12 Words Better Than “Beautiful” To Describe A Woman

We often use “beautiful” to describe the physical or outward appearance of a woman. While there is nothing wrong with saying this, there are always better alternatives we can use. This article will take a closer look at various options, their meaning and how to appropriately use them.

Which Words Can I Use To Describe A Beautiful Woman?

Considering beautiful is such a commonly used term, it’s great to have different options. This article will highlight the following terms:

  • Gorgeous
  • Stunning
  • Breathtaking
  • Enthralling
  • Radiant
  • Exquisite
  • Mesmerizing
  • Striking
  • Ethereal
  • Immaculate
  • Ravishing
  • Sublime
Words Better Than Beautiful To Describe A Woman

The preferred version we will use is “gorgeous”. This is due to the fact the term “gorgeous” shares a consistent meaning to the word “beautiful”. However, this term is often considered to be more meaningful, showcasing a higher level of outward attraction.


When we say that we say that someone is “gorgeous”, we are emphasizing how physically attractive we find that person to be. To be referred to as “gorgeous” is considered to be a large compliment. We will often utilize this term when we are shocked by someone’s good looks.

The term “gorgeous” is considered to be a stronger term than the word “beautiful” – almost as if it’s the next level up on a scale of beauty.

Here are some ways in which we can use this term:

  • She was incredibly gorgeous, shocking onlookers as she walked by.
  • On the outside she was gorgeous, but on the inside, she was hideous. She would treat others as if they were lesser than her.
  • She was a gorgeous individual, with a heart of pure gold.


Another excellent and better alternative to our original term that we can use is “stunning”. When we say that someone is “stunning”, we are often complementing their outward appearance as they’ve caught our attention. We would say this to someone we find extremely attractive.

When we say someone is “stunning”, we are describing how their appearance has essentially surprised us, perhaps because we’ve never seen someone so attractive before. To be “stunning” is to have the ability to stun others with your looks.

Some ways in which we can use this term are:

  • She looked stunning in her wedding dress.
  • She was so stunning, that the crowd stopped in their tracks to stare awkwardly at her.
  • She looked stunning, but her heart was what I truly enjoyed the most about her.


Another phenomenal term we can choose to utilize is “breathtaking”. When we use this term, we are rather obviously stating our opinion on someone and the effect that their natural beauty has had on us. When someone is considered breathtaking, it means that their appearance causes us to gasp.

When we use the term “breathtaking” we are meaning to express that someone’s appearance is truly astonishing or awe-inspiring in quality. Because of this, their appearance takes our breath away.

To help further explain, here are a few examples:

  • She was so breathtaking; I could barely find the appropriate words to say.
  • The bride looked so breathtaking; the entire crowd was awestruck.
  • You are a breathtaking individual who is also incredibly kind.


“Enthralling” is another great term we can choose to substitute our original term with. When we say that someone is “enthralling”, we are saying that their physical appearance is captivating. Because of this, we often tend to have a certain fascination or fondness towards this person.

To say someone is “enthralling” means that their appearance has both captivated and held our attention entirely.

For clarity, here are some examples using this term:

  • Her appearance was so enthralling, I began to follow her around almost like a puppy.
  • She was enthralling and truly able to captivate an entire room filled with people.
  • The bride looked enthralling, as she should because it was her special day!


We can use the term “radiant” similarly to our other alternative terms. When we say that someone is “radiant”, we are complimenting them highly, showcasing an admiration over their appearance. This is considered to be a very cordial and kind compliment.

When we call someone “radiant”, we are essentially saying that their beauty causes them to emanate light or shine in comparison to others.

Here are a few examples to take a closer look at:

  • She looked radiant in her floor-length gown. I was astonished by her!
  • She was so radiant and kind, it was almost as if she floated around the ballroom, casting her light on us all.
  • She was physically radiant, but her heart shined even brighter than she did.


“Exquisite” is another term that is considered much better to use than “beautiful”. To say that someone is “exquisite” is regarded as a very notable compliment based on physical appearance. Often, this is someone we find ourselves incredibly attracted to.

