11 Best Synonyms for “Can-Do Attitude” on Your Resume

“Can-do attitude” is a great one to include in your resume, but some people think it’s a bit immature. That’s why this article will explore some good synonyms you can use to replace this. If you want your resume to pop, you should check out the following alternatives.

Best Synonyms for Can-do Attitude resume

The preferred synonyms are “eager,” “willing,” and “gung-ho.” These work well to describe your attitude in your CV as positive, energetic, and passionate. If you want to show that you care about your job and deserve to be hired, these words work a treat.


“Eager” works really well because it shows that you’re keen to learn and put in the work. This is always a trait that employers look for in their potential hires.

The definition of “eager,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “wanting very much to do or have something, especially something interesting or enjoyable.”

  • I’m very eager, and that says a lot about my character. I always want to impress people, and I think that comes across.
  • I love the eager approach I take to my job. No matter what my position is, I will always do my best to show people that I’m worth it.
  • I’m eager to please, and I think that helps me achieve the goals I want in my life. I’m sure you’ll see that soon enough.


“Willing” means you’re open to new ideas and challenges. If someone presents you with a challenge, you will be “willing” to do it, which is a great synonym for a “can-do attitude.”

The definition of “willing,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a willing person does their work energetically and enthusiastically.”

  • Of course, I’m willing to take on any challenge. I have yet to be set a task that I found impossible to achieve in my former jobs.
  • I am always willing, and I’m ready to show that off. I can’t wait to get a chance to prove myself at another company such as yours.
  • If you’re not willing to work hard, why are you working? That’s the motto that I live by, and I think it shows in my work ethic.


“Gung-ho” is a great choice to show that you are enthusiastic and ready to try hard. It originates from people going to war but has since become a strong business term to refer to hard-working young people.

The definition of “gung-ho,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “extremely enthusiastic about doing something, especially going to war.”

  • My gung-ho attitude gets me through life just fine. I love working and meeting new people and teaming up with them.
  • I think I’m very gung-ho in all the good ways. I have a lot of patience at my job and like to test my limits.
  • I’m gung-ho, and I like that. I will always outperform my colleagues because I’m willing to put extra work in to achieve perfection.


“Enthusiastic” is a simple and often overused word in a resume. You can use it to show that you enjoy what you do and want the world to see what you’re capable of.

The definition of “enthusiastic,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “showing enthusiasm.”

  • I’m enthusiastic at the best of times, allowing me to put my all into my work. I hope that comes across in the interview.
  • I would say that enthusiasm is my best quality. I bring it with me wherever I go, and I enjoy showing people how much I care.
  • It pays to be enthusiastic. Everything in life needs a bit of enthusiasm, and I take that energy with me daily to work.


“Optimistic” means you look positively to the future. If you believe in what you can achieve and you work hard, you might be an optimist. It relates to a “can-do attitude “because it shows there isn’t a thing that frightens you relating to your future.

The definition of “optimistic,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “hoping or believing that good things will happen in the future.”

  • I’m optimistic, and I know what I’m worth. I believe that good things will come your way if you put the work in.
  • It helps me to be optimistic because it allows me to believe in myself. I love getting a chance to show other people what I can do.
  • I’m optimistic because it’s the best way to be. It allows me to demonstrate to my employer that I’m ready to take on any challenge.


“Overachieving” works well in a resume. It shows that you can achieve a great deal with minimal effort compared to your peers. This is a great trait that employers look for, showing that you put the work in.

The definition of “overachieving,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “to do more than is expected or be more successful than others.”

  • Some would say that I’m an overachiever, but I say that I’m achieving exactly as much as I need to get to where I want to be.
  • My overachieving attitude has helped me climb the ranks in my previous jobs. I think that shows based on my experience.
  • I am an overachiever and like to show the world what I can do. I hope you’ll give me a chance to show you as well.


“Passionate” shows that you care about your work. If you believe in what you do and have very strong feelings about it, you will find that “passionate” is a great way to describe your characteristics.

The definition of “passionate,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “having very strong feelings or emotions.”

  • I am one of the most passionate employees you’ll ever meet. I give every job I do 110%, and I won’t stop at anything less.
  • I’m passionate because I know I’m good at what I do. That’s why I often come across as slightly more arrogant than most.
  • I would love to show you my passionate side while I’m working. I think it’s helped me to achieve things that others have not.


“Confident” is very common in CVs, so you need to be careful with it. Nevertheless, it works really well when you’re trying to show that you’re capable of things that other people simply can’t do.

The definition of “confident,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans, or the future.”

  • I like being confident in myself and my work habits. This attitude has allowed me to do things I didn’t originally think possible.
  • I’m confident in my abilities. If you give me a chance here, I’ll show you what I can do. You only need to hire me.
  • I am very confident, and that attitude comes across at work. I’m ready to show everyone what I can do.


“Determined” is a great word that many employers look for. It shows that you have a “can-do spirit” and are ready to show it to the world. It will elevate you in the eyes of your potential employers.

The definition of “determined,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “wanting to do something very much and not allowing anyone or any difficulties to stop you.”

  • I’m determined to do my best, and I think that comes across. I work really hard to do what I can, and I would love to show you that.
  • My determined attitude is all I need in life. It gets me through even the most difficult of challenges. I’ll show you what I mean.
  • I’m very determined, and I always get what I want. That attitude allows me to push for job roles like this one.

Burning Desire

“Burning desire” works well in some cases. You can use “burning” as a modifier to show that you simply can’t think of anything but how much you enjoy your work. Some people would argue that this is a little too childish or over the top, though.

The definition of “desire,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “to want something, especially strongly.”

  • My burning desire helps me to do things better than most people I know. It allows me to demonstrate to others what I’m capable of.
  • I have a burning desire in the business world. Now is my chance to show people what I can do. So, let me show you.
  • My burning desire is sometimes overwhelming! I always want to do my best and stop at nothing to get that.

Do Or Die

“Do or die” is an idiom you can use as a synonym. It allows you to show that you have a positive attitude related to taking on challenges. You will take the biggest risks to make sure you succeed, even if you know it might result in failure (which you can learn from).

The definition of “do or die,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “said when you are in a situation in which you must take a big risk in order to avoid failure.”

  • I have a do-or-die attitude, and it gets me through life. I love giving everything my best shot. If I’m not failing, I’m not trying.
  • I am do or die in everything I do. I believe that if you’re met with a challenge, you should do everything you can to overcome it.
  • You need to be do or die in the world. That’s what I believe. I believe you should keep trying until you can’t try any longer.