“Classic Beauty” – True Meaning Revealed (With Pictures)

We often hear of people being called a “classic beauty”, as a form of compliment. Perhaps, we’ve even received this compliment ourselves, but were we aware of what was meant by it? This article will be exploring the meaning and use of the term “classic beauty”.

What Does It Mean To Be Called A “Classic Beauty”?

When someone refers to you as a “classic beauty”, they are expressing that you have a face, body, etc., that conforms to all conventional standards of attractiveness. The standards of attractiveness are often specific to your culture, but this isn’t always the case.

classic beauty meaning

Cambridge Dictionary defines “classic” as having a high quality or standard against which other things are judged. Often, “classic beauty” is thought to involve a very symmetric, well-proportioned face, with your facial features generally falling on more of a delicate side. “Classic beauty” often references one being natural and effortlessly beautiful as well.

In general, a woman who is considered a “classic beauty” often has long and thicker hair, large eyes, a small and dainty nose, predominate cheekbones, and a round or heart-shaped face that is symmetric, while also being dainty. As for physique, the “hourglass” figure is considered preferable, which means your bust and hips are relatively the same sizes, but your waist is much slenderer. Height is often varying in importance, but average height tends to fare best.

As for men, they can also be considered a “classic beauty”. They tend to have a full head of hair, a very well-defined jawline, visible and strong cheekbones, a normal-sized nose, medium lips, nice eyebrows, medium-sized eyes, and a well-balanced, symmetrical face. As for physique, tall and muscular are generally preferred.

What Are Examples Of People Who Are Considered To Be “Classic Beauty”?

We’ll now go over a few examples of people who have been or are presently considered to hold “classic beauty”:

Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

Elizabeth Taylor is an internationally renowned symbol of “classic beauty” – especially because of her violet eyes. The British-American actress and Hollywood sensation were known for her gorgeously symmetrical face, thick, raven-coloured hair, and picturesque body.

Elizabeth Taylor

Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)

Audrey Hepburn is another internationally recognized symbol of “classic beauty”. The British, Classical Hollywood Actress and humanitarian was beloved for her stunning looks. A petite woman, she had a brilliant heart-shaped face, sporting the most stunning cheekbones. Her eyes were dark, matching her hair. She was known for often cutting her hair short or wearing it up in a bun, showcasing her facial features.

Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly (1929-1982)

Grace Kelly was widely adored as a staple example of “classic beauty”. She was a stunningly fair and blonde woman, known for her bright blue eyes and full lips. She was slender and stood 5’7″.

Grace Kelly

Gal Gadot (1985-)

Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress in the present-day, that is considered to be a “classic beauty”. This gorgeous, tall, tan and slender woman is phenomenally appealing. Her face is beautifully structured, showcasing her bone structure, dark eyes, and stunning smile. She truly gives a new definition to the term “symmetrical”.

Gal Gadot

Angelina Jolie (1975-)

Angelina Jolie is an American Hollywood actress that is internationally known as being one of the world’s most beautiful women. She exemplifies “classic beauty” standards, with full lips, a structured face, and bright blue eyes. She is another averagely tall, slender woman, with the typically adored hourglass figure.

Angelina Jolie

Kiera Knightly (1985-)

Kiera Knightley is an English actress that is also considered to be a “classic beauty”. She’s a very petite, but tall woman. She has predominant, yet delicate facial features. Her dark brown eyes are large, drawing the attention of any viewer. This, coupled with her typical dark hair, has caused her to be viewed as a symbol of elegance for decades.

Kiera Knightly

What Is The Difference Between “Classic Beauty” and “Modern Beauty”?

In the present day, there is an abundance of ideas as to what defines a “modern beauty”. Many would agree that “modern beauty” holds a specific definition to each individual, based on what you feel you want to see in the mirror and never settling.

Cambridge Dictionary defines “modern” as being designed and made using the most recent ideas and methods. This is essentially how “modern beauty” is seen, is ever-changing and developing. There is no specified image of beauty; beauty is all skin colours, body types, hair lengths, facial features and so much more.

In the modern-day, we no longer mainly associate the term “beauty” with being majorly attached to women. There are now men, non-binary folks, and many active members of the LGBTQ2S+ community that is defying standards of beauty. We also generally view “beauty” as being hand in hand with kindness and self-expression.

We also no longer consider only the “natural” appearances to be the most beautiful. Our standards of makeup use and makeup artistry are also ever-adapting. The same can be said with hair colours and styles. There is a much larger concept of what defines beauty, and as mentioned, much of it has to do with an individual, their culture, their style preferences, and more.

Does “Classic Beauty” and “Timeless Beauty” Mean The Same Thing?

Often, people who are thought of as a “classic beauty”, are also considered to be a “timeless beauty”. However, the terms are somewhat different, with Cambridge Dictionary defining “timeless” as something that does not change as the years go past.

A “classic beauty” is often defined by features and attributes of the face and body. Whereas a “timeless beauty” is often seen as someone who is considered so beautiful, that their beauty is not affected by the changing views and opinions of society. Essentially, this is someone who will forever be viewed as a symbol of beauty.

When we discuss people whom we considered a “timeless beauty”, this is someone who believes to be just as beautiful today, as the first moment we saw them. Our opinion of them will never change, as their beauty may not merely be related to their appearance, but also how we view them as a person.

Synonyms For “Classic Beauty”

We will now look at some appropriate synonyms for “classic beauty”:

  • Quintessential Beauty
  • Vintage Beauty
  • Typical Beauty
  • Paradigmatic Beauty
  • Definitive Beauty
  • Exemplary Elegance
  • Classic Glamour
  • Classic Appeal
  • Prototypical Beauty
  • Traditional Beauty