Customer’s or Customers’? Correct Possessive (Helpful Examples)

“Customer’s” is the possessive form of singular noun ‘customer’. In English grammar, possessives are used to indicate relations and possessions between people and things. In order to make possessive form of a singular word, we generally add an apostrophe + s (‘s) with that word; the possessive form of the word ‘customer’ will be customer’s.

“Customers’” is the possessive form of plural noun ‘customers’.  In English grammar, possessives are used to indicate relations and possessions between people and things. In order to make possessive form of a plural word, we generally add an apostrophe (‘) at the end of that word; the possessive form of the plural noun ‘customers’ will be customers’.

Should I use Customer’s or Customers’?

Customer’s should be used if you are talking about a single customer and his possessions. For example: My customer’s order will be delivered soon. On the other hand, if you are talking about more than one customer then you must use customers’. For example: More than 600 customers’ orders are ready.

Singular possessiveCustomer’s
Plural possessiveCustomers’
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10 examples of how to use Customer’s in a sentence

  1. I am very busy these days because I have to deliver my customer’s order and I don’t want to miss it otherwise he will not pay me.
  2. Julie is an expert worker; she knows how to deal with every single customer’s demand, I am going to give her a bonus this time.
  3. If you have the ability to work hard then you are able to fulfill this customer’s project, otherwise it will be troublesome for you to sign such a challenging project and it will be unwelcoming for our company as well.
  4. This customer’s demands are quite confusing and she always forces me to repeat the task several times, I am fed up with her attitude and she is not cooperative.
  5. I will give you some tips about dealing with customers; when you follow these tips you will notice a positive attitude from your customer’s side.
  6. My customer’s mother is such a humble lady, she always pay me extra when she come to our restaurant and I always love to see her in our restaurant.
  7. I have seen her customer’s feedback on her profile, I wish to have such customers who really think about the workers; Julie is lucky to have such customers.
  8. My customer’s feedbacks are always positive, he really cares about me and last time he left some extra money for me.
  9. Customer’s demands are so high, I don’t know how to accomplish this milestone; I must contact Adam for some tips because he is an expert to deal with such customers.
  10. I know my customer’s choice; he always demands creative work and his topics are always unique and critical. I love to work with such customers.

 5 examples of how to use Customers’ in a sentence

  1. Customers’ satisfaction is our first priority; our products are organic and we always serve unique and natural products from our own farms; we take care about the immunity of our customers.
  2. Customers’ suggestions are always welcome because they suggest us the trending products and it always helps us to serve best products to our customers.
  3. She is a great girl who always recommends our restaurant to a lot of new customers and we have some commendable customers’ reviews on our profile.
  4. Customers’ reviews are always helpful for the new workers, try to build a good relation with your customers and communication must be clear and fluent.
  5. Her suggestions and customers’ feedbacks will strengthen your profile; always contact her before starting any new project.

Quiz: Have you mastered Customer’s vs Customers’?

Correct answers can be seen under the next heading

  1. (A. customer’s /B. customers’) reviews will help you to achieve your job success, always keep in mind to build great relations with them.
  2. (A. customer’s /B. customers’) feedback was not so good, I want to quit this job and she is not a cooperative customer.
  3. (A. customer’s /B. customers’) support program is available on our company profile; you can take help from it.
  4. We have a lot of products and choices for our customers and we take care of our (A. customer’s /B. customers’) health.
  5. Next time you must be careful while taking (A. customer’s /B. customers’) reviews, it is always important for our company.
  6. You will not receive good orders if previous (A. customer’s /B. customers’) feedbacks are not positive on your profile!
  7. Don’t hesitate to receive (A. customer’s /B. customers’) reviews and if they give you poor reviews then be ready to face the music!
  8. Anna is always open to her (A. customer’s /B. customers’) reviews because she is working with him from the starting day of her job.

 Answers to the quiz on Customer’s vs Customers’

  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B
  6. B
  7. B
  8. A

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