10 Best Words for a Person Exceptional at Writing

If you know a good writer, you might be interested in finding a good word to describe them. Someone who writes well deserves to be complimented if you’re impressed by them. This article will explore some of the best words you can use to flatter them.

Best Words For A Person Exceptional At Writing

The preferred words are “wordsmith,” “articulate,” and “succinct.” Each word allows you to show that someone is able to write in a way that flows. It’s easy to understand what they’re trying to convey, which means that they’re a particularly effective writer in all situations.


“Wordsmith” is the best way to compliment a writer. It shows that they have skills when using words. It’s a great way of showing that you can’t achieve the same level of detail or quality, but you’re always impressed with the wordsmiths that make it look easy.

The definition of “wordsmith,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person who has skill with using words, especially in writing.”

  • Paul is a wordsmith. If you ever need help coming up with a way to word something like this, he’s your guy. He’ll know what to write.
  • I like to think of myself as a wordsmith. I always enjoy writing short stories and such things whenever I get the chance to do so.
  • She’s quite a wordsmith. We’re always blown away by her talent. I really think you should give her a chance to see what she can do.


“Articulate” is a great way of showing that a writer is able to express things with words alone. It can be particularly hard to convey thoughts and feelings in writing, so using “articulate” for a writer shows that they have this rare talent that helps you connect to their work.

The definition of “articulate,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “able to express thoughts and feelings easily and clearly, or showing this quality.”

  • He’s an articulate writer. You might not think much of him, but he’s certainly got a way with words that other people just don’t have.
  • You’re very articulate when it comes to this type of thing. I wish I had your talent with words! That would save me so many issues.
  • I think you’re a very articulate writer. Have you ever thought about taking this further and seeing what you might be able to do with it?


“Succinct” shows that someone is able to write in a clear and concise way. It allows them to express everything they need to with very few words needed. They will only use words that are absolutely necessary to continue the narrative of their writing.

The definition of “succinct,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “said in a clear and short way; expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words.”

  • Your writing style is so succinct. It’s easily one of the most interesting for me to read, and it feels like I can actually keep up with you.
  • I like how succinct you can be with these types of things. It really shows that you put a lot of care and effort into your writing.
  • I love his succinct style. Have you ever read one of his books? They’re well worth the read! You won’t regret it.


“Lucid” is a solid choice if you’re trying to show that a writer can express their work in an understandable way. It works really well to show that you have a great time reading their work because of how clear and easy it is to follow.

The definition of “lucid,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “clearly expressed and easy to understand, or (of a person) thinking or speaking clearly.”

  • I’ve never known a writer to be as lucid as you are. You just find a way of capturing my imagination from the very first word.
  • She’s a lucid writer. You’ll easily understand what she’s trying to convey, and it feels like every single word is included for a good reason.
  • I like to think of myself as quite lucid when it comes to writing my books. I know what I want to get out of them, and I deliver that.


“Eloquent” usually relates to speaking, but you can also use it to show that someone is a fantastic writer. If someone writes eloquently, it means they are able to clearly and concisely convey the message and meaning that they’re trying to establish with their work.

The definition of “eloquent,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “giving a clear, strong message.”

  • You’re very eloquent for someone so young. If I didn’t know you, I would have thought this short story was written by a trained adult.
  • I love being eloquent because people always express how amazed they are by my writing talent. I want to get that from everyone.
  • You’re the most eloquent writer I’ve seen around here. You must send me some of your books to read sometime. I’d like that.


“Fluent” is another word that generally refers to spoken English. People are fluent when they have a smooth flow in their language structure and choices. This can also apply to someone who is writing. Fluency comes when they write sentences in smooth and interesting ways.

The definition of “fluent,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “flowing in a smooth, attractive way.”

  • I’m a fluent writer because I’ve spent so many years trying to hone my craft. I think I’ve finally found my style, and that feels great.
  • I want to sound more fluent in my writing. My father is so good at creating stories, and I just want to sound a little more like him.
  • Dan is very fluent in his writing. I’d recommend reading some of his stories to learn more about what he’s got to say.

Literary Artisan

“Literary artisan” is a great way of showing that someone excels at writing. “Literary” is used as an adjective here to show that it relates to their writing skill. “Artisan” means that someone is skilled at a particular subject (in this case, writing).

The definition of “artisan,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “someone who does skilled work with their hands.”

  • It’s quite clear that you’re a literary artisan. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who was able to create stories in the same manner as you.
  • I’m a literary artisan. Don’t worry; I didn’t come up with that myself. My mom said it to me once, and it’s managed to stick with me.
  • I think you’re a literary artisan, and it would be foolish for you not to try and get these stories published for the rest of the world.

Literary Craftsman

“Literary craftsman” also uses “literary” as an adjective to help establish someone’s written skill. “Craftsman” is used here to show that someone is a brilliant writer because they’ve spent so much time trying to hone their skills in the craft.

The definition of “craftsman,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person who is skilled in a particular craft.”

  • She’s a literary craftsman, so it’s best to leave her to do her thing. I think you’ll be quite surprised by some of the things she can come out with.
  • I like being a literary craftsman. All of my friends are always shocked at the skill of my work, and I love that feeling more than anything.
  • You’re a literary craftsman, and it’s a crime that other people don’t get the chance to read your books. I want to publish them!


“Clear” might be a simple word to describe a good writer, but it’s effective. Many writers want nothing more than to be clear in the things they write. If they can write something and everyone can understand it, they’ll know that they’re a great writer.

The definition of “clear,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “easy to understand, hear, read, or see.”

  • Your writing is clear beyond belief. It’s so easy to follow along with the story, and it allows you to really connect with the characters.
  • I’m a clear writer, and I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to develop the skills that I’ve got to show off today.
  • I’m not as clear as I’d like to be, though a lot of people seem to really enjoy the things I’ve got to say in my work.


“Shakespearean” generally relates to the works of William Shakespeare. You can also use it as an adjective to describe someone who seems to possess talents like his. It can be said about someone whose work impresses you beyond any normal writer’s work.

The definition of “Shakespearean,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “written by William Shakespeare, or relating to or typical of his work.”

  • I’ve been called Shakespearean in my time because of the way I allow words to flow on the page. I suppose that’s a compliment.
  • I like his books because he’s so Shakespearean in his delivery. I hope I can read more of his stuff going forward.
  • Sheila is the most Shakespearean writer out there right now. It’s like Shakespeare himself is living through her once again.

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