“Anyone Know” or “Anyone Knows”? (Correct Version)

This article will examine the relationship between the pronoun “Anyone”, and the verbs “Know” and “Knows” when used together in a sentence. It will also explore the different ways “Anyone know” and “Anyone knows” can be used in a sentence.

Is It “Anyone Know” Or “Anyone Knows”?

“Anyone know” and “anyone knows” are both grammatically correct. However, they can be wrong if used just by themselves. The phrase “anyone know” can only be used in a question. For example: “Does anyone know the church?” On the other hand, “anyone knows” cannot be used in a question.

anyone know or knows

“Anyone” is a third-person indefinite pronoun. As a rule, third-person indefinite pronouns such as anyone, someone, and everyone, are singular pronouns. This means that in a sentence, they must be paired with singular verbs. 

“Knows” is a third-person singular verb. On the other hand, “Know” is a first and second-person verb. So while it would be right to say “Anyone knows” in a sentence, it is wrong to say “Anyone know”. You can only use “Anyone know” in a question form. Take a look at the following examples:

  • I Can’t say if anyone knows her whereabouts.
  • I don’t know whether anyone knows what he looks like.
  • Does anyone know where I can find a photo studio around here?
  • Does anyone know Mr. John’s office?

When Should I Use “Anyone know”?

You can use “Anyone know” in a question where the question starts with the verb “does”. That means, it will be grammatically wrong to use “anyone know” in a plain sentence. In informal speech, “Anyone know” can be used in a question even without the verb “does”. 

Here are a few examples to illustrate this point:

  1. Does anyone know where to find a museum?
  2. Does anyone know her name?
  3. Does anyone know the password to the vault?
  4. Does anyone know the way to the cinema?
  5. Does anyone know how to use a Bluetooth speaker?

When Should I Use “Anyone knows”?

You can use “Anyone knows” in a sentence, whether it is a question or not. Because of their nature, the pronoun “Anyone” and the verb “knows” sound more logical when used together in a sentence. “Anyone knows” is used when you are making a statement you believe is common knowledge. 

Examine how the phrase is used in the following sentences:

  • Prince, you don’t have to brag about popularity because the only place anyone knows you are in jail.
  • It is hard to tell if anyone knows the artist.
  • Tell me if anyone knows about our little secret.
  • I don’t think anyone knows.

Is “Anyone know” or “Anyone knows” Used The Most? 

The Google Ngram Viewer graph reveals that “Anyone know” is mostly used in English. This is because “anyone know” can be used both in formal and informal settings to ask questions. 

anyone know or knows english usage

Do “If Anyone Knows” And “Does Anyone Know” Mean The Same?

“If anyone knows” and “does anyone know” do not mean the same thing and cannot be used interchangeably. The phrase “If anyone knows” is an incomplete statement when used alone as a sentence. While “Does anyone know” is grammatically correct and can only be used in a question form.

For example:

  1. Does anyone know the fastest route out of here?
  2. Does anyone know the best-selling author right now?

“If anyone knows” can be used in any kind of statement, whether it is a question or not. 

Compare the following sentences:

  1. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, let them raise their hands!
  2. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, can they please raise their hands?

Is It Ever Correct To Use “If Anyone Know” And “Does Anyone Knows”?

It is incorrect to use “If anyone know” and “does anyone knows” in a sentence. The pronoun “anyone” and the verb “know” are not compatible in that phrase. Similarly, “anyone” and “knows” are incompatible when used in that kind of phrase. 

See the sentence examples to help you understand the correct way to use the phrase.

  1. Correct: Can you please ask if anyone knows his name?
  2. Incorrect: Can you please ask if anyone know his name?
  3. Correct: Does anyone Know about the new basketball player on the team?
  4. Incorrect: Does anyone knows about the new basketball player on the team?

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