6 Polite Ways to Say “Only Take One”

Are you trying to find a suitable way to say “only take one” at a wedding or event? Maybe you want to sound more polite and friendly to the attendees.

Well, you’re in luck! There are plenty of options, and this article has gathered them in one place.

You can use any of the following:

  • Only one per person
  • Please take one
  • Please be respectful and take one
  • You should only take one
  • Save some for the other guests
  • One only

Keep reading to learn more about these synonyms. We’ve explained everything you need to know and provided some examples to show you when they work best.

1. Only One per Person

“Only one per person” is a polite way to remind someone that they should only take one thing. The trick to remaining polite here is to keep the word count to a minimum.

You don’t need to be too wordy. Instead, you should focus on the directness of the phrase. “Only one per person” is clear and effective without adding anything else.

Here are some examples to help you with it:

  • There should be only one per person to ensure everything gets one.
  • Only one per person if you’re taking things from that table. I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.

2. Please Take One

“Please take one” is a very polite way to remind people to only take one item at events. For instance, it lets them know that they should only take one champagne flute at a wedding upon entry.

After all, “please” is a very polite way to start a direction. It lets people know that you don’t want to offend them and simply want them to follow the rules.

You can also refer to these examples to help you:

  • Please take one and leave the others. We need to ensure that everyone gets one, so it’s fair.
  • Please take one only. After all, we will not have enough to share if you take more.

3. Please Be Respectful and Take One

“Please be respectful and take one” is an excellent synonym for “only take one.” It uses positive words like “respectful” and “please” to show politeness and kindness in your tone.

It’s worth using a phrase like this when an event is full of friends and family. It’s quite a kind phrase, and it shows that you respect the people attending your event.

You can also check out these examples to help:

  • Please be respectful and take one of these. We are trying to share them equally with everyone.
  • Please be respectful and take one only. We didn’t bring enough to the wedding for multiple per person.

4. You Should Only Take One

“You should only take one” is a slightly more demanding synonym for “only take one.” Including “you should” at the start of the phrase does a surprising amount to changing the tone.

A phrase like “you should only take one” encourages people to follow the rules and respect you. It works best in formal situations. For instance, you might use it when setting up a business event.

Here are some examples to show you how it works:

  • I’m sorry, but you should only take one. After all, there is clearly not enough here to allow you to have more.
  • You should only take one, Jackie. Stop trying to be greedy, as other people need them too.

5. Save Some for the Other Guests

“Save some for the other guests” is a fun synonym for “only take one.” It’s quite friendly, so you can get away with using it in informal situations (like a wedding or birthday party).

However, you should stick to using it informally. It’s a bit too conversational, so you won’t have much luck using it elsewhere. In formal situations, some event attendees might deem it rude or condescending. You need to get the tone correct before using it.

Here are a few examples to show you how it works:

  • Please, save some for the other guests. We suggest you only take one so others can have their share.
  • Save some for the other guests, though. We need everyone to get at least one.

6. One Only

“One only” is a direct and clear synonym for “only take one.” You do not have to include a verb (like “take”) in the phrase to make it clear that someone should only pick up one item.

However, you should be careful with this one. Some might think it sounds too demanding because it’s quite abrupt. It works well formally, but you probably shouldn’t use it when hosting a party for friends.

You can also refer to the following examples:

  • I’m afraid it’s one only. If you’ve taken more than one, you’ll have to return them quickly.
  • One only, guys! Don’t take more than that until everyone has had a chance to collect theirs.