How to Respond to “I’m Proud of You”

There are many reasons why someone might tell you they’re proud of you. What you need to know is how to respond when they do.

Luckily, you have options! And this article will explore all of the appropriate responses.

  • That means the world to me
  • Thank you for supporting me
  • I’m glad to have you in my corner
  • I couldn’t have done this without you
  • Keep believing in me, and I’ll make you even prouder
  • I tried my best
  • You’ve made my day
  • I value your opinion
  • I appreciate the sentiment

Keep reading to learn how to respond to “I’m proud of you” when someone says it. You can also review the examples provided.

1. That Means the World to Me

When a girl says “I’m proud of you,” you could reply with “that means the world to me.” It’s a loving and kind phrase that shows how much someone’s kind words mean to you.

We recommend using it to show true love and emotion toward your partner. It’s best to use it on a girlfriend or boyfriend to let them know how much they mean to you.

After all, our partners are there to support us. So, we need to show them how much we appreciate them when they let us know how proud they are.

You can also review the following examples:

  • That means the world to me, and I can’t thank you enough for saying that. You’re so sweet.
  • Thank you, that means the world to me. You always seem to know the right thing to say.

2. Thank You for Supporting Me

You can reply with “thank you for supporting me” when your family is proud of you. It’s a great choice if your parents have said “I’m proud of you,” as it shows that you trust and value their support.

Parents are there to support you. So, you should always share your appreciation when they’re in your corner.

Never take your parents for granted. If they’re proud of you, and you feel like you’re succeeding, it’s likely because they did something to get you where you are today.

Here are some great examples to help you understand it:

  • Thank you for supporting me. I don’t think I’d be able to do any of this without you in my corner.
  • I’m so grateful that you’re here with me. Thank you for supporting me, and I’ll continue to make you proud.

3. I’m Glad to Have You in My Corner

Maybe your siblings have said “I’m proud of you” after you participated in a competition. That’s certainly a caring way to show you how much you mean to them.

So, it’s only fair to return the favor.

“I’m glad to have you in my corner” is a great response when talking to siblings. It shows that you value their support and encouragement.

We recommend it when you have a strong bond with your siblings. You’ll likely make them cry (happy tears, of course) when you say something like this and truly mean it.

Check out these examples to see how it works:

  • I’m glad to have you in my corner. You’ve always been so supportive, and I want to show you how much I care.
  • I’m glad to have you in my corner. No parents come close to how supportive you’ve been.

4. I Couldn’t Have Done This Without You

You could say “I couldn’t have done this without you” when a guy says “I’m proud of you.” It’s a loving and positive response that works well in most contexts.

You should try using it the next time your boyfriend or girlfriend says they’re proud of you. It shows that you couldn’t achieve greatness without them.

It’s a great way to thank someone for supporting and accepting you as you are. It implies that without your romantic partner backing you, you wouldn’t achieve half of the things you have.

Check out these examples to help you:

  • I couldn’t have done this without you, Milo. You’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.
  • Thank you for saying that! I couldn’t have done this without you, though. You’re so perfect.

5. Keep Believing in Me, and I’ll Make You Even Prouder

If your family has said they’re proud of you, you could reply “keep believing in me, and I’ll make you even prouder.” This alternative has two parts to it.

The first part comes from “keep believing in me.” It’s a positive message that shows you appreciate your family’s support.

It also implies that your family always believes in you, and you truly appreciate them for that.

The second part is “I’ll make you even prouder.” It means you will continue to do great things as long as your family is always behind you.

It’s an excellent way to let your family know how impactful they are in your life.

We also recommend the following examples:

  • Thank you so much! Keep believing in me, and I’ll make you even prouder. I won’t let you down.
  • Keep believing in me, and I’ll make you even prouder. I know I have so much more to give.

6. I Tried My Best

Another great response to “I’m proud of you” is “I tried my best.” However, it works a little differently this time.

You should only use it when replying to your family. It shows you put as much effort in as possible, even if it didn’t amount to anything special.

Your family is there to love and care for you, no matter what.

While this phrase is a little unconfident, it still shows you tried. So, your family will be happy to see that you’re putting the work in, even if it didn’t come to anything.

The following examples will also demonstrate how it works:

  • I tried my best with it. I’m glad that you’re still proud of me, even if I don’t think I did the best job.
  • Well, I tried my best, so I’m grateful that you said that. I always knew I could count on your support.

7. You’ve Made My Day

If your partner has let you know they’re proud of you, you need to return the positivity. After all, “I’m proud of you” is a loving phrase, and you must share the love.

So, try using “you’ve made my day” as a positive phrase in response to “I’m proud of you.”

It lets your romantic partner know that they’ve made you feel a lot better.

We recommend using it when you’re close to your partner and want them to know how much they mean to you. After all, if they’re proud of you, it’s likely you’re proud of them just as much. It’s worth sharing that!

Perhaps these examples will help you:

  • You’ve made my day, as always! Thank you so much for being here for me and getting me through it.
  • Of course, you’ve made my day again! You’re so sweet for saying such loving things to me.

8. I Value Your Opinion

Let’s finish up with a few professional alternatives to keep things well-rounded. You could reply “I value your opinion” when your boss says “I’m proud of you.”

For instance, you may have handed in a particularly impressive project. Or maybe you completed something for a client that received a really positive review.

Whatever the case, your boss may want to let you know you did a good job.

“I value your opinion” is a great way to thank your employer without being too friendly or personal. It’s a good formal option that keeps things sincere and respectful.

If you’re still unsure, refer to the following email sample:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I value your opinion, and it’s really nice to hear you say that. Thank you so much for reaching out to tell me.

All the best,
Sean Tights

9. I Appreciate the Sentiment

Another great formal response to “I’m proud of you” is “I appreciate the sentiment.”

You can use it when thanking coworkers for saying “I’m proud of you.” When emailing them, “I appreciate the sentiment” keeps things polite and professional to let them know how much you appreciate their words.

There are plenty of reasons why a coworker might be proud of you. As long as you’re happy to hear it, you can use “I appreciate the sentiment” to keep things civil.

You can also review the following email example:

Dear Andrew,

I appreciate the sentiment. It helps to have someone like you in my corner to get through projects like this.

Best wishes,
Sammy Rogers