30 Best Responses To “Have A Great Day”

We all like it when people with a good day upon us. But what do we say in response? In this article, we’ll give you 30 different ways to reply to the common expression “Have a great day”. Some of these are funny, and others are just plain nice.

1. I Have Other Plans (Then Smile Wickedly)

They want you to have a great day. But you are naughty and bad at doing what you’re told. Why shouldn’t you have a bad day? If it annoys them, one bad day will be worth it.

Obviously, this option is a joke.

2. Thanks, You Too

This one is a quick, easy and no-nonsense choice for people who just like to get right to the point. No need for metaphors or clever language. Just say what you want in a short phrase. You’re happy that this person has wished you a good day, but you want the same for them.

3. Oh, I Plan On It!

It’s nice that they’ve wished for you to have a great day. But, you already have a plan in place for a great day. Even without their wishes, you would still have a great day. Let them know that they have wished for something already in motion.

4. No, I Don’t Want To

Is there some law that says every day must be a great day? No, there is not! And no law says this should be a goal.

If you want to be a bit miserable for the day, there is nothing wrong with that.

5. Likewise

Nothing over the top. Or overdramatic.

Just a one-word response to help get your point across. It sounds pretty fancy, but the absence of other words helps it seem more casual.

Maybe use this one if you are in a semi-formal situation, and struggle to think of a reply to “have a great day”.

6. Same To You

Similar to the last one, but with more words. Perhaps better for more casual situations. You know that they want you to have a great day.

And what they have just wished upon you is the name thing that you wish upon them. So it looks like you’ll both have a great day.

7. You Have A Great Day Too

You want them to have a great day too. Because you know that a good day for them will make the universe better.

If both of you have a great day, that will make the other happy. And that has to be a good thing.

8. I’ll Enjoy What’s Left Of It

Some people say, “have a great day”, when your day is almost over. This might sound nice, but there is no point. The “day” that they wish to be great is almost over.

However, even if there is a tiny bit left of the day, you can still enjoy it. And have fun, because it’s what they wanted.

9. Not Sure About Great. But I’ll Certainly Have An Okay Day

It would be nice to have a “great” day. But in reality, an OK day would be good enough.

If nothing goes wrong, you can consider that day a success. Nothing needs to go right. But, as long as nothing goes wrong. What more could you (realistically) ask for?

10. And Why Would I Want To Do That?

Why do they want you to have a good day? Is there some kind of solid argument for you to have a great day?

Try to get to the bottom of what benefit having a great day will have.

Most people will know that you’re not being serious, and you’re just kidding.

11. I Already Did

Is someone saying “have a great day” at the end of the day? It can be annoying. But, let them know that although they are too late, their wish has already been granted, and there is no longer a need for their pleasant thoughts.

This will likely happen when you talk to someone in a different time zone.

12. Take It Easy

Some people like to stress a lot. But, there is no need.

Let them know that they should take it easy. They work hard and need to put their feet up to relax. Don’t be embarrassed about letting them know that you just want them to relax.

13. Take Is Sleazy

If you like the sound of “take it easy” but want to be funny, you could say, “take it sleazy”. And yes, that is something I stole from “The Good Place”.

It’s cute, funny, and charming. It gets across a positive message. But it also conveys you as a friendly and laid back person.

14. Have A Great Life

This one is great for someone you’re talking to online. You know that it’s unlikely you’ll ever speak to them again.

You don’t dislike them. But you don’t like them quite enough to stay in contact. So, wish them a good life.

As long as they’re happy. That’s all that matters.

15. Don’t Work Too Hard

We all know someone who likes to work hard. They feel they need to keep working to prove their value to the world.

But, unlike them, you know that they are already valuable. They have nothing to prove to anyone. Relaxing is a good thing.

16. It Was Already Great When I Woke Up To You

This one only works when you’re talking to your significant other. It might be a bit weird if you say it to a stranger.

The best way to start your day is with the person you love. You know that when you’ve woken up next to them, nothing can ruin your day.

17. I Always Do

Having a good day isn’t something someone needs to wish upon you. Because you’ll do it anyway.

Something about this life makes you want to grab it by the horns. Every day is an excellent day for you.

They’re just being nice. But what they’re wishing has already been granted to you several times over.

18. Right Back At You

It’s cool. It’s casual. And it’s super laid back.

You don’t worry about using “proper English”. Because you would instead just get right to the point.

Their wish is like a laser, and you’re like a mirror. They wished a great day upon you. But you are just reflecting their desire back onto them.

19. Not Sure How. But I’ll Try.

When people say “have a great day”, they don’t give you an instruction booklet to explain how you should have a great day. They just expect you to get it right away.

Even if you aren’t too sure how to have a great day, that won’t stop you from giving it your best shot. After all, just because great days aren’t easy doesn’t mean you can’t try.

20. I Might Do. I Might Not Do. We’ll See

It’s nice that they’ve just wished you to have a great day. But that doesn’t mean you will. It also doesn’t mean you won’t.

You could worry about having a great day, or you could just let the day happen and hope for the best.

21. Let’s Hope The Universe Wishes The Same

They might want you to have a great day. But that doesn’t mean the world wants the same thing. If you are destined to have a bad day, you will have a bad day. Don’t overthink it. Just accept that you might not have a good day.

22. Be Careful What You Wish For

A good day for you might not be what they want. Perhaps for you to have a good day is for you to become emperor of the Earth and enslave all of humanity.

Would they still say “Have a great day” if they knew what a “great day” looked like to you?

23. Well, I’m Working. So That’s Easier Said Than Done

We all have jobs that we don’t want. It’s hard to have a great day when performing a job we hate.

You can try your best. But working when you would rather be dead will not be overly beneficial to you.

24. I’ll Have My Coffee First.

You can’t have a good day without caffeine. Once you’ve had the brown bean water, you’ll be able to enjoy your day. But until then, you’ll just have to live in a state of misery.

Thankfully, it won’t take you long to have a cup.

25. Not In This Economy I Won’t

How can you have a good day when the economy is doing so poorly? You won’t get a house for another ten years. Your job barely covers the bills. You are nowhere near ready for kids.

If the economy is not doing great, just kick back, and realize that you will never have a “great day”.

26. If It’s An Okay Day, I’ll Consider It A Success

A great day is reaching too far. Just settle for okay. That’s better than “terrible”.

27. I Hope You Have An Even Better Than Great Day

Try to on up them. They want your day to be great, but you want theirs to be great plus one.

28. Do You Mean Great As In Good Or Great As In Big?

Play with the two meanings of “great”.

29. You Too, King

“King” is a common name for two men to call each other.

30. Meh, I’m Calling Today A Dud. I’ll Try Again Tomorrow.

We all have those days. Just accept it and move on.

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