“On Campus” Or “On-Campus”? Learn If “On Campus” Is Hyphenated

Hyphen rules are everywhere in English, and it’s important to understand them when they appear. We’re looking at whether it’s on campus or on-campus today and asking ourselves a simple question. Is on campus hyphenated?

On Campus Or On-Campus – Hyphenated Or Not?

When we discuss the on campus hyphen rule, we make sure to hyphenate “on-campus” when used as an adjective. This means it is used to modify a noun or object in a sentence. We keep on campus unhyphenated when used as a phrase noun that doesn’t modify any other objects. It’s typically seen in this form at the end of sentences.

Examples Of When To Use “On Campus”

Examples are a great way to learn about the hyphen rule for “on campus” firsthand. When looking at on campus vs on-campus, it’s good to see how each differs and where they are positioned in the sentence. We’ll test you on this knowledge and using examples later, so make sure you pay close attention to the structure of these sentences.

  • They hold all their classes on campus.
  • We were told to meet on campus.
  • Can you find me on campus?
  • Whereabouts is that class on campus?
  • My teacher wants to meet me on campus.

Examples Of When To Use “On-Campus”

Now let’s look at the hyphenated variation. Now that the two words have combined into one, we’re using it as an adjective instead. This means it modifies a noun or object in the sentence, and it typically falls somewhere in the middle of a clause (though you can start with it too). We’ll show you what we mean.

  • On-campus security is always watching.
  • I took an on-campus lesson the other day.
  • My on-campus teacher is always available.
  • There’s an on-campus bar across the park.
  • Which on-campus building are you from?

Is On Campus Hyphenated AP Style?

Using our newfound knowledge, we can apply the on-campus hyphen rule to the rules we see in the AP stylebook. Basically, it tells us the same thing that we’ve already told you. Hyphens are used as joiners for closely linked words that help the reader understand the meaning of the clause. When we hyphenate words, they’re used as adjectives to convey a modification to nouns and objects.

Should I Capitalize “Campus” In The Word “On-Campus”?

We now come to the part about capitalization, which adds a whole new element to hyphenation rules. There are three main title styles, and each style comes with a different set of rules relating to hyphenation. Luckily, because there are three styles to choose from, that means the rules are only applied based on your personal preference.

The first style capitalizes only the first word and any proper nouns. Everything else is lower-case. That means “on-campus” is always lower-case unless you start the title with it. The second style capitalizes all words except for shorter ones like prepositions and articles. In this style, you’ll always capitalize “on” but never capitalize “campus.”

The third and final style involves capitalizing every word in the title. You’ll capitalize both words in “on-campus” in this style as if they’re two separated words. It’s up to you which style you want to use for your writing piece.

Alternatives To “On Campus”

Whether you’re using on-campus or on campus, it helps to have some alternatives in mind if you’re worried about the hyphen rule. Alternatives are a great way to get your meaning across without worrying about getting the hyphens wrong. This way, no one can complain about your grammar usage!

  • Local
  • Onsite
  • Internal
  • Domestic

Quiz – On Campus Or On-Campus?

We’ll finish up with a quiz to see what you’ve learned. Putting all your new knowledge to the test is the best way to get it to stick. So, look through these following sentences and see if you can work out whether you need to use on campus or on-campus. Once you’ve figured it out, mark the correct letter and compare your answers at the end. Good luck!

  1. I work for (A. on campus / B. on-campus) security.
  2. Where can I find the (A. on campus / B. on-campus) doctor’s office?
  3. They work (A. on campus / B. on-campus).
  4. You have to find your teacher (A. on campus / B. on-campus).
  5. That is an (A. on campus / B. on-campus) classroom.

Quiz Answers

  1. B
  2. B
  3. A
  4. A
  5. B

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