What Is a Group of 5 People Called? [10 Best Words]

Have you ever wondered about the words you can use to describe a group of 5 friends? There might not be a huge number of them, but there are enough to make you wonder. This article will explore some of the best options available.

The best words to refer to a group of 5 people are “quintet,” “fivesome,” and “group of 5.” It’s common for people to use words like these to refer to exact numbers. These are the most suitable choices, and they work well when five people are present in a situation.

group of 5 people

1. Quintet

“Quintet” is a great synonym for referring to five people in a group. It comes from a musical ensemble that has five musicians playing in the same band.

When using this word, you don’t have to limit yourself to a musical context. It’s common to hear this one used to refer to any group of five people. The closer these people are to each other (i.e. a friend group), the better “quintet” works.

  • That quintet is a bit reckless at times. It can be hard to get through to them because they bounce off each other’s energy.
  • I thought you were part of the quintet as well! It’s like they’re a quartet again. Why are you not hanging out with them anymore?
  • I’m not returning to the quintet because I don’t see much reason to. I’ve done my time there. I’m done with them.

2. Fivesome

“Fivesome” is one of the most common ways to refer to a group of 5 friends. Adding “-some” to the end of a number shows that there are that amount of things in the context.

So, “fivesome” implies that “five” things are present. In this situation, the “things” are people who are part of a friendship group.

This is one of the most popular word choices for native speakers to refer to specific group sizes.

  • We’re a strong enough fivesome as it is. We should not include an extra person when we’re getting these things done.
  • I want to be part of this fivesome. That’ll give us the best chance to start winning some of these tournaments.
  • That fivesome has been together since the beginning of time. You’ll have difficulty trying to get them to separate.

3. Group of 5

“Group of 5” is a great choice if you want to be specific. Using “group” keeps things simple, allowing most people to continue talking or writing without trying to define a word that might be unfamiliar.

  • We’re a group of 5. That’s how we come, and that’s how we’ve always been. There’s nothing you can say that’ll get us to change that.
  • I thought you were part of the group of five, but I can tell that they already have five members and don’t want a sixth.
  • We are a group of five, and there’s no reason for us to change that. Everything works well exactly as it is now.

4. Five People

“Five people” is a simple alternative, but it’s very effective. You should use this phrase when you don’t know how else to refer to a group of five people. It leaves nothing up to the imagination and makes things very clear.

You will not have to explain what you mean when saying “five people.” Most native speakers stick to this rather than using specific words like “quintet” anyway, as it helps them to continue their sentences without explaining what “quintet” means.

  • Those five people are always in each other’s pockets. They go everywhere together, and you won’t see them separately anymore.
  • I thought you were part of those five people, but I can see now that they’ve removed you from their clan. I’m sorry about that.
  • We’re only strong as five people. We’ve tried it with four, and we weren’t good enough. With six, we had too many people.

5. Squad

“Squad” is a great choice for many occasions. It doesn’t strictly refer to a group of five people, but it’s very commonly used to refer to a group of between four and six.

“Squad” is a great way to show that a group of people are close. They will consider each other friends, and “squad” is usually a cute nickname for their friend group.

  • This is my squad, and they mean everything to me. I don’t think I’ll ever meet people who I’m as fond of as these guys.
  • I love my squad so much. I don’t think I can cope without them. I really hope we’ll be able to meet again over the summer.
  • Your squad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I can tell that a few of you don’t get along. It’s only a matter of time before you break.

6. Group

“Group” keeps things simple and easy to remember. You don’t have to refer to a specific number when using “group.” “Group” already indicates that a general number of people are hanging out together.

Most people do not need to know exactly how many people are within a group. That’s only added to the context if you think it helps the situation you’re explaining.

  • I was a part of that group once, but they decided against keeping me as the sixth member. It was sad when they kicked me out.
  • I’m not going to join a group like that anymore. I’ve done it once before, and it made me really hate the guys involved.
  • She was part of a group that was six strong. She learned a lot from her time there, but it didn’t go much further than that.

7. Crowd

“Crowd” is a simple way to refer to a larger group of friends. It doesn’t only refer to five friends, but it’s a good choice that highlights that a lot of people are part of the same group.

Of course, “crowd” can go on to mean even more than five people. You refer to the gathering of people at concerts and events as “crowds.” However, for this context, it works well to limit itself to five people.

  • That’s a pretty good crowd of people. I doubt they’re looking for anybody else to join their ranks. I’ll stay where I am.
  • I’m part of the crowd now. It’s so nice for people to include me in some of the social activities they do.
  • This crowd is something else. Everyone in this crowd is much nicer to me than most people in my life.

8. Quintuplet

“Quintuplet” is a common choice to show that a group of five people are very close to each other. It uses “quin-” to relate to the number five.

It’s common for “quintuplet” to be used as a familial relation. It’s the stage that comes after “triplet” and “quadruplet” to show that five babies came out of the same womb at the same time.

This word has since gone on to show that five friends share similar interests and do many things together.

  • The quintuplet is coming back to town again. I heard they’re going to perform a few of their new songs for the people.
  • It’s a quintuplet, but it’s something special. Just wait until you hear what they have to say about these situations.
  • I was part of the quintuplet once. As you can tell, they haven’t managed to replace me yet because they’re only a quadruplet now.

9. Penta

“Penta” is a fairly old-fashioned choice to refer to a group of five. It works well because “penta” is the Greek word for five, used in some situations for the five things.

You can use “penta” in a variety of contexts, but it’s most common as a prefix rather than a standalone word. For example, you might see it in “pentagram” or “pentagon.”

  • It’s a penta, meaning that only five people can stay in the group. I don’t think I want to be a part of it anyway.
  • That’s a penta-group, and that’s the way they like it. I’ve asked to join as the sixth member, but they seem happy as things stand.
  • I was going to be a part of that penta, but I decided against it. They just seem a little too aggressive for my liking.

10. Five Individuals

“Five individuals” is a formal way of referring to a group of five people. It doesn’t always show that the five people are close friends.

Instead, it’s common for people in law enforcement to use “individuals” to refer to a group of similar people. “Individuals” is synonymous with “people” when used in this situation.

Of course, “five” is used to keep things simple and show that five people are involved in the group.

  • Those five individuals are on our watchlist. We know that they operate together, but we’re not sure what their next plan is.
  • I thought you were included in the list of five individuals. I’m sorry. I just assumed you were closer to them than you were.
  • It’s all about these five individuals right now. Everybody loves hearing about them, even if there isn’t much good to say.