30 Best Responses To “I Am Glad You Are Feeling Better”

When we’re unwell, it’s always nice to have someone tell us how happy they are that we are feeling better. But, as lovely as this is, it can be a little confusing to think of a good response.

So today, we’ll look at 30 of the best ways that you can respond when someone says, “I’m glad you’re feeling better”.

1. Thank You

When someone wishes us well, or they’re happy we are well, the best thing to say is often “Thank You”.

There’s nothing funny, overly emotional, or pedantic about it. You’re just using the basic manners you were taught as a child to get straight to the point.

2. Hopefully, I’ll Be Able To Get Back To How It Was Before

When we get sick, it can throw a spanner in our life. One day we’re happy and upbeat, and the next, we’re bedbound. When you get better, all you want is to get back to how you were before.

It might take longer than a day. But before you know it, you will go back to being yourself once again.

3. I’m A Little Bit Better

It’s always lovely when we’re ill, and we suddenly get better. But, most of the time, it doesn’t work like that. We start off being better the next day, and as time goes on, we slowly get back to normal. Don’t pretend like you are cured of all your ills if you’re not.

4. Oh, I Was Never Ill

For one reason or another, some people might assume we’re ill when we’re not. This could be because we missed work so we could go fishing. Or it could just be that they hadn’t seen us in a while. There is no point in trying to get false sympathy. So just be honest and let them know that you are feeling better.

5. At Least For Now. It’ll Probably Come Back Soon

Are you the kind of person who gets sick often? As much as you would like this to be the end, you know it’s not. You know it’s nothing more than a slight pause. And before long, you’ll be back to being sick.

Even if you know, it will come back, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the slight pause.

6. I’m Glad I’m Feeling Better Too

It looks as though both of you are happy. You didn’t like being stuck in bed, too ill to do anything, throwing up every 30 minutes. It’s not a pleasant state to be in.

So, when you’re out of that situation, there is nothing wrong with letting other people know that you’re happy about it.

7. So Is My Family

When we become ill, our families often get concerned with us. They worry and sometimes over-worry about how poorly we might be.

So, when you get better, your family will be happy to see you back to being yourself again and being happy.

Just like you’re usually happy when a family member feels better.

8. Same. Although I Have A Lot Of Poop To Clean Now

One side effect of being ill is often diarrhea. We spend more time than usual on the toilet. And this can be nasty. But, the next day, if you feel better, one of your jobs will have to be to clean up the toilet.

It’s not a pleasant job, but it needs to be done.

9. Not Sure About Better. I’d Say More Like Less Worse

To be “better” could be interpreted to mean “back to normal”. And maybe you’re not quite there yet. Sure, you might not be stuck in bed, but it may be a while before you’re back to normal again. Even if you aren’t entirely better yet, at least you’re not as bad as you used to be.

That is something to be happy about.

10. I’m Not, Actually. But I’m Pretending To Be

Perhaps you don’t feel better. But you do feel stronger. Your stomach still hurts, and your head is still throbbing. But, despite this, you have work to do. A family to take care of. Money to make.

Sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself won’t do anything. But, the best you can do is pretend like you’re okay and just keep on moving.

11. Best Keep Some Distance Just In Case I Pass Something On

Even if you don’t think you’re doing that badly, there is still a chance you’re carrying some kind of bug. People all over will be able to breathe it in and get sick themselves. ‘

If you want to be safe, let other people know to keep their distance from you.

12. Thank You For Being Thoughtful

They didn’t have to think about you and wish you good health. But they did.

When people do things for you, like this, you should thank them.

Even though they might not usually care about you, they have done this time. And for that, you owe them a thank you.

13. I Appreciate Your Concern

Sure, you could argue that being concerned about someone doesn’t do much. But it’s much better than not caring about anything or anyone.

If you have managed to occupy some thought in someone else’s mind, you should be grateful. Vocalize your appreciation, and let them know how happy you are.

14. Are You, Though?

They say they’re happy that you’re better. But you have an inkling they’re not. They’re probably just saying that because they want to appear polite. Or because they want something from you.

But you’re not quite as stupid as they think. You can see through their tricks.

15. I’m Not. I Was Much Happier Being Sick And In Bed.

There is a LOT wrong with being sick. But that’s not to say there’s nothing right with it. Instead of having to work, run about, worry about everything, you can take this chance to just stay in bed all day, get some extra sleep, and maybe watch cartoons.

16. Me Too, People Have Died From This Disease

Some diseases (such as Corona) can kill people. If you’ve caught it and survived, you ought to consider yourself lucky. If you could have narrowly avoided death.

When you know you could have died, but you didn’t, you should take some time to appreciate just how fortunate you have been.

17. Well, Of Course, I’m Better. It Was Only A Cold. Not Bubonic Plague

There are other illnesses, such as the common cold, that you are almost certain to recover from. Sure, you had a sniffly nose for a bit, but you always knew it wouldn’t last, and you’d be back to normal in no time.

They shouldn’t be concerned about you because it’s not like you ever had anything life-threatening.

18. I Might Be Feeling Better. But That Doesn’t Mean I Am Better

Maybe you don’t have a stomach or headache anymore. But, that does not mean you are suddenly running around again. Perhaps this virus has given you side effects that will take longer than usual to get rid of.

For example, perhaps you now get short of breath easily and can’t be as physically active as you used to be.

19. I’m Only Better Because Of All The Drugs I’ve Taken

When you’re ill, you take drugs. Nothing hardcore. Just paracetamol, and that kind of thing. The virus is still in your body, but you don’t feel quite as groggy as you did before because of the drugs. All you need to do is pretend your body is doing as good as it feels.

20. I’m Only Better Because Of This New Diet I’m On

The age-old saying is “you are what you eat”, and there is some truth to that. If you eat a good diet, your mood will also be good.

Maybe your underlying health issues are still there, but because you are eating plenty of veg, you are now in a better position to do all the stuff you used to do.

21. Let’s Hope It Stays That Way

Who knows if you’re actually better off if the illness is just giving you a small break? The best you can do is hope that it’s the first one.

This doesn’t guarantee anything. But, at least you’re making it clear that you are fully aware it could come back at any time.

22. I’m Glad You’re Glad I’m Feeling Better

You are pretty indifferent as to whether or not you’re sick. But, you can clearly see that the person you’re talking to is happy that you’re better.

If they’re happy, that makes you happy. And more people being happy has to be a good thing.

23. Thank You. But I’m Afraid We Have More Important Matters To Discuss

You know they’re just saying this to avoid speaking about what needs to be spoken about. It’s time to cut the small talk and get straight to what matters.

24. I’m Not. But The Painkillers Are Making It Feel Like I Am.

If it wasn’t for the painkillers, you’d still be bed bound.

25. Actually, My Sense Of Touch Is The Same As It Was Before

In this reply, you’re playing with the definition of “feeling”.

26. Well, I Am Grateful For The Kind Words Of Well-wishing

A slightly formal reply. But it still gets right to the point.

27. Better? Better Would Be If I Were Dead!

How can you be better if you’re still at work?

28. That’s What They All Say.

They’re not the first to say it, and they probably don’t mean it.

29. Then Why Didn’t You Send Me A Card

Interesting. They didn’t seem to care when you actually were sick.

30. I Am Feeling Better. I Felt Your Wife Perfectly Last Night.

Be careful with this one. Don’t say it to anyone important. Or who you like.

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