I really, really enjoyed it! I want to see it all unfold again.
  • Can we rewatch it soon? I think it would get even better the second time around.
  • Can we rewatch it? I think that was my favorite movie of all time. I really vibed with it.

I Didn’t Want It To End

“I didn’t want it to end” is a compliment for a good movie that addresses your need to watch it more.

Rather than rewatching it, we can ask for it to be a longer movie to try and close out all the stories that we thought were really impactful. Of course, most movies end at exactly the right time, so you won’t want to overdo it with this compliment.

  • I didn’t want it to end at all. I would have happily sat around for another couple of hours watching that story play out.
  • I actually didn’t want it to end. I thought there was so much story left to explore, and I can’t wait for the sequel.
  • I didn’t want it to end. It was such a good movie, and I’m glad I got to experience it before most other people.

I Loved Every Second

“I loved every second” shows just how gripping a movie was. You can use this compliment to show that you were on the edge of your seat. It also shows that there wasn’t a single moment that you thought the movie did wrong.

  • I loved every second, and that’s not an exaggeration. It gripped me from start to finish.
  • I loved every second of it. I want to watch it over and over again!
  • I loved every second, and I’m sure you will too. I haven’t seen a movie that good in a long time.

Thank You For Bringing Me Along

“Thank you for bringing me along” is an interesting comment for a good movie. It doesn’t directly state that you enjoyed the movie, but it can work as a good compliment as long as the context is correct.

If someone brought you along to a movie that you weren’t expecting to see (or enjoy), then you might find yourself using this.

It’s especially potent if you didn’t expect to enjoy it but found it to be one of your favorite movies of all time. After all, you owe it to the person that dragged you along to show you how good the movie was.

  • Thank you for bringing me along to this one! I did not expect to like it half as much as I did.
  • Thank you for bringing me along to see the best movie I’ve seen in a long time! I can’t believe how it ended.
  • Thank you for bringing me along! I definitely wouldn’t have seen that without you, and I would have regretted that!

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