“So Do I” vs. “So Am I” – Difference Explained (+Examples)

There are a lot of moments in our life wherein what we do or what we say is the same as what another person is trying to say. During those moments, we often say something like ‘so am I’ or ‘so do I.’ But, what’s the difference between the two?

What Is The Difference Between ‘So Do I’ And ‘So Am I?’

In terms of meaning, ‘so am I’ and ‘so do I’ are the same. However, we use them differently, depending on what the first person said. We use ‘so am I’ to reply to adjectives or -ing verbs, while we use ‘so do I’ for possession or simple verbs.

“So Do I” vs. “So Am I“

Both phrases mean ‘likewise’ or ‘me too.’ And, in almost, if not all situations, the two are interchangeable. It’s just that there’s a more appropriate preference, especially among English scholars and speakers. Though, whether following this preference or not, the thought of the phrase remains the same whether using ‘so am I’ or ‘so do I,’ more often than not.

What Does ‘So Do I’ Mean?

We use ‘so do I’ to express that ‘I’ also do that particular thing, or ‘I’ also have that something. Most of the time, we use it to show that the speaker and the other person have the same habits, the same actions, or the same possessions.

Phrases like ‘me too’ or ‘so do I’ are phrases dependent on another statement to give the complete thought or idea. So, it’s best to show examples of using this phrase in a context or situation rather than a single sentence.

So, below are scenarios where ‘so do I’ is applicable.

  • I need to get some sleep. I slept only for three hours last night because I was busy preparing for the test, only to find out the teacher canceled it.
  • So do I. I also really need to sleep. I can’t believe I wasted all my sleeping time last night.
  • I can read that for you. I have good eyesight. I can see even from far away.
  • Hey, no fair. So do I. My eyes aren’t as bad as you think. It’s not even damaged at all.
  • I always take a walk every day before I go to work. I find it refreshing and essential since it’s also my exercise.
  • So do I! I always take a walk before going to work to clear my mind and prepare for the day.
  • I always break something even if I try to be careful in handling them. I think my clumsiness is innate.
  • So do I. I have unlucky hands, so I break almost anything and everything I touch.
  • I now have the new game console model! It was a lot more expensive than I thought.
  • So do I! I just recently bought it too, and now my wallet’s empty.

What Does ‘So Am I’ Mean?

We use ‘so am I’ to express that ‘I’ am currently doing the same particular thing, or ‘I’ also have the same trait or quality. We often use the phrase to show that two people are simultaneously doing the same action or they possess the same characteristic.

Like ‘so do I,’ ‘so am I’ is a phrase dependent on another statement to give the complete thought or idea. So, it’s best to show examples of using this phrase in a context or situation rather than a single sentence.

So, below are scenarios when ‘so am I’ is applicable.

  • I’m a workaholic. I’m not used to having an empty plate, and I like being busy or doing multiple things together.
  • So am I. If we collaborate, we can get things done in no time. The only downside is that neither will ever remind the other to rest.
  • I am currently watching a movie, and the plot is getting interesting. I think we’re almost at the climax of the story.
  • Really? So am I. I’m also watching a movie with my family. But it’s horror, so it’s been intense from the start.
  • Based on the assignment sheet, I’m a part of this group. Are you a part of this group too, Maya?
  • Yes, so am I! I saw my name right under yours. I believe we’re groupmates!
  • I am a night-owl, so I’m good with having a meeting even late at night.
  • So am I! It’s a good thing our personalities match. Let’s have the meeting at night, then.
  • I am dressing up right now. Have you dressed up already? Do you want to wear matching clothes?
  • So am I. I’m dressing up right now. Sure, what clothes will you wear? I’ll match mine with yours.

Are ‘So Do I’ And ‘So Am I’ Interchangeable?

Generally, no, ‘so do I’ and ‘so am I’ are not interchangeable. Though ‘so do I’ and ‘so am I’ mean the same thing, the two phrases have different applications when we should use them. So, despite being synonymous, there are limitations to interchanging the two.

For example, you cannot interchange ‘so am I’ with ‘so do I’ if replying to an adjective. For instance, if one says ‘I am lazy,’ the most appropriate response would be ‘so am I,’ while ‘so do I’ sounds off. On the other hand, saying ‘so am I’ as a response to ‘I sleep late’ sounds awkward too.

Is ‘So Do I’ Or ‘So Am I’ Used The Most?

According to the Google Ngram Viewer, though both phrases had fluctuating differences in the previous decades, both follow the same trend now. Speakers use the two at a similar rate, which shows that both are used differently but are correct and accepted. So, the English community uses both equally.

“So Do I” vs. “So Am I“ english usage

When Should I Use ‘So Did I?’

We use ‘so did I’ when talking about an action two people did in the past. If ‘so do I’ is a response to simple present verbs, we use ‘so did I’ to respond to simple past verbs, which means the two parties both did the same thing in the past.

Below is an example of using ‘so did I.’

  • I bought a new shirt yesterday. I liked it so much. It was color black.
  • So did I. I bought a pink one.

The scenario above shows that the two people both did the same thing of buying a shirt yesterday.