The term “exquisite” essentially means that we find someone to be extremely “beautiful”. However, at the same time, we generally use this term when we also consider someone to be delicate or dainty.

This is also a considerably formal term, that’s not as commonly used in present-day – making it the perfectly unique complement to give someone.

To showcase how we can use this term, here are a few examples:

  • She looked exquisite in her wedding dress.
  • The photographer took Mom’s photos and she looked exquisite.
  • She placed a flower in her hair, which he thought made her look beyond exquisite.


Another superb term that we can choose to use is “mesmerizing”. This is another seemingly uncommon compliment, however, it is incredibly meaningful. When we say that someone is “mesmerizing”, we are saying that we believe their appearance to be intrinsically captivating.

To say someone is “mesmerizing”, we are meaning to say that their appearance has entirely captured our attention, as if almost by magic.

To help clarify, here are a few proper examples for this term:

  • I found her so mesmerizing, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
  • Her hair and eyes were incredibly mesmerizing.
  • She was so mesmerizing that I could barely think, let alone speak to her.


“Striking” is another exceptional choice for us to use when describing someone we find attractive. When we say that someone is “striking” in appearance, we are meaning this to be a large compliment. This person has grasped our attention fully and in a shocking way.

To say someone is “striking” is to essentially say that they are individualistic or unique in their overall appearance. This is not to say that someone is an oddity, merely that we find their difference in appearance very intriguing.

Here are a few examples of this different term:

  • She was incredibly striking; I had never seen anyone like her before.
  • I thought her appearance was very striking and individualistic.
  • She’s beyond striking; in personality and outward appearance.


While “ethereal” may not be the most commonly used compliment, it is considered kind and unique. When we say someone is “ethereal” we are complimenting their appearance, essentially claiming that it is otherworldly. We are saying that we’ve never seen someone like this person before.

The term “ethereal” means that someone is extremely delicate, light or dainty in appearance. So much so, that they seem much too perfect for this world.

Some examples that we can go over, to further explain how to use this word are:

  • She was ethereal in appearance and almost felt like an alien – a perfect alien.
  • Ethereal doesn’t even begin to describe how otherworldly her beauty was.
  • She was ethereal and kind like you had never witnessed before.


Another outstanding alternative that we can choose to use is “immaculate”. When we say that we believe someone is “immaculate”, we are meaning to portray our attraction to them. We are attempting to explain that we essentially believe that this person is perfect.

When we say that someone is “immaculate” we are essentially saying that we believe they are entire without flaws. We can also use this term when we think that someone’s appearance is clean or tidy.

For further explanation, here are three examples we can go over:

  • Her hair and outfit were immaculate; she exuded brilliance.
  • She was immaculate while being so incredibly caring and compassionate.
  • I feel that she’s incredibly immaculate in her physical appearance.


“Ravishing” is another great term that we can draw on, to replace “beautiful”. Carrying a similar meaning, when we describe someone as “ravishing”, we are expressing our delight over their appearance. This is a considerable term to use when we wish to express our attraction to someone.

Generally, when we say someone is “ravishing”, we are meaning to say that they are entrancing. We find something about their appearance incredibly compelling. This often causes us to want to get to know someone further.

Here are a few ways you could use “ravishing” in a sentence:

  • She was ravishing, I felt like I fell in love at first sight.
  • She was kind at heart, but phenomenally ravishing in appearance!
  • She looked ravishing in her gown, making her the belle of the ball.


The last alternative that we will take a close look at is “sublime”. When we say that someone’s appearance is “sublime”, we are meaning to say that it has exceeded any expectations. Essentially, when someone is considered “sublime”, we generally believe that they exude excellence.

To say someone is “sublime” is to say that their beauty or appearance is enough to inspire great admiration or cause folks to become awestruck. This is a considerably large and thoughtful compliment.

Lastly, here are a few examples to go over for this term:

  • She was sublime, I genuinely couldn’t get over how amazing she looked.
  • She looked sublime, even while working out and very sweaty.
  • Her personality and appearance are equally sublime.

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