10 Collective Words For “Food and Drink”

We can use “food and drink” as a collective word to refer to those things. But did you know that there are many other synonyms out there? This article will explore some good choices when you want to replace “food and drink” as a phrase.

Collective Words For “Food and Drink”

The preferred synonyms of “food and drink” include “sustenance,” “refreshments,” and “victuals.” All of these choices are great when referring to food and drink. They’re great because they are all one-word options that can refer to both things with no further explanation.


“Sustenance” is a great way of referring to food and drink. We can use this to refer to anything that will “sustain” us.

If we’re looking for food and drink at a party, we might use “sustenance” to be a bit humorous. It’s a good way to show someone that you’re looking for where the food table is.

The definition of “sustenance,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “food.”

  • You’re going to need some sustenance before taking on something that challenging. Please have some of this before you leave.
  • I think I could do with some sustenance right now. Do you want to join me at the dinner table for some?
  • I would love some sustenance! What do you have on offer? I could really do with eating quite a lot of this stuff.


“Refreshments” is a great choice when referring to small bites to eat or drink. It always refers to smaller amounts of food, which makes refreshments the perfect choice for parties and events where small food items are presented to the attendees.

The definition of “refreshments,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “(small amounts of) food and drink.”

  • Would any of you care for some refreshments? We have some of the best on offer right now, and nobody is having them!
  • I would kill for some refreshments! When do you think they’ll be out here to provide them for us?
  • I want more refreshments. I’m really hungry. I know that’s rude, but I haven’t been served yet, and I’m getting antsy.


“Victuals” is a great choice because its meaning is literally “food and drink.” It’s the perfect collective noun that refers to both “food” and “drink” with no confusion.

You should use this when you’re serving both food and drink or when you’re looking to find some for yourself.

The definition of “victuals,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “food and drink.”

  • Victuals are one of the most important things to any good party. I’ll be sure to include them when I get back.
  • I want to have the best victuals available. I will put in whatever money is needed for them. I simply want my guests to be happy.
  • You’ll need some victuals where you’re going! I think you forget how long of a journey it can be. It’s quite dangerous.


Another word for “food and drink” is “snacks.” We can use this one to great effect to show that we are looking for small meals to “snack” on. Usually, snacks are something that we eat while we’re waiting for the main meal.

Many people use “snacks” to refer to food. It will always be some kind of small food item. However, it’s also possible to refer to drinks whenever you think it fits.

The definition of “snacks,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a small amount of food that is eaten between meals, or a very small meal.”

  • If anyone would care for some snacks, you know where to find them! I’ll be in my room getting ready before the rest arrive.
  • I do not want snacks. My stomach is already full because I ate before I got here. Now I just want to enjoy myself.
  • I think you’ll find that most of these snacks are to your liking. We made them specifically for you, so we hope you enjoy them!


“Aliments” is an old-fashioned term that many people have forgotten about. It’s great because it refers to food that people consume. It also works for drinks, though it’s more for alcoholic ones when used in this way.

The definition of “aliments,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “food.”

  • Darling, do we have any aliments that might work for the party today? I want to make sure we get it right for our guests.
  • You will have to have better aliments than this. Nobody is going to want to eat from any of these trays.
  • Where are my aliments? I’ve been waiting for far too long right now, and I’m getting a bit tired of this!

Food And Beverages

“Food and beverages” is a simple way to replace “food and drink.” We have kept “food and” here because that part of the phrase is usually fixed. “Drink” is synonymous with “beverages,” so it allows us to be more specific about the drinks we’re looking for.

The definition of “beverages,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a drink of any type.”

  • I would love some food and beverages to round out this event. I think it’s the only thing that you’re missing right now.
  • I could go and get the food and beverages now before the shops close. Then we’ll have something ready to go for tomorrow!
  • We are only going to come if food and beverages are supplied. If they’re not, then we can’t make it work.

Food And Libations

“Food and libations” is another example of “food” being mixed with something. “Libations” is a good way to refer to drinks. For the most part, it only refers to alcoholic drinks.

If you want to refer to soft drinks (or you’re at an event where alcohol isn’t served), “libations” might not be your best choice. Still, it’s a fun way to talk about the food and drink on offer.

The definition of “libations,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a drink of alcohol.”

  • The food and libations at this party are ridiculously expensive! We’re going to go to the store to find something that won’t cost our house.
  • I think you’ll enjoy the food and libations on show. Trust us when we say that they’re some of the nicest things we’ve ever tasted.
  • I want more food and libations! This isn’t enough for me, so I’ll have to sweep around the other tables.


“Nourishment” can work well, but it’s not very common in this context. It refers to food that people need to grow. We can also extend this meaning to drinks when we’re using it in the context of events and parties.

Most people would rather use a “-ment” word like “refreshment” over “nourishment.” Also, “nourishment” doesn’t refer to a collective entity, meaning the word “nourishments” is not grammatically correct like “refreshments” is.

The definition of “nourishment,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “food that you need to grow and stay healthy.”

  • It’s important for us to get our nourishment sorted out. We will all be fit and healthy as long as we stick to this regime.
  • I want more nourishment. I can’t see anything interesting on that table, which is making it hard for me to do anything.
  • I don’t want any more nourishment. I think I’ve had more than enough. I don’t think it would fit anyway.


“Fare” is an old-fashioned word we can use. It refers to the food that is served at a restaurant, but it can be extended to refer to anything that’s present on a restaurant’s menu.

Since restaurants can serve both food and drink, it makes sense that “fare” refers to that collective group.

The definition of “fare,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “the type of food that is served in a restaurant.”

  • How do you like our fare? We’ve put a lot of effort into it, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated before the reopening.
  • I want some of the fares around here, but I’m afraid to ask for them! I feel like they’ll judge me for this quantity.
  • It’s not just the fare that I like about this place, but it’s definitely a bonus! Thank you for bringing me along.


“Consumables” is a decent word when referring to things that people can “consume.” This context allows us to use “consume” to refer to food and drinks because they are both items that we eat or drink and “consume.”

We included this one last because it has a meaning unrelated to food and drinks. Most people are put off from using this word because of the more specific meaning that refers to goods sold by businesses.

The definition of “consumables,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “goods that people regularly buy because they are quickly used and need to be replaced often.”

  • There are plenty of consumables available to you right now. Do you have anything particular in mind that you’d like to try?
  • I’m not here for the consumables. Still, they’re a great added bonus, and I’d be more than happy to dip into them.
  • I will not be providing consumables. If they want to eat and drink, they’ll have to bring their own stuff.