27 Best Replies To “HAHAHA”, “LOL”, Or “LMAO” (Cute & Friendly)

Most of us could probably agree that it’s nice when people laugh at our jokes. But when it happens via text or message, we can become slightly confused about how to respond. Today, we’ll look at the 27 best ways to respond to online laughter- whether it’s from your friend or someone you’re flirting with.

What Does It Mean To Send A “LOL” Text?

First though, we should look at some of the different ways that people might laugh online. Because not everybody will express their humour in the same way.

  • Ahahaha

A phonetic spelling of the sound we tend to make when we laugh. Some people like to text the same way that they talk. So any noise they would make when they talk face to face will be the noise they write out in texts.

  • LOL

Laugh out loud. Most of the time, people who say this didn’t actually laugh out loud, but they want you to think they did. Your joke was so funny, that it caused them to produce an audible laugh that you could not hear through the text messages.

However, for some young people “lol” is seen as old fashioned, and not used when something is funny.

  • LMAO

Laughing my ass off. Probably from the phrase “working my ass off”. This idea here is that the joke you’ve told is so funny that it feels as though their buttocks is about to fall off with all the laughter you’ve made them do.

  • PMSL

Peeing myself laughing. Have you ever laughed so much that a tiny bit of urine has come yet? Erm…yeah… me neither.

But anyway, PMSL is what you say when something is incredibly funny.

  • Emojis

There are several emojis you could use. If it’s a bit funny, use the sweating smile. If it’s quite funny, use the crying with laughter emoji. If it’s really funny, use the crying on the side with laughter emoji. And if it’s hilarious, use the skull emoji. The skull was not created to be a laughing emoji, but that is how it is often used these days.

We’re not going to tell you which version of online laughter is best. But here are some ways you could reply to it.

Cute Replies

1. Hehehe

This reply is a great thing for women to say because it sounds cute and flirty when we think of you laughing like this. The use of “he” rather than “ha” comes across as more feminine.

2. You’re So Funny

If the two of you are both making jokes and laughing together, letting the other one know that you find them funny can make them feel very nice. The two of you will bond if you both share a similar sense of humour.

3. Well, I’m Glad Someone Laughs At My Jokes

So long as you don’t go overboard, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of self-deprecating humour. The joke here is that most people don’t find you funny, but there is something wrong with your partner, which is why they do. Just be sure they know that you’re not being serious when you say this.

4. You’re Cute AND You Find Me Funny?

The only thing men prefer to a cute woman is a cute woman who finds them funny. If you like something about someone, let them know so they can understand just how much you appreciate them and the conversations that you two have.

5. Proof Of The Smile?

This is just saying “send a picture”. If you find the other person attractive, you may as well ask for a picture of their smile. It will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

6. Hopefully I Can Laugh You Into Bed

Be careful with this one, as it can come across as inappropriate. But, if this person likes your jokes, hopefully, that is not the only thing they like about you. Who knows, maybe one day, the laughter will turn into something more.

7. I Bet You’ve Got A Really Cute Laugh

Making positive assumptions about someone is a great flirtation technique. Women like to appear feminine and cute, so by making the assumption they are, you will cement yourself in her mind as someone who thinks highly of her.

8. Hopefully You Won’t Be Laughing When You See It

Again, you need to be careful with this one. Because say it to the wrong person, and it might not end so well for you. If the two of you are already making jokes about certain body parts, it can be a great way of saying that you hope you have the equipment to be able to impress her.

9. One Day You’ll Be Laughing Down The Aisle

Maybe you really like this girl, and you could see yourself marrying her one day. After all, if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, it might as well be someone who finds you funny.

10. They Say Laughter Is The Way To A Woman’s Heart

Today, she might be laughing at your jokes. But in the future, that laughter will be filled with lots of that laughter.

11. Hopefully Our Future Will Be Filled With Lots Of Laughter

You don’t want this to be the temporary honeymoon phase. You want things to be this way for the rest of your life.

12. I’m Glad I Make You Smile

We want the people we care about to be happy. So let them know that you’re glad you can do that.

13. This Won’t Be The Last Time We Laugh Together

You know that if they like your jokes, you have plenty more where they came from.

14. Laughter Is The Food Of Love

The couple that laughs together stays together.

Friendly Replies

15. I Know. I Am A Comedy Genius

You know you’re funny. They know you’re funny. What’s the point in trying to hide it?

16. I Somehow Doubt You Did.

If they reply with “lol”, let it be known that you know they didn’t actually “laugh out loud”.

17. What A Strange World We Live In

If they are laughing at a joke you made about the state of the world.

18. And That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

What you’ve just said might be funny, but there is so much more behind the surface.

19. Women. Am I Right?

Maybe the two of you are joking about a certain topic. Why not just call out the strangeness of that topic as a whole

20. I’m Glad One Person Finds Me Funny

Not everyone will laugh at your jokes. So it’s important to appreciate those who do.

21. You Know I’m Not Paying You To Laugh. Right?

They find you funny even though they have no incentive to. Let them know that you appreciate what they’re doing.

22. Why Don’t I Have My Own Show On Netflix?

Maybe you find yourself funny and agree they should be laughing.

23. I Wasn’t Expecting You To Find That Funny

Perhaps what you said wasn’t intended as a joke. But if you made them smile, you’re not complaining.

24. I Like To Leave Em Laughing

It sounds a bit like a threat, but your friends should know that you’re not being serious.

25. Well, I Can Add You To “my Mum” On The List Of People Who Find Me Funny

Of course, the joke here is that not many people find you funny.

26. I Amaze Myself With How Funny I Am Sometimes

As long as it’s a joke, there is nothing wrong with a bit of bragging.

27. If You Keep Laughing, I’ll Have To Start Charging You.

If comedians get paid to make people laugh, is there any reason why you shouldn’t?

How Laughing Texts Are Important In Digital Flirting

The reason why Ahahaha, lol, and lmao are important is that the way we communicate has changed. Today, most of us talk to each other through screens, and when one person makes a joke, they would like to know if the other person finds it funny.

The more people are aware of what the abbreviations mean, the better. Because society will get along much better if we all speak the same language, and can better understand one another.

When you make a joke in front of someone, you can immediately tell whether or not they’re laughing. However, when it’s done via a screen, there is no way to tell. The best thing you can do is hope that they use Ahahaha, lol, or lmao to communicate the fact they find you funny.

Technology is changing the way language works. And trying to insist that everyone talks “properly” is not realistic. As language changes, we need to change our approach to it. This is why grammar snobs shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss new slang.


Hopefully next time someone replies to your joke with some form of online laughter, you will know what they mean. But more importantly, you will have a way to respond to them.

So don’t be afraid of this new slang. Embrace it, and learn to use it to your advantage.

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