“I Would Appreciate” Or “I Will Appreciate”: Which Is Correct? (Statistics)

The English language has plenty of words and phrases that have been confusing users of the language. It has variations in grammar usage, punctuation, and even spelling of the words and the formation of sentences in the language.

One great example of this is the confusion of using ” I would appreciate” or ” I will appreciate” when talking or writing in English. So let’s find out which one is really correct to use.

“I Would Appreciate” Or “I Will Appreciate”: Which Is Correct?

The difference between these two is the level of formality they convey. When we say “I would appreciate,” it conveys politeness, courtesy, and fluency of the language. On the contrary, saying “I will appreciate” will have a negative connotation of the speaker, suggesting informality and impatience.

"I Would Appreciate" Or "I Will Appreciate": Which Is Correct?

Therefore, “I would appreciate” and” I will appreciate” are both correct in terms of grammar usage. They just differ when it comes to the message that they will convey to the receiver, whether it is informal or formal.

Moreover, they both seem to sound demanding but using “I would appreciate” is demanding so that the receiver will not be offended. However, in the case of “I will appreciate,” the speaker’s message might sound impatiently demanding, which can imply rudeness.

So, which is correct? As mentioned, they are both right, but it would be safe to use “I would appreciate” to sound more polite. However, if you want to express impatience, using “I will appreciate” is also possible. In addition, using “I would appreciate” is more common than ” I will appreciate.” In fact, Google Books Ngram showed in a graph that the phrase “I would appreciate” is used in most of the books in the Google books library than “I will appreciate” in the 20th century up to now.

I would appreciate or I will appreciate historical development

It is also worth noting that on New York Times website, the usage of “I would appreciate” is more prominent with 1,560 mentions while 294 mentions for ” I will appreciate.” This can show that using “I would appreciate” is more preferred than its counterpart, probably because it makes more sense and does not sound rude.

What is the True Meaning of “I Would Appreciate” and “I Will Appreciate”?

To understand the meaning of “I would appreciate” and ” I will appreciate,” let’s dig deeper and comprehend the meaning of the verb being described in both phrases, which is the word “appreciate.” According to the Cambridge dictionary, appreciate means to understand a situation and realize that it is essential.

Therefore, “I would appreciate” means that the speaker will possibly understand the situation since using the subjunctive “would.” Meanwhile, “I will appreciate” implies that the speaker is only predicting the occurrence of the appreciation because of the predictive “will.”

Moreover, we should also consider the grammar rule that when it comes to using “if,” it is more appropriate to use ” would” rather than “will.” So, for example, it’s more appropriate to say, “I would appreciate if you send the email,” connoting not only politeness but also a more straightforward meaning that the speaker would understand the situation.

However, if we use both phrases in a complete sentence, they usually convey requesting, suggesting, or demanding something. For example, in this sentence, “I would appreciate if you tell your friend that I can’t go today.” Thus, the speaker implies that they are requesting for the listener to tell their friend about the situation.

On the other hand, “I would appreciate” and “I will appreciate” also connotes a person that is suggesting. Here’s an example: “I will appreciate if you give me the key to your apartment now.” Its message is clear that the speaker is suggesting for the person to give the key. Another example is when someone says, “I would appreciate your support for my music launch.” It’s like another way of suggesting the people support him for the launch.

Moreover, there are instances where “I would appreciate” and “I will appreciate” would mean negative when used sarcastically. For example, when someone says, “I would appreciate if you get out of my house right now!” We can say that the message being conveyed here is not good since the demand is strong.

So what should you use? Should I use “I would appreciate” or “I will appreciate”? Obviously, it depends on the situation, the person you’re talking to, and your preference. Just remember their difference when it comes to their level of formality and how they mean when used in the sentence.

How Do You Use “I Would Appreciate”?

There are various ways of using the phrase “I would appreciate,” such as asking for a request, suggesting, or using it sarcastically. Here are some examples of its usage:

1. I would appreciate it if you could get me some water. (asking for request)

2. I would appreciate it if you could stop calling me! (sarcastically)

3. I would appreciate your support for my upcoming movie. (request)

4. I would appreciate your thoughts on this new project. (suggesting)

5. I would appreciate any insight about the story that I’m writing.

You can also add certain words like greatly, highly, really, and more before “appreciate” to emphasize the sentences. For example:

6. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me the money now.

7. I would really appreciate if you could help me with this.

8. I would highly appreciate your suggestions with regards to the revision of the book.

9. I would significantly appreciate it if you could lend me some money.

10. I would definitely appreciate your hospitality if you let me stay for a while.

Is It Polite To Say “I Would Appreciate”?

As mentioned, saying ” I would appreciate” is a formal and polite way of suggesting or requesting particular tasks or things. However, it can also be used sarcastically to emphasize the demand. But “I would appreciate” is mostly used to formally ask or request in a polite manner.

So, when you write an email to your boss or manager, the safest phrase to use is “I would appreciate” instead of “I will appreciate” to show respect. Although it’s also essential to be careful with saying it with emphasis as it can formally denote impatience. For example, saying “I would extremely appreciate your response” can impose you being very demanding.

How Do You Use ” I Will Appreciate”?

Using “I will appreciate” is usually the same as “I would appreciate” since they are both used to request, suggest, or demand something. But it’s important to note that using “I will appreciate” is more suitable for informal conversation because it can connote rudeness and authority. Here are some examples of how you can use “I will appreciate”:

1. I will appreciate that you are doing your job correctly.

2. I will appreciate your support on this matter.

3. I will appreciate it if you could leave me alone!

4. I will appreciate your feedback about this article.

5. I will appreciate your comments on the presentation that I made.

6. I will appreciate your response on this email.

7. I will appreciate your presence on our wedding day.

8. I will greatly appreciate it if you will provide the information clearly.

9. I will highly appreciate your cooperation to finish this project quickly.

10. If you could give me the correct answer, I will definitely appreciate it.

Synonyms For “I Would Appreciate It” And ” I Will Appreciate It.”

Since using “I would appreciate it” and “I will appreciate it” can cause confusion, you can just use some of the synonyms or similar phrases. It will be easier to convey the message you want to say, whether you’re suggesting, requesting, or being sarcastic.

In terms of suggesting or requesting something, you can use the following phrases to substitute ” I would appreciate” and “I will appreciate”: It would be great, I would be happy, I would like, and more. Here are some examples of how you can use them in a sentence.

1. It would be great if you could text me the complete address.

2. I would be happy for your support of my business.

3. I would like it if you could send me the email right away.

4. It would really help me out if you gave my story some feedback.

5. I would be very grateful for your help.


In terms of “I would appreciate” and “I will appreciate,” the most common and safest choice is using the “I would appreciate.” It’s because it’s more acceptable as a formal and respective way of requesting or demanding. Moreover, most books and known websites use “I would appreciate,” making it more reasonable

English is deemed the universal language of the world, but sometimes, its variations confuse most users of the language, specifically those using it as their second language. The confusion between “I would appreciate” and “I will appreciate” is only a part of many words and phrases being swapped or substituted with one another. Therefore, it’s essential to know if you’re using the correct phrase to avoid miscommunication.

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