“Once”, “Twice”, “Thrice”… – Here’s What Comes Next (+Table)

We all know that when something happens “once,” it happens one time. When it happens “twice,” it happens two times. We can also say that “thrice” applies when something happens three times. This article will explore whether there are any words that come after.

What Comes After “Thrice”?

“Thrice” is the last official word related to multiple occurrences of the same thing. You often find that people use “four times” or “five times” (and so on) instead of giving them a specific word. However, informally, “quarce” or “quadrice” are both suitable for “four times.”

what comes after thrice

Perhaps this table will help you make a little more sense of it:

Once One time
Twice Two times
Thrice Three times
Quarce/quadrice Four times
Quince Five times
Sence Six times
Septence Seven times
Octence Eight times
Novence Nine times
Tonce Ten times

Of course, none of these words past “thrice” are officially correct. They are not grammatical words that follow language rules. However, some people like to use them to show that something occurs multiple times.

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Is “Quadrice” A Word?

Officially, “quadrice” is not a word. It is not recognized in any dictionaries, and you will not be able to use it in formal contexts. However, informally, it can work to show that something occurs four times, though not many people will understand that.

Is “Quarce” A Word?

“Quarce” is an alternative to “quadrice.” We can also use it to show that something happens four times. It’s a little easier to understand, and more people will be inclined to use it. However, it’s still very uncommon, and it might take a bit of explaining.

What Is The Word For 5 Times?

The best way to use a word for something happening five times is simply by saying “five times.”

“Five times” works best without a special word. However, following the same trend as we’ve mentioned, people like to use “quince” to refer to something happening five times. This only applies to informal situations, though.

What Is The Word For 6 Times?

“Sence” works when talking about something that happens six times if you want a specific word. However, most people will stick to “six times” as the easiest option since it requires no explanation when you use it.

What Is The Word For 7 Times?

Like everything else, “seven times” is already the most suitable way to talk about a repeat occurrence. There are some who would use “septence,” which allows us to use the Latin prefix “sept-” to show that seven things have happened.

What Is The Word For 8 Times?

The Latin prefix “oct-” applies when talking about eight things. We can use “octence” to show that something happens eight times.

Again, you’re going to need to explain this to most native speakers. Many of them don’t know what it means or how to use it. If you want to use standard English rules, “eight times” is already perfectly acceptable.

What Is The Word For 9 Times?

“Nine times” is the best phrase to use when something happens nine times over. Again, there are always people who might use “novence,” which uses the “Nov-” prefix to refer to nine occurrences.

It’s dependent on the person, but most people will not understand “novence.” It’s not a word that you hear often as a native speaker, and it’s not referenced in any official dictionaries.

What Is The Word For 10 Times?

“Tonce” is apparently the word people might use for something happening ten times. Again, this only applies if you know what “tonce” means and have heard people use it.

In most standard cases, native speakers would simply use “ten times.” It’s much better to use this form since it’s more expected and requires no explanations when it comes to using it.

To most people, “tonce” just looks like a misspelling of “once.” That’s why it’s not common to see, and it’s much better to use “ten times” to be more obvious about what’s happening.

What Is The Word For 11 Times?

At this stage, there aren’t any useful words left that might be used as replacements. If you are talking about something that is happening eleven times, it’s much simpler just to use “eleven times” to show that it’s happening very often.