Kindergarten or Kindergarden – Which Spelling Is Correct?

The school for young children comes from the German term for “children’s garden”. However, what is the full correct spelling for kinder? This page explains the origins of the words “kindergarten” and “kindergarden” and shows which is correct.

Kindergarten or Kindergarden – Which Spelling Is Correct?

The correct spelling of the term is “kindergarten.” The alternative version, “kindergarden” is not a valid word and is not found in any dictionary. The word “kindergarten” comes from the German word, and the spelling in English has retained its Germanic origins as “garten” instead of “garden.”

Kindergarten or Kindergarden

The word “kindergarten” is listed in the Cambridge and Merriam-Webster dictionaries. In contrast, the word “kindergarden” is not listed in either.

The word “garten” in German means “garden”, yet the spelling has not evolved, and it remains as “kindergarten” in all the English-speaking world and also in many non-English speaking countries.


The word “kindergarten” means “children’s garden” in German, which is the spelling used in English according to the Cambridge and Merriam-Webster dictionaries.

 It refers to the school that children attend from roughly two to four. It is sometimes called a “nursery” or “infants” school in the UK. In the US, it is sometimes referred to as “pre-school.”

Here are some examples of “kindergarten” in a sentence:

  • Having a kindergarten close to the house is essential because we have four kids.
  • She was a kindergarten teacher before she became a nurse.
  • Tim didn’t enjoy kindergarten because he couldn’t make friends.


The word ”kindergarden” does not exist, and it is not a valid word. The correct spelling of the word is “kindergarten”, which means “children’s garden” in German.

How to Remember the Correct Spelling

There are a few ways to remember the correct spelling of “kindergarten” so that you never end up writing “kindergarden” again.

The first is to remember that the word is not English; it is German. Therefore, you should remember that “garden” in German is “garten” with a “t” and not “d.”

The second way of remembering that “garten” is spelled with a “t” is to remember that “teachers” teach in a “kindergarten.” Not “deachers!”