15 Best Replies To “You’re Mine” Read This Before Answering!

When you’re flirting with a romantic partner, one phrase that either you or your partner might say is “you’re mine”. This can send shivers of pleasure throughout your whole body. But it does not need to be the end of the conversation. Today, we’ll give you 15 ways to reply.

Why Does Your Partner Or Flirt Say “You’re Mine”?

The main reason that women say “you’re mine” is that it sounds flirty, funny, and romantic. When men say it, it comes across as dominant, meaningful, and passionate. But no matter who says it, it establishes that you two have built a stronger connection.

By saying “you’re mine”, you make it clear that this isn’t just a casual fling. You don’t just want to sleep with this person, you want to build something stronger and spend the rest of your life with them.

You might not own them in the same way that you own a car or a house. But the two of you have a connection that neither of you has with anyone else.

Clever Replies (To Kill The Mood)

1. I’m Afraid Slavery Was Outlawed In This Country

If you own someone, doesn’t that technically make them a slave? Not only is slavery highly immoral, but it’s also been illegal for several years. Nobody owns you, you’re a free person.

You know they don’t mean it that way, but it can be funny to pretend that they do.

2. What About My Mine? It’s Where I Get All My Coal From

They may have meant “You’re”, but you heard it as “your”. Therefore, they are talking about a mine that belongs to you. And within your mine, you get all of your coal. If you want to be fancy, you could try replacing “coal” with “diamonds”.

3. I Don’t Have A Mine. I Sold It Off To Chinese Investors

Maybe you no longer have a mine. The joke here is similar to the previous one as you’re intentionally misunderstanding what they’re saying. The only difference is that the punchline comes across as an attempt to be serious. This will leave your partner confused, but you laughing.

4. If I’m Yours, That Means You Need To Take Care Of Me, And Pay My Bills

If someone (like a pet) belongs to you, you’ll be held responsible. This means that you will need to pay their bills, food, and make sure they’re kept clean and healthy. By claiming ownership of you, your partner may have gotten themselves in for more than they bargained for. Because looking after a human being is much harder than looking after a dog.

5. So Long As You Treat Me Better Than My Last Master. He Never Fed Me

Act as though you are a piece of property that can be bought and sold. The joke here could be interpreted as you being used goods, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. Your last owner didn’t know how to look after a human being, and you’re happy to have been given to someone who might have a better idea.

6. Meh, I Suppose It Could Be Worse.

Out of all the owners you could have had, you’re glad that it’s this person. Of all the things that could have happened with your life, there are worse ways to end up than the property of this person.

7. Thank God! That Means I Don’t Need To Act Like A Normal Human Being

Who wants to be a responsible adult and have to go to work and be responsible? Surely it’d be more fun to just have your partner take care of you.

8. No I’m Not A Miner

Again, you’re misinterpreting what kind of “mine” they’re talking about.

Flirty Replies

9. I’m Yours

You know that you belong to them. But, you don’t mind. The fact that they own you makes you rather happy. You just need to remind yourself how lucky you are, because all of your problems are now gone, and you can just focus on being the best version of yourself- for them.

10. What Will You Have Me Do Master

If you like “I’m yours” because it comes across as dominant, why not try being submissive? If he is your master, you want to please him. Oh God, I’m so sorry that sounds too cringey. But if that’s the kind of thing you’re into, go for it.

11. Yes Sir

Maybe you don’t want to go overboard with this whole “dominant”/”Submissive” thing. But, you still want it to be there. You want that feeling that he is your protector, and nothing will ever come between you. As a reward for being such a good boyfriend to you, you’ll make sure his every wish is granted.

12. I’m Not Complaining

A slightly more casual and fun reply. When people say “I’m not complaining”, that is a sign that they’re incredibly happy. Of course you’re not complaining, the love of your life has just said that you’re his. Most people will know the joy behind the words “I’m not complaining”.

13. You’re In Charge Of Punishing Me

And once again, we’re back into the kinky stuff- I’m really sorry if reading this article is strange, writing it was even stranger. But some women like to be “punished” in the bedroom. This could be anything from name calling to- okay I’ll stop. But, if he insists on being your master, he needs to understand his contractual obligations.

14. Oh Thank God

You’re not upset that you are now in the ownership of another human being. Because you know that they know how to take good care of you, you’re more than happy to let him do whatever he wants to do. Because now that you have each other nothing could go wrong.

15. Finally

You always wanted him to say those words. But you could never bring yourself to tell him. So the fact he’s saying it is a huge weight off your shoulders.


Once again, I would like to apologise for the intense amount of cringe in this article. And if you are in to any of the stuff mentioned, I will not be judging you.

However, next time your partner says “you’re mine”, you’re allowed to continue flirting, and maybe even turn it up a notch.

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