“My Mom And I” vs. “My Mom And Me” vs. “Me And My Mom”

“My mom and I” and “my mom and me” both pose an interesting question about objective and subjective pronouns. You need to understand the differences between them before using them. So, this article will explain all you need to know to get it right.

Is It “My Mom And I,” “My Mom And Me,” Or “Me And My Mom”?

“My mom and I” is correct when using it in a subjective form (meaning it comes before the object of a sentence). “My mom and me” is correct when using it in an objective form (meaning it comes after the subject in a sentence). “Me and my mom” is incorrect.

“My Mom And I” vs. “My Mom And Me” vs. “Me And My Mom”

When using phrases like this, there’s a really simple rule that you need to follow. If you remove “my mom and,” you’ll be able to determine which is the correct form.

To demonstrate this, we’ll include “my mom and” in parentheses to focus on the main part of the sentence:

  • (My mom and) I are going to the circus today.
  • Will you go with (my mom and) me?

As you can see, the rules allowing “I” or “me” to work in a sentence are always the same. We simply remove “my mom and” to check which of them makes more sense.

Examples Of How To Use “My Mom And I” In A Sentence

Perhaps some more examples will help you to figure it out a little better.

  1. My mom and I are going on holiday this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it.
  2. My mother and I thought you might like some company, so we left to get here earlier.
  3. My mother and I need to know what’s happening with my curriculum.
  4. My mom and I haven’t spoken for a while. I think there’s something else going on, and I’m not okay with that.
  5. My mom and I have what you want. We can arrange a time for you to pick it up if that works well.
  6. My mother and I thought you might say that. That’s why we’d made plans to sort out a secondary option.

“My mom and I” works as a subjective pronoun. It’s a collective because it includes two people, but it still follows the same English rules that you should expect when using any other subjective pronoun.

Examples Of How To Use “My Mom And Me” In A Sentence

“My mom and me” works similarly, but we need to know when the objective form applies.

  1. Would you like to go out with my mom and me to see the show?
  2. It affected my mom and me much more than you realize.
  3. You should have been there for my mom and me, but now it’s too late.
  4. You needed to help my mother and me out, but you decided that wasn’t worth your time.
  5. What are you going to do to my mother and me? We’ve been nothing but pleasant to you.
  6. Can you stay with my mom and me for a little while? We like your company.

“My mom and me” is correct when using it as an objective form. This means that it comes after the subjective clause in the sentence, and we use it to instruct someone or something to interact with “my mom and me” in some way.

Is It Ever Correct To Use “Me And My Mom”?

We haven’t explained it yet, but we mentioned that “me and my mom” is incorrect. Now, it’s time for you to understand why it doesn’t work.

“My mom and me” follows strict language rules associated with formality and politeness. We include the objective pronoun “me” at the end of the collective with no exceptions. Therefore, “me and my mom” is incorrect because it does not allow the other object to come first.

You can think of it as allowing somebody to pass by you in a corridor. A polite person will always let the other person go by them. The same applies when using a pronoun in this form. The pronoun should always come second as if to let “my mom” pass in front.

To help you remember, you can refer to these examples:

  • Correct: I thought you might like a visit from my mom and me.
  • Incorrect: I wanted to buy a ticket for something that me and my mom can do.
  • Correct: Will you be here for my mom and me?
  • Incorrect: Me and my mom are going to stay at the hotel on the corner.

Is “My Mom And I,” “My Mom And Me,” Or “Me And My Mom” Used The Most?

It might help to see some statistics to learn more about which is used.

According to Google Ngram Viewer, “me and my mom” is the most common, with “my mom and me” trailing a little behind it. “My mom and I” is hardly used at all in comparison.

my mom and i,my mom and me,me and my mom

Now, these results seem to go completely against the rules we’ve mentioned in this article. You might be asking yourself, why is that?

Well, native speakers have a hard time understanding the “my mom and me” rules, just like anyone else learning the language. It is frequently confused or messed up, so it makes sense that they also get it wrong during their writing.

We mentioned that “me and my mom” is only incorrect because of politeness rules. It’s always better to include “me” after the other object, but it’s only better when being polite. In most cases, these rules can be ignored.

Is It Ever Correct To Use “I And My Mom”?

“I and my mom” is never correct. Just like “me and my mom,” we should always include the pronoun after “my mom.” However, “I and my mom” sounds much more jarring, and “I” should never be followed with “and.”

Is It “My Mother And I,” “My Mother And Me,” Or “Me And My Mother”?

The same rules apply whether we use “my mom” or “my mother.” We even showed how “mother” works in some examples. “My mother and I” is subjective and “my mother and me” is objective. “Me and my mother” is incorrect.

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