10 Better Ways To Say “Under Guidance”

We often mention that we are “under guidance” when we are working directly with someone to appropriately or effectively finish a task, paper, etc. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with saying we are “under guidance”, we would often prefer to be aware of usable alternate terms.

What Can I Say Instead Of “Under Guidance”?

Throughout this article, we will be exploring alternative terms to saying we are “under guidance”. We will look at all of the term’s particular definitions, appropriate use, and more. The particular terms we will be going over are:

  • With Assistance
  • In Collaboration
  • Supervised By
  • Sponsored By
  • Under Leadership
  • Under Tutorship
  • Directed By
  • Under the Tutelage
  • Counselled By
  • Instructed By
Better Ways To Say “Under Guidance”

The preferred version to our original statement is “with assistance”. This is because “with assistance” carries a very consistent meaning to “under guidance”. However, when we say “with assistance” we are expressing that more hands-on help or strong advice was given to us, as opposed to mere information.

With Assistance

Cambridge Dictionary defines “assistance” as helping someone. We often see someone accomplish something “with assistance” through the means of financial backing, supplied resources, and other additional forms of help. Therefore, to do something “with assistance” mean to accomplish a task by receiving the necessary help.

When we admit to completing a task “with assistance”, this is generally considered a transparent and respectable thing to do. Had we not confirmed that we completed a task “with assistance”, it would have appeared that we had done so by ourselves – which wouldn’t be true.

Here are a few ways we can use this particular term in a sentence:

  • I’ve completed my thesis statement for my Master’s Degree, with assistance from Professor Oak.
  • I was finally able to rewrite and resubmit my essay with assistance from my older sister. I’m so thankful she took the same course last year.
  • The house was built on schedule with assistance from an additional team of carpenters.

In Collaboration

Cambridge Dictionary defines “collaboration” as the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing. Therefore, when we say that we are working “in collaboration” with someone or multiple people, we are expressing that the completed project or task was a group effort.

When we say that we are “in collaboration” with someone, we can also be expressing that this person has greatly assisted us or provided us with the necessary information, etc. Again, this is considered a very appropriate and polite thing to do – especially when we’ve worked with a group, but are submitting the result alone.

For clarity, here are a few examples using this term:

  • The two playwrights and the director all worked in close collaboration with one another on the entirety of the script.
  • He wrote a book in collaboration with the famous author, JK Rowling. How amazing is that?
  • His new song is in collaboration with a K-Pop group from South Korea.

Supervised By

Cambridge Dictionary defines “supervise” as watching a person or activity to make certain that everything is done correctly, safely, etc. Therefore, when we say that we are “supervised by” someone while completing a task, we are expressing that they were watching us ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Often, when we are “supervised by” someone, they are someone who holds an authoritative or senior position over us, like a manager or professor. This is someone who will both closely observe us and intervene to offer necessary directions, as they see fit.

Some examples that we can go over to check out the proper use of this term are:

  • The prisoners are routinely supervised by no less than two correctional officers, at all times.
  • The children are supervised by the teachers and principal during their recess breaks outside.
  • The nursing students are all supervised by a senior registered nurse during their placements throughout the hospital.

Cambridge Dictionary defines “sponsored” as referring to an event in which each person taking part collects promises from people to give them money when they have completed the event. This means that when we are “sponsored by” someone, we are often given finances or resources to assist us in completion.

Although we often associate being “sponsored by” someone as merely a form of financial assistance, this isn’t always the case. Being “sponsored by” someone is also considered to be a form of support and essentially a way to ensure a positive result for us.

This may even be someone who takes responsibility for us, although this is mainly seen in terms of offenders or alcoholics anonymous.

To provide further explanation of how we can utilize “sponsored by”, here are some examples:

  • The entire project associated with my thesis paper was sponsored by my two professors, who are also assisting me.
  • My journey to getting sober starts today, with the benefit of being sponsored by you!
  • Our team’s new uniforms were sponsored by Adidas, but we have to do a PR tour as a return favour.

Under Leadership

Cambridge Dictionary defines “leadership” as the position or fact of being a leader. Therefore, when we say that we have completed something “under leadership”, we are expressing that we were led to our successful finish by someone holding seniority or greater knowledge than ourselves.

