Attornies or Attorneys? (Correct Plural Form)

The term “attorney” is short for “attorney at law” and refers to people with the legal right to act for others. Many people ask, “what is the plural form of attorney?” and for that reason, this page explains how to pluralize the word “attorney.”

Attornies or Attorneys?

The correct plural form of the word “attorney” is “attorneys”, which is the version you should always use. The term “attornies” was used at one point, but it is not found in dictionaries and should not be used in modern English.

Attornies or Attorneys

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Collins Dictionary state that the plural form of “attorney” is “attorneys.” The word “attorney” is derived from the French term aturner, which means “to assign or appoint.” 

There is evidence that “attornies” was used in the 1800s. However, it is not a term that is found in modern dictionaries.

The term “attorney” in English is short for the original word “attorney at law”, which is a qualified legal agent or someone assigned to represent on business or legal matters. Nowadays, it is shortened to “attorney” and is mainly found in the US rather than the UK, where the word “solicitor” is preferred.

Another common usage in the US is the term “Attorney General.” The “Attorney General” is defined as the chief law officer of a state or nation, and in the US, they play a prominent role in litigation and legal matters. The plural of “Attorney General” is “Attorney Generals.”


The word “attornies” is not found in dictionaries of modern English and is not a plural form of “attorney” used today. The correct plural form of “attorney” is “attorneys.”

The Google Ngram shows that in the early 1800s, the word “attornies” was used, although it has always been less popular than “attorneys”, which is the correct plural version.

Attornies or Attorneys usage

For example, this book from 1830 contains several uses of the word “attornies.”


The word “attorneys” is the correct plural form of “attorney.” The Google Ngram above shows that “attorneys” has always been the standard way to pluralize “attorney.”

Here are some examples of “attorneys” in a sentence:

  • He hired the best defence attorneys money could buy and was found to be not guilty.
  • The attorneys at this firm are well-versed in immigration law.
  • Attorneys often have a terrible reputation for being deceitful.


The plural of “attorney”, which means “attorney at law”, is “attorneys.” The word refers to people appointed to represent individuals, businesses, or entities on legal and business matters. There is evidence that “attornies” was used sparsely in the 19th century. However, the modern-day version listed in major dictionaries is “attorneys.”