25 Best Replies To “You’re Welcome” (Formal & Friendly)

When someone says “Thank You”, it’s polite to say “You’re welcome”. But what is the polite way to reply to “You’re welcome”. There is no right or wrong answer here. However, there are some options that you could go for. Today, we’ll look at 25 ways that you might respond to “you’re welcome”.

In Which Situations Do People Say “You’re Welcome”?

The most common time that someone will say “You’re welcome” is when someone else says “Thank You”. There is some debate as to why we say “You’re welcome” after “Thank You”. However, general protocol states that it’s the polite thing to do.

I’m not too sure why we reply to “Thank You” with “You’re welcome”. Welcome to what? Where are we going that we are welcome to? Perhaps I shall do an article about it someday.

Another time when people say “you’re welcome” is when they do something for someone who doesn’t say “Thank You”. And I know, that sounds incredibly strange but hear me out.

When “You’re welcome” is said with high volume and even higher sarcasm, it indicates that it’s in response to something which should have been said but wasn’t.

Some people might say it’s rude to call out the rudeness of someone else like that. However, you did not start the rudeness, you merely continued it. Hopefully, the other person will learn to say “Thank You” in the future. But, that could be a debate on which I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Recently, “You’re welcome” has gained a competitor. “No Problem”.

For some people “You’re welcome” is too formal, and they like to be more down to Earth and personable.

But for others, there is nothing formal about it, they are just being polite. For them, it’s how they were bought up. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking to your friend or the queen. If someone says “Thank You”, you reply with “You’re welcome”.

Some alternatives that are somewhere between the casual “No problem” and the traditional “You’re welcome” include, “You’re more than welcome”, “My pleasure”, and “Anytime”.

But, if someone does say “You’re welcome”, here are 25 ways that you could respond.

Formal Replies

1. Very Kind

If you think that this person is kind, you should let them know. So long as you do it correctly, it’s rare that you’ll have someone upset that you’ve complimented them.

2. Very Well Mannered

Do you think this person is always polite and friendly? Make them aware that you appreciate the effort they go through to make others feel wanted and valued.

3. No Really, Thank You

If what they did for you was really good, then why not drive home just how grateful you are that they’ve taken the time out to do it for you? You’re not just thanking them for something small, this is worth a proper thank you.

4. I Really Appreciate It

What they did for you will make your life (or at least your day) much easier. And you will now be able to go about enjoying things, without having to worry about the problem they just solved.

5. You Have No Idea How Much This Means To Me

Perhaps for them, it was just doing a favour for a friend. But for you, it will make a huge difference. Just because they don’t know the impact of their actions, doesn’t mean they can’t know the extent of your gratitude.

6. I Appreciate You Taking The Time To Do This For Me

We all have a limited number of hours in the day. If someone has chosen to sacrifice some of their hours to help you, you need to make it clear that you appreciate them doing that.

7. This Will Be Useful

Let them know that what they’ve done is going to directly benefit you. It would be even better if you could end this phrase with “because…”. People want to know the difference they make for other people.

8. Until Next Time

If the “You’re welcome” comes at the end of the conversation, you could say “Until next time” as a goodbye. It’s friendlier and less harsh.

9. I Shall Return Here Again.

If someone at a shop has been helpful to you, let them know that their efforts will not go unrewarded. You can make them aware that they can expect to see you again.

10. You’ve Been Very Helpful

Once again, just a nice friendly compliment to let someone know that there is something positive about what they’ve just done.

11. Have A Great Day

A wish of pleasantness has the same impact as a compliment.

12. I Shall Put In A Good Word For You

This one works if you have some power over the other person. For example, if you’re in a position to recommend them for a promotion at their job.

Friendly Responses

13. I Can Always Count On You

For those times when you know that your friend will always be there for you, no matter what troubles life may throw at you.

14. There’s A Reason We’re Friends

We get to choose our friends. And many of us choose to be friends with those who help us. And those who get us through the tough times.

15. I’m Glad You’re My Friend

You appreciate what they have done for you, and the fact you have them in your life. If you didn’t have them, who knows what you would do?

16. No You’re Welcome

Maybe you’ve both done something good for each other, and both of you should give equal amounts of gratitude to the other.

17. Welcome To What?

And now, we are onto some more humour or jokey replies. We mentioned in the beginning that saying “You’re welcome” is strange as it isn’t made clear what we’re welcome to.

18. You Bet I Am

Another jokey one. Instead of acting happy that your hard work is being appreciated, you’re acting entitled, and as though you’re getting what you deserve. Only use this one for people who know it’s your sense of humour.

19. No Take Backs

Now that they’ve said “You’re welcome”, they are never allowed to take back that welcome. You will forever be welcome. And nothing can change that.

20. Are You Hitting On Me?

You know they’re not, and they know that you know. But it’s still funny to think about. What was supposed to be a friendly and casual task has just become a little bit more awkward.

21. Send An Emoji

If you’re messaging online, sometimes, a simple emoji will be better than words.

22. Send A Meme

Memes are funny. And if you know your friend likes a laugh, give them one that will make them have a chuckle.

23. At Least One Of Us Has Manners

A lovely bit of self-deprecating humour here. The joke here is that you have no manners (even though you said thank you), but thankfully, they have enough manners for the both of you.

24. Now Let’s Not Be Too Posh

We mentioned in the beginning that some people find “You’re welcome” too formal. If this is you, play on that, and mock the fact someone is being posher than you would expect.

25. Adiós/Bye

If the conversation is over, let them know that you will now be on your merry way. For some people, adiós is better than the harsh sounding “Bye”.

Does “You’re Welcome” Even Require A Response?

Generally speaking, “You’re welcome” does not require a response. However, you may wish to give one to avoid awkward silences.

It’s most common that you’re welcome is the last thing said. Because you have already gone through the formalities of “Thank You”. “You’re welcome”.

However, some of you may feel as though something else needs to be added. But remember, this will be a choice based upon how you feel, and not have anything to do with official rules or protocol. Sometimes, replying to “You’re welcome” can help avoid the awkward silence that some people aren’t too keen on. However, it could be that you don’t have a problem with awkward silences, and you’d be fine to just embrace it.

What you don’t want to have is competition over who needs the conversation. Because nobody likes those people who always have to have the last word. Instead of filling the air with meaningful conversation, it will instead be filled with bland compliments that neither of you believes.

The best thing to do is to just play it by ear. If you feel that the silence will be uncomfortable, then, by all means, give a response to “you’re welcome”. But, if you don’t want to reply, don’t feel under any pressure to do so.


And there we have 25 ways that you can respond to “You’re welcome”. Even though there are no rules about having to reply at all, if you do choose to, feel free to steal any of the replies from this list.

Next time someone says “you’re welcome, and you’re worried that there is going to be an awkward silence, you now have the tools to prevent that from happening.

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