11 Words For A Person Who Makes Others Happy

There are a set of people that love making people. They don’t want others to be sad or feel that they do not belong to the world. These people make others happy by giving them money, solving their problems, and treating them. This article will help you know a few words people use to describe these types of people.

Words For A Person Who Makes Others Happy

The preferred words to describe someone that makes you happy can be a motivator, game-changer, or Altruist. However, Altruist is more appropriate as it prioritizes others’ happiness. A motivator makes others glad to do things. At the same time, a game-changer changes the situation for people to be happy.

Whichever way, the goal of the people mentioned above is to make others happy.


A “motivator” inspires people to do something or perform well. The word usually refers to anything or a person that makes you enthusiastic about performing. To be motivated, you need to be happy. Only a happy mind can do things effectively. If you are down, you need a motivator.

The definition of “motivator,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person or thing that makes someone enthusiastic about doing something.”

  • I am starting to lose interest in this job. The pay is too small, and the environment is not conducive. I need a new motivator to work.
  • My lecturer was a great motivator. I was able to finish my research work on time.
  • Elon Musk purchased Twitter yesterday. I believe freedom of speech was his motivator.


At a point in our lives, everyone needs a game-changer to change the course of the situation. If an event is going unplanned and something or someone changes the game in your favor, you will be delighted. A game-changer can be a person or an event.

The definition of a “game-changer,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “something or someone that affects the result of a game or situation.”

  • Your idea is a game-changer. We are now the best company in Georgia.
  • The coronavirus was a game-changer for me. The traffic to my website increased in four-folds. I was able to make a lot of money.
  • Will they be able to keep their current success up, or will another game-changer come their way?


A “philanthropist” is an individual who devotes their time to helping others. Philanthropists often donate money, skills, and talent to help the poor or the needy. By doing so, they make others happy. Anyone can be a philanthropist irrespective of status and net worth.

As long as you improve the welfare of others with what you have, you are a philanthropist.

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of a “philanthropist” is “a person who helps the poor, especially by giving them money.”

  • Mr. Stone donated 100 textbooks on Law to the University library. He is a true philanthropist.
  • He is the best person because he is a recognized politician and a philanthropist.
  • A wealthy philanthropist built our university and the school library.


Givers make people happy by giving them something. If you need something, a giver is always ready to provide you with it. They don’t like seeing people lacking what they have. Sometimes, you don’t need to ask them for something before giving you things. It is their nature.

The definition of “giver,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person who gives something to someone.”

  • Givers, they say, will never lack. Why am I broke after giving out millions of dollars to people? I think the best sentence should be “sensible givers will never lack.”
  • I thank the giver of life for protecting me today.
  • Your new decisions will attract givers from all over the country.


If you are sad, you need a comedian to put a smile on your face and make you better. A comedian’s job is to make someone laugh by telling jokes. They also mimic the actions of famous individuals for you. You become a happy person with their comedy.

The definition of “comedian,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is a “person whose job is to make people laugh by telling jokes or amusing stories by copying the behavior or speech of famous people.”

  • He won the award for the best stand-up comedian.
  • He is a good comedian; you cannot be with him without laughing.
  • Susan and Drey, the renowned comedian, were high school classmates.


“Altruists” are people that care about others without expecting any reward. They always want people to be happy. As a result, they try to find solutions to the problems they are passing through. If they don’t have money, they will choose to be your companion.

The definition of “Altruist,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary,is “a person who cares about others and helps them without gaining anything by doing so.”

  • He is an altruist. He keeps helping everyone without asking a dime from them.
  • Not all altruists are rich. Some are just helping people because it is their true nature.
  • Don’t be too relaxed. Everyone cannot love your behavior as an altruist.


Therapists have helped several people overcome their sadness and become happy. They can help with relationship, disability and career issues. For example, a sad person can visit a therapist who will lighten his mind and make him happy.

Therapists must help their client overcome their sorrow. A good therapist must be empathetic and always ready to listen.

The definition of “therapist,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “someone whose job is to treat a particular type of mental or physical illness or disability usually with a particular type of therapy like speech therapy.”

  • I visited a therapist when I was not mentally okay.
  • The therapist that helped my brother solve his relationship issue is a woman.
  • I believe “therapist” and “counselor” have the same meanings. However, “counselor” seems more official.


Leadership skills are one of the salient skills that every organization wants. A good leader is someone who leads by example. A good leader will make all his followers happy and ready to work despite being in charge.

The definition of “Leader” according to The Cambridge Dictionary is “a person in control of a group, country or situation.”

  • I have an outstanding leader that is always ready to look after the welfare of all the workers
  • A reader is a leader.
  • The Russian political leader, Putin, put up a tough fight against the Ukrainians.
  • The company has become a leader in the cryptocurrency industry

Live wire

A live wire is a very energetic and lively person. Being with someone like this is never a dull movement. You will have a good vibe that will give no room for sadness when you are around a live wire. Live wires cheer sad people up once they see one.

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of a “live wire” is “someone who is very active and has a lot of energy.

  • No one knew he was a live wire until they played his favorite song.
  • We need a live wire in our midst. We cannot always be dull without having someone to bring a good vibe.
  • You cannot be sad if you are with George. He is a livewire.


“Pollyanna” is an overly optimistic person who believes in good things happening irrespective of the situation. These people see the good side of any bad situation. They are always available to motivate a sad person.

Usually, Pollyanna often suffers when they fall into the wrong hands. They tend to be maltreated or cheated because they believe everyone is good.

The definition of “pollyanna,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person that believes that good things are more likely to happen than bad things, even when this is very less likely.”

  • A naive Pollyanna kept jumping around in the woods joyfully, unaware of the imminent danger.
  • She hates being called a Pollyanna despite always being cheerful and optimistic.
  • Emmanuel’s wife has been maltreating him for five years, but he refuses to leave the house or divorce her. I think he is a Pollyanna.

People Pleaser

A people pleaser doesn’t want people to be unhappy with his actions and inactions. Such an individual does everything possible to get the approval of others. Once people are displeased, he makes amendments. Frequently, people pleasers hurt themselves with their decisions when trying to impress others.

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of “people pleaser” is “someone who cares about whether other people like them and always wants to get their approval.”

  • He is a people pleaser. He kept hurting himself to make his followers like him.
  • Because many people disapproved of his acting skills, he stopped acting. He could have developed his skills if he was not a people pleaser.

In our daily English, we use other phrases and words to describe someone that makes us happy. Such an individual can be a “rare breed of human being” or a helper (commonly used by non-native speakers).

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