Is “Pronunciate” a Word? (What to Say Instead)

The word “pronunciate” is sometimes heard in spoken English, but is it correct? This page will examine exactly that and show what to say instead of “pronunciate.”

Is “Pronunciate” a Word?

The word “pronunciate” is not found in major dictionaries and is not considered a valid word. Therefore, you may hear people saying “pronunciate,” but what they should be saying is “pronounce”, which relates to how letters and words are spoken.

Is Pronunciate a Word

The word “pronunciate” is not found in dictionaries and is not considered a valid word, although some people do use it in spoken English. Furthermore, it is a standard error among Spanish speakers speaking English to say “pronunciate”, probably because it is close to the Spanish word “pronunciar.”

Merriam-Webster does not contain a listing for “pronunciate.” However, it does have “pronounce.” Likewise, in the Oxford Dictionary, the correct term is “pronounce.”

“Pronounce” has two meanings. The first relates to how letters and words are spoken, and the second is to declare or announce something.

What to Say Instead of “Pronunciate”

Other ways to say the phrase “pronunciate” are “articulate”, “assert”, and “pronounce.”

The most common and correct version of “pronunciate” is “pronounce.” This word commonly refers to how people say words and how accents and dialects affect “pronunciation.”

The word “articulate” is very similar to “pronounce” because it is directly related to how speech sounds or someone speaks.


The Merriam-Webster and the Oxford Dictionary, contain definitions for the word “pronounce,” and they state that it is “how to state a particular sound or letter” or “a public declaration.”

It is a common word in language learning and discussing accents or dialects.

Here are some examples of the term in a sentence:

  • He couldn’t pronounce the words that began with “th” properly.
  • I`m sorry, could you tell me how to pronounce your name?
  • He will pronounce judgment on the case later this evening.


The Oxford Dictionary states that “articulate” is to “express thoughts or words clearly” or “to pronounce something clearly.” It is a direct synonym of “pronounce,” and they are interchangeable in many cases.

Here are some examples of “articulate” in a sentence:

  • Sufferers of depression find it hard to articulate their thoughts.
  • She was highlight articulate in three languages.


The word “assert” is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “to state clearly and definitely that something is true.” It relates to how people state their opinions and how the information is “pronounced” or declared.

Here are some examples of “assert” in a sentence:

  • The new boss asserted his authority in his opening speech.
  • Several witnesses asserted that they had seen him at the crime scene.