Convertor or Converter – Which Spelling Is Correct?

What’s the correct way to spell the following word: “Convertor” or “Converter”? Take a moment to think about which of the forms you feel more comfortable with and believe is correct.

We want to know which form is acceptable, as well as when and how to use this word.

Convertor or Converter – Which Spelling Is Correct?

“Convertor” and “Converter” are alternate spellings for the same word. Both are correct and acceptable. Both forms can be used. “Converter” (or “Convertor”) is a machine capable of changing into a different form. It seems that “Converter” is a more common form of it, but “Convertor” is also correct.

convertor or converter

Take a look at some examples:

  • The convertor was not particularly efficient.
  • The converter was not particularly efficient.
  • Can you please check if the converter is turned upright?
  • Can you please check if the converter is turned upright?

Take a close look at the examples. In the sentences, “Convertor” and “Converter” work perfectly fine. As those forms are just alternate spellings of the same word, they are interchangeable. It means you can choose and use the one that you’re most comfortable with.


“Convertor” is an alternate way to spell the word “Converter”. “Conversion” is how we name the process of converting something from one thing to another. A “Convertor” is the device or process that performs the process of “Conversion”.

In other words, a “Convertor” is the thing that converts into something else or that converts another item into something different. The Cambridge Dictionary confirms that “Convertor” and “Converter” are just alternate ways to spell the same word.

Take a look at the examples that use the form “Convertor”:

  1. Catalytic convertors are commonly stolen.
  2. Is this a convertor? I need someone to explain it to me.
  3. The energy convertor will come in handy.
  4. During the power outage, the convertor was damaged.
  5. Have you ever heard about a digital convertor?
  6. We need a convertor, in order to make the production line move faster.


“Converter” is the most common form for this word, that indicates a machine that can converts other things. This word has a very simple meaning, but it presents more than one form of spelling: “Converter” I can also be spelled as “Convertor”.

According to The Cambridge Dictionary this is the definition of “Converter”: “a machine or device that changes something into a different form”.

Here are some examples that include the word “Converter”:

  1. I don’t think the converter working, so we should check.
  2. The signal converter is faulty.
  3. The catalytic converter in cars is a mandatory device in many states.
  4. John was called in to repair the converter.
  5. Currency converters can be helpful when visiting other countries.
  6. It shouldn’t be hard to find a convertor to adjust the machine to local standards.

“Converter” can often be a technical word, used in manuals or instructions, for example. It’s also technical in the sense that it would likely pop up more in an professional environment.

However, it’s a word that works for simple daily things to, and that you can incorporate to your vocabulary in any of its forms, “Converter” or “Convertor”.

Which Is Used the Most?

Which of the words is used more often, “Convertor” or “Converter”? Let’s take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below, to figure out.

convertor or converter usage

“Converter” is the most commonly used form. For some reason, this form seems to be used more often than “Converter”. In fact, the difference in usage between “Converter” and “Convertor” is quite impressive.

Although “Convertor” is a correct alternate form of the word “Converter”, it seems to be barely used.

Some people might argue that perhaps one form would be more common in the US, while the other would be more common the UK. However, this isn’t the case here. In both countries, for both American English and British English speakers, the prevalent form is “Converter”.

Final Thoughts

“Converter” and “Convertor” are alternate forms for the same word. You can use both and will still be understood. They refer to a device that changes a thing into something different, in a process called “Conversion”. “Converter” is the most common form, but either is acceptable.