30 Best Replies To “My Pleasure”

After you give your thanks to someone, they will likely respond with either “you’re welcome” or “my pleasure”. But how do you respond to this?

Well, the truth is, you don’t have to. But if you really want to respond, or you’re just scared of awkward silences, here are 30 ways to respond to “my pleasure”.

1. I Really Appreciate It

We’re always taught to say thank you no matter what. This is a good thing as it leads to us all being nicer to each other. But it can dilute the meaning.

When you are genuinely thankful, and not just saying it to be polite, make that clear. They want to know that your gratitude is real.

2. It Was Such A Big Help

In life, a lot of people try to help us. In reality, most of them end up not doing that. So when someone tries to help you and succeeds, that is worth celebrating.

Let them know what they have will be of genuine benefit to you. And that your life is now easier because of them.

3. Was It Though? What Was So Pleasurable About What You’ve Just Done

Only use this one when you’re talking to a friend.

Someone might say “my pleasure” out of politeness. But anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that it wasn’t pleasurable for them at all. In fact, most of the time, it was a big pain.

Call them out on their lies! Let them know that you know their real emotions.

4. Oh No, The Pleasure Is Mine

This one might sound a bit cheesy, and it is. Most of the time, people hear it and know that whoever is saying it is exaggerating.

But, it’s still polite and friendly and gets across the message that you are in a good mood because of what they have done for you.

5. You’re Too Kind

Being kind to each other is normally a good thing. If we can all get along and respect one another, our lives will become much easier.

This is why when someone says “my pleasure”, one line you could use is “You’re too kind”, which is effective as it conveys how you feel about them in one simple sentence.

6. I Somehow Doubt That

This one is similar to the third option. Some people say “my pleasure”, not because it was a pleasure for them, but because they are polite and know that is what you should say.

If you’re talking to a friend and want to call them out on the fact they’re using it out of politeness, rather than honesty, you can joke about it with them.

7. *Smile And Continue With Your Work*

Sometimes, too many ruins can ruin something. There is no need to keep on talking if everything that should be said has already been said. The best thing to do instead is to just give a smile and continue with whatever you were doing before.

8. Very Kind

If you do decide to say something, but want to keep it as short as possible, “very kind” is a great option as it only consists of two words.

With no more than a couple of words, you are getting your point across, and making it clear that you think of them as a very kind person.

9. No Really, Thank You

When we help others, we often hear them say “thank you”. But, most of the time, this is said out of politeness rather than out of genuine gratitude.

So, when you feel grateful, there is no harm in letting the person who helped you know that your gratitude is genuine. And you’re not just thanking them because it’s the done thing.

10. You Have No Idea How Much The Means To Me

In life, sometimes people help us without knowing the impact of what they’re doing. What might seem like nothing to the helper is life-changing for the person they’re helping.

When we do something good, most of us will want to know that our actions are having a big impact on other people. If someone has helped you, let them know why you are grateful, and how grateful you are.

11. I Appreciate You Taking The Time To Do This For Me

We all have a limited number of hours in the day. And we can spend them doing whatever we want. We could sit in bed all day, we could work harder, we could spend our time at the gym.

However, if someone is helping you, they have forgone other activities to make things easier for you. Because of their sacrifice, your life is now easier. Make it clear that you understand this.

12. This Will Be Useful

For when the help that someone has given you is actually helpful. If they’ve given you something that you can use, and won’t just put it in the attic. Let them know that their generosity will have benefits for you. And you will benefit from what they have done for you.

13. Until Next Time

A polite enough way to end almost any conversation. You like this person, and you hope that “next time” will come soon, and the two of you can help each other again.

14. I Shall Return Here Again

This phrase is great if you’re in a shop and you’re talking to the person behind the counter. You have given your thanks for their help, and you want them to know that you will be returning again.

The person who helped you will feel proud that they have just created a returning customer.

15. You’ve Been Very Helpful

Again, this one is slightly more formal. And it would be great to say to someone who has helped you in a shop. But it can also help in other situations where people have been helpful. For example, if someone gives you directions, or helps you solve a problem.

16. Have A Great Day

This one does sound cheesy. And if you’re not careful, it can even come across as slightly artificial. But, when you say it with genuine emotion, the other person will know that because of what they’ve done, you wish a pleasant day upon them.

And, it usually serves the second purpose of indicating that the conversation is now over.

17. I Shall Put In A Good Word For You

When said in the right context, this reply can benefit many people.

Let’s say you’re at work. Your colleague has helped you. And there is a promotion that they have put their name down for. Because of the help you’ve been given, you might think they would be great for this promotion. So, you put in a good word for them.

18. I Can Always Count On You

Some people are just helpful. Everything they do, whether they intend to or not, will always end up helping other people.

If someone is honest, reliable and helpful, this is a reflection of their character not just their actions. You’re not just thanking them for what they’ve just done, you’re thanking them for what they always do.

19. There’s A Reason We’re Friends

There are a limited number of people in the world, and you need to be careful about who you call your friend. Many of us will make plenty of mistakes about who we call “friends”.

But, when you find someone who is a good friend, let them know how much you value the friendship.

20. No, It’s MY Pleasure

They’re saying it’s their pleasure. But you know that you’re the one who is getting the most pleasure out of it.

They find it a pleasure to work with you, and the feeling is mutual.

21. Are You Hitting On Me?

Be careful with this one, only use it on people who you know will understand the joke. Because if you’re not careful, you could offend someone with this.

Making it seem like someone is hitting on you when they’re not, creates a sort of awkward tension that people will find funny.

22. *Send An Emoji*

If you’re talking via text, an emoji is acceptable. It gets across the message

23. *Send A Meme*

A meme can be funny.

24. Let’s Not Be Too Posh

Someone saying “my pleasure” after hearing “thank you” is obviously not posh. But it sounds funny to pretend like it is.

By pretending that the politeness is posh, it creates comedy.

25. Goodbye

To be said only if this is the end of the conversation. And if you do say the word “goodbye”, make sure to say it in a tone that is positive and friendly.

26. Thanks For Your Help

You’ve already said “thank you”, that’s why they’re saying “my pleasure”. But what’s the harm in saying it again?

They know you’re thankful, but with this reply, they’ll know what you’re thankful for.

27. Let Me Know How I Can Return The Favor

Because they helped you, you want to help them in return. Whatever it is they want, you will be happy to provide.

28. You Did A Great Job

A quick and simple way of letting them know that you approve of their work.

29. So Kind Of You

Just to let them know that they have been kind.

30. Let’s Say Our Pleasure.

They say it’s your pleasure. But you think it’s yours. Maybe you could agree that it’s both of your pleasures.

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