When we say that we were “under leadership” of someone, we are depicting that they deserve some credit for our work. This is often in terms of providing help, additional advice, and a watchful eye throughout the process.

To showcase the use of this particular statement, here are a few examples:

  • I was under the leadership of Doctor Montgomery throughout the surgery. It was truly an amazing experience as a new surgery nurse.
  • I was under leadership throughout my thesis project by the wonderful Professor Grant.
  • The company has done well this last quarter, under leadership provided by the new CEO.

Under Tutorship

Cambridge Dictionary defines “tutor” as teaching by working with one student or a small group, especially one which needs special help. Therefore, if we say that we are “under tutorship”, we are expressing that someone has been working with us in order to complete a task, assignment, etc.

When we say that someone is “under tutorship”, it is often because they were entirely unable to finish something themselves. This may be due to a lack of knowledge on a particular subject or an overall lack of resources.

Here are some examples showcasing the use of this term:

  • I was under the tutorship of my professor after my average fell below 50%.
  • I was under tutorship from a teacher’s assistant for most of my second year, don’t feel bad – it’s perfectly normal!
  • He is under tutorship from the management team, they’re hoping to have him trained to be the new supervisor soon.

Directed By

Cambridge Dictionary defines “direct” as to control or be in charge of an activity, organization, etc. Therefore, when we describe that we have been “directed by” someone, we are expressing that we have received instruction or help from someone in charge of us.

Often, when we are “directed by” someone, it is because they are highly experienced at the task which we are completing. Because of this, we know that any advice and information they are providing us is accurate and applicable.

Some examples we can go over that utilize this statement are:

  • Our play was directed by the school music teacher.
  • We were directed by the instructor on how to properly build a birdhouse.
  • We were directed by our dance teacher, who helped us prepare for weeks in advance for the recital.

Under The Tutelage

Cambridge Dictionary defines “tutelage” as help, advice or teaching about how to do something. Therefore, when we say that we were “under the tutelage” of someone, we are expressing that they were essentially our teachers or offered constant advice throughout a task.

When we say we are “under the tutelage” of someone, we can also be describing protection of or authority over someone or something. This is essentially another way of saying that someone had or has guardianship over us in a given situation.

To help clarify, here are a few examples we can go over:

  • I was under the tutelage of my English teacher when it came to submitting my applications for college in the fall.
  • She is under the tutelage of my older sister, as she attempts to help her navigate through her first year of nursing school.
  • He felt extremely privileged to be under the tutelage of a professional actor.

Counselled By

Cambridge Dictionary defines “counsel” as to giving advice, especially on personal or social terms. Therefore, when we express that we are being “counselled by” someone, we are often trying to depict that they are currently giving us advice in an aspect of life.

Often, we are “counselled by” someone in a professional role, who is able to offer us legitimate advice. This is someone who is able to recommend the best course of action or give us appropriate tips.

We will now look over a few examples that highlight this phrase:

  • I was being counselled by a marriage counsellor on how I could appropriately deal with our ongoing issues.
  • She was counselled by an addictions counsellor on how she can effectively quit smoking cigarettes.
  • He was counselled by an attorney on his best course of action to dismiss his present charges.

Instructed By

Cambridge Dictionary defines “instruct” as to order or tell someone to do something, especially in a formal way. Therefore, when we say we are being “instructed by” someone, they are often telling us how we much complete a task, assignment, etc.

We can also consider when someone teaches us a new subject or skill as being “instructed by” them. This means that to be “instructed by” someone is generally considered to be both informative and very helpful.

Lastly, we will go over a few examples of this phrase:

  • He was instructed by the football coach on how to properly kick the ball for a field goal.
  • I was instructed by the drama teacher on how to sing from my diaphragm and not through my nose.
  • She was instructed by her mother on the proper way to find a boyfriend.

What Does “Under Guidance” Mean?

Cambridge Dictionary defines “guidance” as help and advice about how to do something or about how to deal with problems connected with your work, education or personal relationships. Therefore, when we are “under guidance” from someone, they are often assisting us in one or multiple of these facets of life.