“Deem Fit” – Meaning & Correct Usage (With Examples)

The phrase “deem fit” is quite common in English, but what does it mean, and how is it used in a sentence? This article will elaborate on the meaning of the “deem fit” and also cite examples of how it is used in a sentence. Let’s get started.

What Does “Deem Fit” Mean?

“Deem fit” means carrying out a particular action at one’s discretion or will to ensure the best decision with such action. This is used to delegate the decision-making in a situation to a person that will make decisions based on what he/she knows best for such a situation.

deem fit meaning

To further describe the term, this is making someone take actions based on their conditions and point of view, which is believed to be the right choice for the person.  

Deem fit is mainly used when a judgment is about to be carried out on a particular thing, and such action is delegated to be carried out by someone based on their knowledge and experience.

To get a better understanding of this phrase, the following are examples that show how the phrase can be used;

  • It is acceptable for the citizens to vote for whoever they deem fit.
  • The Treasurer was told to disburse the funds as she deems fit.
  • The contractor will ensure all activities on-site go as he deems fit.
  • Commence your observation of the performance as you deem fit.
  • Use any method as you deem fit for the questions.

What Does “Deem Fit” Mean In Law?

“Deem fit” is a technical term in law that means taking a particular action based on a generally accepted and endorsed way. It indicates that measures must be based on the existing law. So, an individual cannot carry out a particular action based on their path of judging things.

In law, the term points to taking action as best suitable and in line with the stated rules and regulations, not involving the personal interest of such an individual.

This is used in the council to ensure that all judgments are passed in accordance with what the law is best for such a situation.

An example to illustrate the use of this phrase in a legal context will be:

  • The High Court makes an order as they deem fit.
  • They also want the FA to pay legal costs and other relief the court deems fit.
  • Greg said Christabel holds the power to nominate judges she deems fit.

What Does “Deem Fit And Proper” Mean?

“Deem fit and proper” is closely related to “Deem fit”. However, the term means taking an action based on an individual jurisdiction, and such jurisdiction has to be a generally accepted or a standard way of doing such actions in that environment.

Deem fit gives the liberty of taking actions once delegated to do so even when such person’s way of doing things is entirely wrong or not suitable, while “Deem fit and proper “does not give such freedom as actions to be taken are only meant to be normal and generally accepted.

A closely related phrase is “fit and proper,” which means taking a suitable and safe action on whatever has been delegated to one.

Most people think that the “deem fit” and “deem fit and proper” are the same, but they are not because the way we carry our judgments is sometimes not the suitable and acceptable way to judge such action.

Examples Of How To Use “Deem Fit” In A Sentence

“Deem fit” is used in a sentence whenever the Doer is given the power to make decisions based on their terms of doing things.

Here are examples of how to use “deem fit” in a sentence.

  • Subtract and add marks as you deem fit.
  • The President always assigns anyone to the post as he deems fit.
  • The student will be happy to know what the Examiner deems fit for the question.
  • The way he eats his food is as he deems fit.
  • An Attorney might be informed to prepare his bill as he deems fit, based on his experience with other clients.

Do “Deem Fit” And “See Fit” Mean The Same?

“Deem fit” and “See fit” are very synonymous, and they can be used interchangeably. Deem fit appears to be more formal and official, while “see fit” appears to be more informal. “Deem fit” can be a legal term while “see fit” is not.

The interchangeable use of both phrases helps to make sentences more engaging. It also ensures that unnecessary repetition and boredom are avoided in the sentences. Likewise, it makes the message that is being passed through the sentence to be clear and vivid enough to be understandable by the readers.

Is It “Deem Fit” Or “Deemed Fit”?

“Deem fit” and “deemed fit” are both grammatically correct. However, “deem fit” is used the most as compared to “deemed fit”. The word “Deemed” is mostly used as a passive voice in a sentence; this is because it can only be used as a past tense or past participle.

As observed in the Google Ngram Viewer graph, the blue line represents the usage of “deem fit,” which shows that it has been used predominantly over the years and has given a clear notion that it is preferably used. Nevertheless, “Deemed fit” is currently the most used phrase.

deem fit or deemed fit

“Deem Fit” – Synonyms

To make the definition and usage of this phrase more understandable, you have to understand other words that can be used in place of it.

The following phrases can be used in place of deemed fit in a sentence:

  • It sees fit
  • Deemed necessary
  • Deems appropriate
  • Considers appropriate
  • Deem useful.