Doggy or Doggie – Which Spelling Is Correct? (Examples)

In times when people seem to get more connected with their pets, it’s not a surprise that we’d start using cute words to refer to them. “Doggy” and “Doggie” are good examples of that, which have been used recently to address dogs.

But which form is correct? Let’s find out.

Doggy or Doggie – Which Spelling Is Correct?

“Doggy” and “Doggie” are both acceptable childish and endearing ways to describe a dog, especially a small one. As part of the trend that pets are becoming more and more part of the family, cute names like this have become common. “Doggy” and “Doggie” shouldn’t be used in formal settings.

doggy or doggie

Take a look at the examples:

  • The kid loved his doggy, Nemo.
  • The kid loved his doggie, Nemo.
  • Diana has a huge German shepherd she describes as her doggy.
  • Diana has a huge German shepherd she describes as her doggie.

“Doggy” and “Doggie” are informal, very casual ways to describe a dog. It’s not meant to be serious or formal, but fun and light.

If you’re addressing a formal audience, the words “Doggy” and “Doggie” aren’t appropriate and should be avoided. Keep that in mind, when deciding how to describe a dog – yours, or someone else’s.

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“Doggy” is an endearing way to address a dog. It’s meant to be fun and light, and not formal and serious. “Doggy” is how owners often address their dogs, who they love. It can also describe a small dog or be used when we meet a new dog.

The Cambridge Dictionary simply states that a “Doggy” is a dog. We agree that all dogs can be called “Doggy”.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

  1. Hank’s doggy is so cute!
  2. The children had been asking for a doggy, so we got them one.
  3. My doggy is named Dory.
  4. Patricia runs a doggy daycare, which must be the best job ever.
  5. The child was drawing a doggy.
  6. This weekend, I’ll pet sit for Hunter’s doggy.


A “Doggie” is a dog, just like a “Doggy”. This word is a childish, but cute, way to address a dog. Its meant to be an informal approach and this word shouldn’t be used in formal environments. Both owners and dog lovers use the word “Doggie”.

Just like “Doggy”, The Cambridge Dictionary defines “Doggie” as a dog. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s go over some examples:

  1. Jean’s sons begged her to let them get a doggie.
  2. Good morning, sir. Can we pet the doggie?
  3. Are there any doggie bags in this park?
  4. Doggies make the best pets.
  5. Paul has an emotional support doggie.
  6. I’ve told my doggie that I’m going to get her another doggie to keep her company.

Although “Doggy” and “Doggie” are often used to indicate a small dog, it’s common sense that any dog – regardless of size and age – can be referred to using those words.

Just like a senior dog may continue to be called a puppy by their owners, any dog can be referred to as “Doggy” or “Doggie”.

Which Is Used the Most?

Which of the words is used more often, “Doggy” or Doggie”? Take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below.

doggy or doggie usage

The graph for this comparison is quite interesting. It shows that, first of all, “Doggy” and “Doggie” are used almost the same. “Doggy” seems to be slightly more used, but it’s not a huge difference at all. We consider that both words have the same usage.

Second, both words, “Doggy” and “Doggie” have been following the same trend over time. And both have seen a huge increase in use, especially after 1990 – which coincides with the time around which dogs started to be treated more like a family members in many places.

The fact that both words are equally used confirms that you can choose you’re favorite, between “Doggy” and “Doggie”, because both are correct and acceptable.

Final Thoughts

“Doggy” and “Doggie” are childish, endearing ways to address a dog. It’s a cute, funny way that should be used only in informal settings. Both owners and dog lovers use the words “Doggy” and “Doggie” and you can use them too if you feel comfortable.