“Time Consuming” Or “Time-Consuming”? Learn If It Is Hyphenated

Hyphenation rules are somewhat confusing in English if you don’t have a full grasp of them yet. Is time consuming hyphenated? Well, let’s look at it through the English language rules and see how we might use it depending on the structure of the sentence.

Time Consuming Or Time-Consuming – Hyphenated Or Not?

When we discuss the time consuming hyphen rule, we use time consuming or time-consuming depending on the context. If we’re using it as an adjective to modify a noun or object, then “time-consuming” is hyphenated. If we’re using it as its own phrase noun at the end of a sentence, then it is left unhyphenated as “time consuming.”

Examples Of When To Use “Time Consuming”

So, we’ve seen the difference between time consuming vs time-consuming, but we need more! Luckily, we’ve got some examples that we can share with you that’ll help you wrap your head around the rules a little better. We find that examples are some of the most useful tools for learning new things in English. Let’s see how to use time consuming as a phrase noun.

  • My job is time consuming.
  • This wedding is time consuming.
  • Why is this so time consuming?
  • Meetings are always time consuming.
  • That task was time consuming.

Examples Of When To Use “Time-Consuming”

Now we’ll talk about it in the hyphenated style. In this case, we’re using it to modify a noun or object in a sentence. This means it’s used as an adjective (a describing word). The two words are linked together to become one word as follows:

  • That was a time-consuming adventure.
  • I hate time-consuming homework.
  • She has a time-consuming project.
  • We all have time-consuming deadlines.
  • That’s a time-consuming job.

Is Time Consuming Hyphenated AP Style?

The AP Stylebook tells us all we need to know about hyphen rules. Basically, hyphens are used a “joiners” for two or more closely linked words when we put them in a sentence. Whenever we link the words in this way, we typically use them as an adjective to modify a noun or object in the sentence. If we leave them unhyphenated, they are used as a phrase noun instead with no other noun to modify.

Should I Capitalize “Consuming” In The Word “Time-Consuming”?

What happens with capitalization rules when we add hyphenated words like time-consuming to the mix? Since hyphenated words are considered one word, a few interesting things could happen. However, it entirely depends on your style choice, and there are three potential options. The first option capitalizes only the first word and proper nouns. In this case, neither word is capitalized.

The second style capitalizes all words except short prepositions, conjunctions, and articles. “Time” is capitalized, but “consuming” isn’t. The final rule capitalizes every word in the title. This includes both words in “time-consuming.” Even though they’re considered one word, this title style treats them as separate ones and capitalizes them as such. Whichever style you use depends on how you capitalize the words you write.

Alternatives To “Time Consuming”

It’s nice that we’ve explained all that we can about the time consuming hyphen rule, but there is one last thing you can do if you’re still not getting your head around it. If you’re still left pondering whether it’s time-consuming or time consuming, don’t be afraid. Using alternatives is one of the best ways to retain knowledge in English. Rather than worrying about the hyphen rules, you can use a word that means the same things and comes with less demanding knowledge!

  • Gradual
  • Sluggish
  • Stagnant
  • Tedious
  • Prolonged

Quiz – Time Consuming Or Time-Consuming?

As always, it’s time to finish a quiz to see what you’ve learned. We’ll put together all your knowledge about hyphens from this article to see how well you fare against this quick quiz. We’ll also include the answers at the end, so you can compare them when you’ve finished and see how you did!

  1. She has a (A. time consuming / B. time-consuming) job.
  2. The whole process is (A. time consuming / B. time-consuming).
  3. What a (A. time consuming / B. time-consuming) waste this has been.
  4. I hate (A. time consuming / B. time-consuming) tasks.
  5. Why is school so (A. time consuming / B. time-consuming)?

Quiz Answers

  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. B
  5. A