12 Good Synonyms for “Sounds Good”

Is “sounds good” your go-to phrase when you want to let someone know you agree with them? If so, it’s probably time that you use an alternative.

Luckily, we’re here to help you with that!

Here are the best synonyms for “sounds good”:

  • Works perfectly
  • Sounds like a plan
  • Sounds like you’ve got it sorted
  • Looking forward to it
  • Excited about it
  • Sure thing
  • I’m happy with that
  • I’m on board
  • Fantastic
  • That’s great
  • Works for me
  • Why not!

In the rest of the article, we’ll show you how to use these other ways to say “sounds good” in your emails and messages. These alternatives work in different contexts, so continue reading to find your new go-to phrase!

1. Works Perfectly

“Works perfectly” shows that you’ve already taken the time to review your own schedule.

If you can use a phrase like this as soon as someone presents an idea or plan to you, it’s a great way to show your enthusiasm.

After all, the quicker you can confirm plans with someone, the better it seems for both parties. You want to come across as enthusiastic and excited; otherwise, you might upset the person who organized it.

Now, here are a few examples of how this synonym for “sounds good” works:

That works perfectly! I can’t wait!

Works perfectly, mate. Thanks for getting it all sorted.

That works perfectly. You’re a good friend for doing all of that, Sarah.

2. Sounds Like a Plan

“Sounds like a plan” is another great way to replace “sounds good.”

“Sounds like a plan” is a common informal phrase we use when someone has arranged an activity or event.

Furthermore, we use it to show our enthusiasm for said activity without being too open about it.

So, if you’re a reserved person, a phrase like this one might be a really good way to show excitement without using too much enthusiasm.

Moreover, many native speakers like this synonym because it allows them to remain calm while also showing just enough excitement to make the organizer happy with the response.

Finally, check out these examples for more information:

Sounds like a plan to me! Thanks for that!

Sounds like a plan! I’ll see you on the weekend to get started, then!

Sounds like a plan! I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll see you again soon.

3. Sounds Like You’ve Got It Sorted

“Sounds like you’ve got it sorted” works when someone else has done all the planning for us.

Sometimes, this phrase doesn’t sound as enthusiastic as other options, but we can use it to agree with someone’s plans, nevertheless.

Moreover, if you’re not too familiar with the person, this phrase works quite well. After all, it does not go overboard with enthusiasm but shows that you appreciate their effort toward making sure the plans are finalized.

Therefore, if you’re looking for how to say “sounds good” professionally, “sounds like you’ve got it sorted” should be your go-to synonym.

Lastly, here are a few examples that show you how you can include this phrase in an email or message:

Sounds like you’ve got it sorted, and I appreciate that.

It sounds like you’ve got it sorted. Thanks for calling the office about it.

It sounds like you’ve got it sorted. I knew I could count on you.

4. Looking Forward to It

“Looking forward to it” works both formally and informally as another way to say “sounds good.”

We can use it to show our enthusiasm for an upcoming event or trip, that someone else might have booked.

It shows that we cannot wait for the thing to happen without being too over the top.

Lastly, these examples will help you to use this synonym correctly:

I’m looking forward to it, sir. I always love a good business trip and retreat with the crew.

I’m looking forward to it, and I really appreciate you taking the time to update me on it.

I’m looking forward to it. You always seem to find the best places to go to!

5. Excited About It

“Excited about it” is a way for us to exclaim that we feel “excited.”

This synonym for “sounds good” works when someone has booked us in for something, and we want to show our appreciation.

After all, sharing your excitement is one of the best ways to help the other person understand you’re interested.

Now, these examples should help you to make more sense of it:

I’m excited about it! You always seem to find the most romantic spots, after all!

I’m excited about it! I knew I could rely on you to find the best price for the trip.

I’m excited about it now. Thank you for coming to tell me more about it!

6. Sure Thing

“Sure thing” is a way to agree with someone’s plans or ideas. We can also use it when we are willing to help them out with a problem or situation they’re currently going through.

Moreover, it’s an informal phrase that works well in many situations. Furthermore, it’s a more diverse phrase than “sounds good,” which makes it a great synonym!

Finally, here are some ways you can make it work:

Oh, sure thing! Sorry, I didn’t realize you were struggling, but I’m more than happy to help!

