10 Good Synonyms For “Hard-Working” On Your Resumé

We always want to write our resumés to impress the people who might be hiring us. That’s why it’s a good idea to use words like “hard-working” to show what you can do. This article will explore some alternatives that might work well in place of “hard-working.

Good Synonyms For Hard-Working On Your Resumé

The preferred version is “diligent.” It’s the best way to show that you work hard while also showing a potential employer that you perform to the best of your abilities. Diligent workers are usually some of the most desirable workers to hire.


“Diligent” is the best way to show you work hard. We can use it to show that you put a lot of care, thought, and effort into the work you complete. It’s always impressive to see this from an employer’s perspective.

The definition of “diligent,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “careful and using a lot of effort.”

  • I consider myself to be a very diligent worker. My motto is always to be the hardest working employee in the room.
  • I’m diligent, and I know when I’ve made mistakes. I’ll happily work through them to make sure they don’t happen whenever they arise.
  • I like being diligent. It allows me to show what I’m capable of, and it’s always a good way to show my boss that I’m worth my wage.


“Industrious” is also a good choice. We use this one to mean that we work hard regularly. It comes from the root word “industry,” which shows that it has strong roots in business contexts already.

The definition of “industrious,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “regularly working very hard.”

  • I’m very industrious. I look for opportunities that will help me to expand my knowledge or understanding of the workload.
  • My industrious nature gets me through the working day. I will always find things to keep myself busy with because I know I can.
  • It’s good to be industrious. I like to be proactive and work through things even when I’m not asked to.


“Assiduous” is great because there aren’t many cases where you might find it used in English. This would impress a potential employer because it shows that you have a great grasp of the English language and that you’re willing to try out interesting words.

Being assiduous means that you work hard and pay attention to detail. Both of these qualities are ideal when hiring a new candidate.

The definition of “assiduous,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “showing hard work, care, and attention to detail.”

  • I am assiduous when it comes to working. I want to make sure I offer the best value for money to my employer whenever I’m around.
  • My assiduous characteristics make me a great hire. I’m worth looking into, and I’ll always find ways to keep myself busy.
  • I’m very assiduous. I believe this trait comes across on normal working days, and I’m ready to start applying myself to more important things.


“Persevering” shows that you do not quit. While not as direct as some of the other choices, it’s great in a resumé because it shows you will not give in.

 This is a great trait in a workplace because many people tend to get swamped under pressure, thus resulting in worse work.

The definition of “persevering,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “having the quality of continuing to make an effort to do or achieve something, even when this is difficult or takes a long time.”

  • My persevering attitude is what got me through college. Now that I have my degree, I’m ready for a job that challenges it.
  • It’s good to be persevering. It gives me a chance to prove to everyone that I know what I’m doing at any given moment.
  • I’m persevering at the best of times. I make sure to always keep up with the tough workload, no matter what is asked of me.


“Studious” is a great way to show that you have good attention to detail. It also shows that you work hard because you’re paying attention to the finer details. The more you can spot the problems in the smaller details, the better your overall work will be.

The definition of “studious,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “very careful or paying attention to all the small details.”

  • I think it’s good to be studious. It shows character, and it makes me look like a much more impressive hire overall.
  • I want to be more studious. That’s why I’ve started taking courses to learn how to pay more attention to the finer details.
  • I’m very studious. I often pick apart the tasks I work on to make sure I’ve covered every possible angle before handing anything in.


“Untiring” is a simple choice. In a resumé, we can use it to show that we never back down from a challenging task. Being “Untiring” implies that you do not “weaken.” In a working context, this means you will keep going until you either finish or are told to stop.

The definition of “untiring,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “If someone has untiring energy, interest, or enthusiasm, their energy, interest, or enthusiasm never becomes weaker.”

  • I’m untiring at work. I never back down from a challenge, and I’ll always be happy to head any projects you might have.
  • It’s good to be untiring. I think it pays to let everyone know that you’re the hardest working person in the room.
  • I think I’m untiring when it counts. That’s why you’ll always find me working through tasks in a persistent and diligent manner.


“Energetic” shows that you have a lot of energy in your character. This works well in a resumé because it shows a potential employer that you’re always looking for excuses to use that energy.

To some people, being energetic might seem a bit much. If you’re overly chatty or active, then maybe “energetic” isn’t the best word to describe yourself.

We’re strictly applying it to your capacity to work hard in this article.

The definition of “energetic,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “having or involving a lot of energy.”

  • I’m known as the energetic one in the office. I’ll be the one working the hardest toward completing certain tasks throughout the week.
  • I want to be the most energetic version of myself. I think it’s good to challenge yourself while at work.
  • I’m very energetic. If you ever have anything you need to do, I’ll be the guy to get that done for you.


“Enthusiastic” is another great choice. It’s a step up from “energetic” in some cases because it doesn’t come with the same negatives as being chatty. Instead, it just shows that you care about your work, and you’ll always find ways to show that off.

The definition of “enthusiastic,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and an eagerness to be involved in it.”

  • I’m very enthusiastic. I always make sure to show my employers that I’m working hard because I know they’ll appreciate that.
  • It pays to be enthusiastic. I may not love my job, but I work hard. That diligence proves itself time and again.
  • I want to be more enthusiastic. I wish I could find a job that would allow me to spread my wings and show off my hard work.


“Driven” is always a good choice. You can use this in a resumé to share many different characteristics about yourself. In this case, it means you’re hard-working because you’re always looking for ways to achieve goals.

These goals are often created once work has been completed. So, you know that when you work hard, you get the goals you’re looking for out of your job.

The definition of “driven,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “so determined to achieve something or be successful that all of their behavior is directed towards this aim.”

  • I’m driven at work. I always work hard, and I won’t hand in a single project until I’m convinced that I’ve covered every angle.
  • It’s good to be driven when you can be. It shows you’re a hard worker, and many employers will look at you kindly.
  • I’m a driven person. When I put my mind to a task, I don’t stop until it’s completed. It’s both my biggest strength and weakness.


“Zealous” is a synonym for “enthusiastic.” We can use it to show that we are excited about work. Often, it applies when we enjoy the work we do, and we will work hard as a result of that enjoyment.

The definition of “zealous,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “enthusiastic and eager.”

  • I’m somewhat zealous when it comes to my workload. I always make sure to be the hardest working person around.
  • I have a zealous character, and I’m ready to share that with you. I want you to see how well I can work under pressure.
  • It’s good to be a little zealous in the workplace. It shows that you’re diligent, and you’ll work as hard as the next man if you need to.

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