“Nice To Meet You” Vs “Nice Meeting You”? Here’s The Difference

Though “nice to meet you” and “nice meeting you” are very similar sayings, they do come with a few select differences that we thought we’d cover. Having a good understanding of these differences is the next step to mastering that native level of speaking!

Is It “Nice To Meet You” Or “Nice Meeting You”?

Nice to meet you should be used when you’ve only just met somebody and are still in their presence when you say it. Nice meeting you should be used when you are leaving a conversation and is often used as a polite way to say goodbye. However, nice meeting you is also good to use when you’ve just met somebody, though it’s less common to say.

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6 Examples Of How To Use “Nice To Meet You”

As we mentioned above, “nice to meet you” is used mostly when you’ve just met somebody and are still in their presence. This is because it’s a present tense phrase that shows that you’re still there when you say it. It’s also a really polite thing to say to someone and makes them feel wanted since you’re saying it’s a “nice” thing to meet them at that time.

We thought it would be good to show you some quick examples of how you might use it in a sentence. We would recommend using it yourself to see how well people respond to it.

  • Hi, my name is John. Nice to meet you.
  • It’s really nice to meet you, Sam.
  • It’s been nice to meet you here today.
  • Nice to meet you, friend.
  • We’ve found it nice to meet you.
  • It was nice to meet you, see you later.

As you can see from the last example, it’s possible to use “nice to meet you” as a departing saying. However, it’s not the more common phrase used in this sense. That’s why we’re going to touch on “nice meeting you” next.

6 Examples Of How To Use “Nice Meeting You”

So, let’s look at the saying that is slightly better for departing and saying goodbye. “Nice meeting you” has much the same meaning as “nice to meet you,” though it’s often more useful as a way to say goodbye. However, the two phrases are mostly interchangeable, and it’s up to you and which one you prefer the sound of to choose which you want to use.

We’ll show you some examples of using it when leaving a conversation and include one at the end that shows you starting the conversation.

  • It was nice meeting you, Mary. See you!
  • John, it was nice meeting you.
  • It’s been nice meeting you, but I must dash.
  • Nice meeting you! See you around.
  • She said it was nice meeting you and was sorry she had to leave.
  • Hi, my name is Jake. It’s nice meeting you.

As you can see, the last example shows that it still works as a greeting. However, it’s not commonly used by native speakers, and “nice to meet you” is still the better option.

Alternatives To Saying “Nice To Meet You” Or “Nice Meeting You”

If you’re struggling between the two phrases, we recommend using an alternative. It’s the best way to get a good idea of using it in a sentence without worrying about potentially getting the wrong one based on your introduction or departure for a conversation. Most people don’t mind which one you use, but we’ll cover the alternatives anyway.

  • Pleased to meet you

Similar to “nice to meet you,” this one is a pleasant greeting. However, “pleased meeting you” isn’t a saying, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong.

This one is strictly an introductory phrase but works well as a replacement.

  • I’ve enjoyed meeting you!

This one is nice for an informal situation, and you don’t have to worry about any confusion.

  • Lovely to meet you!

Similarly, “lovely meeting you” is a common saying, so this one might still be a little confusing. Either way, the sayings have the same rules as “nice meeting you.”

Examples Of What To Reply When Someone Says, “Nice To Meet You” Or “Nice Meeting You”

If someone does use this in conversation with you, it’s nice to say it back. Simply saying, “it was nice to meet you too,” or something similar is a nice way to respond and share in their politeness. Most people don’t expect any more than that! Never say “thank you,” as that can sound pretentious. “Nice to meet you” isn’t a complimentary phrase. It’s just a polite greeting. Remember that for next time!