Sure thing! I’ll make sure to be there at seven so that we have plenty of time for festivities!

Sure thing! You don’t have to ask me twice!

7. I’m Happy With That

“I’m happy with that” is another good synonym for “sounds good.”

This phrase is a good way to share our emotions and feelings about someone else’s decisions or plans.

Furthermore, if they’ve invited us, it could be good to show that we’re “happy” about their choices and that we value them making the decisions for us.

Now, these examples will help you to learn more about it:

I’m happy with that! Thank you for doing all the tricky work so that I didn’t have to!

I’m happy with that! And I knew I could count on you to get everything sorted!

I’m happy with that! I’m sure you know what you’re doing!

8. I’m on Board

“I’m on board” gives you another way of saying “sounds good.” It shows that we’re ready for action.

Moreover, “on board” works well when we want to show someone that we have already made ourselves free and we like the idea they’ve put forward.

To conclude, it’s a great way to share your enthusiasm.

Lastly, this synonym can work in the following ways:

I’m on board with that! It actually sounds like a lot of fun!

I’m on board! Though I didn’t need much convincing knowing that you would be there!

I’m on board! Thanks for the invite, man!

9. Fantastic

“Fantastic” works well when we’re looking for another word for “sounds good.” This single-word alternative is a great response to someone’s suggestion or plan.

We can use it to show that we are enthusiastic and happy about whatever they’ve decided. Moreover, it’s a good way to show that we are interested in the idea.

Furthermore, “fantastic” isn’t the only adjective we can use for this case either. There are plenty of other informal choices that work just as well. You could try any of the following:

  • Awesome
  • Wicked
  • Cool
  • Great
  • Perfect

Lastly, here are a few examples showing how some of these work:

Fantastic! I’m looking forward to taking part in the event with you!

Great! Thanks for letting me know, and I’ll be sure to make myself free when the time comes.

Perfect! I knew I could count on you to get this sorted out!

10. That’s Great

“That’s great” is a simple way to show that we are happy with the outcome or plans someone has made.

Moreover, it works well to use “great” (or other adjectives) to show that we are happy with their decision-making and that their plans work for our schedules.

Lastly, these examples should help you to make sense of this synonym for “sounds good”:

That’s great, Jack! I’m looking forward to doing all of that with you.

That’s great! I knew I could count on you!

That’s great! Though, I’ll need to confirm that I do not have to do any work on that weekend!

11. Works for Me

“Works for me” is a confident way to reassure someone that their plans work according to your schedule.

In general, this is useful for people to know because it shows that you shouldn’t have a reason to cancel on them when you get closer to the time.

Moreover, this alternative can both be used in formal and informal situations. This makes it a great alternative to “sounds good.”

Furthermore, you can include it in an email without being afraid of sounding too informal.

Lastly, here are some helpful ways for it to work in an email or message:

Works for me, Fred! Thank you for getting that sorted.

That works for me! I’m actually so hyped to see what you’ve got planned.

Works for me! And I really appreciate you spending the time to look into it all!

12. Why Not!

“Why not” is great for many informal cases, which makes it a great synonym for “sounds good.”

It works because we’re saying that we can’t think of anything else that we’d rather be doing than the plans.

However, some people think of it as more of a negative phrase as if you can’t think of anything better to do.

Therefore, you must be careful who you use this with. If someone thinks “why not” is a rude phrase that implies you would rather do something else but have nothing better to do, you may end up offending them!

Still, these examples will show you how to use it:

Why not! I’m more than happy to get involved with you!

Why not! I knew I could count on you to find the right place to go.

Why not! That sounds really fun, actually!

Is It Okay to Say “Sounds Good” in an Email?

“Sounds good” is not okay to say in a professional email. However, it is correct, and you can use it in an informal email.

Generally, “sounds good” is unprofessional. It’s a conversational term that shows you agree with something. It is not rude, so you won’t offend anyone by using it. However, it certainly does not belong in any business emails.

The only email variations you might use “sounds good” in are those sent to friends. For instance:

Hey Michael,

That sounds good to me. I’m glad you found a good solution for us to work with.

Best wishes,

For the most part, you’ll find that “sounds good” is more effective in a text message or general spoken English. For example:

Ok, sounds good! Thanks for keeping me in the loop with all of this.

Okay, sounds good, Tommy! I knew I could count on you to find out the best solution.

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