10 Words For A Person Who Doesn’t Want A Relationship

When someone wants to love or a relationship, we often call them a “romantic”, but what do we call the opposite? While most generally know a person who doesn’t seem to want a relationship, we don’t always know a proper term that describes them. This article will explore usable terms.

What Can I Call A Person Who Doesn’t Want A Relationship?

For future reference, this article will highlight acceptable terms that will describe a person who opts against involving themselves in a relationship. The specific terms that we will go over are:

  • Aromantic
  • Suffering From Philophobia
  • An Introvert
  • Celibate
  • Happily Single
  • A Loner
  • Singleton
  • Single By Choice
  • Antisocial
  • An Eternal Bachelor/Bachelorette
Words For A Person Who Doesn't Want A Relationship

The preferred version is “aromantic”. This is because “aromantic” is essentially the exact opposite of a romantic individual. We are describing someone who has no desire to be in any form of a romantic relationship. They do not experience romantic attraction or interest in the slightest.


When we say that someone is “aromantic”, we are expressing their lack of need or want to experience a romantic partnership. When we say they do not want a romantic relationship, we mean that they do not enjoy any emotional contact.

Cambridge Dictionary defines “aromantic” as people who are not cold-hearted or heartless; they just don’t have romantic feelings for anyone.

To be “aromantic”, is considered to be a personal orientation. This term is often confused with the term asexual, however, the two are entirely different.

Asexuality is a sexual orientation, where one does not experience sexual attraction to either gender. Whereas an aromantic does not want a romantic relationship. Therefore, not all asexual people are aromantic and vice versa.

To further clarify, here are a few examples:

  • He was entirely aromantic and did not want to be in a relationship with her.
  • She didn’t want a relationship in the slightest, so I assumed she was aromantic.
  • To be aromantic is to not find a necessity in a romantic relationship and I’ve found that’s how I feel.

Suffering From Philophobia

When we say someone is “suffering from philophobia”, we are meaning to express that they have an overwhelming and unnerving fear of ever falling in love with someone. This is beyond any form of typical apprehension over the beginning of a new romantic relationship.

As with any phobia, philophobia will greatly impact and interfere with an individual’s life. This phobia has a tendency to make them a closed-off individuals.

Some ways in which we can use this specific statement are:

  • She was heavily suffering from philophobia to the point where she didn’t feel comfortable going out to the club with her friends.
  • His philophobia has made him introverted! He never wants to come out with us!
  • Philophobia is a scary and demeaning phobia, as it takes away your ability to search for a loving partner.

An Introvert

While we often associate “an introvert” with someone that doesn’t enjoy social situations with numerous people. However, being “an introvert” can affect your ability to open up to someone. This causes a great hindrance in the searching for a romantic partner.

Cambridge Dictionary defines “an introvert” as someone shy, quiet, and prefers to spend time alone rather than often being with other people.

Often, a person who is an introvert feels more comfortable focusing on their inner ideas and thoughts, as opposed to whatever is happening externally. This makes it incredibly difficult to socialize and meet new people.

Here are a few ways in which we can use this term:

  • He’s a complete introvert and rarely puts himself in social situations.
  • She prefers to live the life of an introvert, which means she’ll have great difficulty finding a life partner.
  • An introvert can be an amazing individual if they finally allow themselves to open up to people.


When we use the term “celibate” we often associate it with someone who doesn’t submit to sexualized relationships. Essentially, they entirely refrain from having any sexual contact. This alone can be a troubling aspect to get over, as many people are physically affectionate in a relationship.

Cambridge Dictionary defines “celibate” as not having sex, especially because you have made a religious promise not to.

However, a person who is considered to be “celibate” can also be someone who refrains from marriage entirely. This is essentially someone who is willingly choosing to be single for the duration of their life.

While this is often for religious reasons, some folks are merely celibate by personal choice or preferences.

To help further explain this term, here are a few examples:

  • She’s celibate and waiting until she finds the right person before she even considers a relationship, sex or marriage.
  • He claims to be celibate and never wants to commit to a marital relationship.
  • He is celibate because of his religion and doesn’t believe that he ever wants to be married.

Happily Single

When we say that someone is “happily single”, we mean to describe someone who prefers to not be in a relationship. Often, this is someone who has specific goals for their life and their achievements – not including another person in the mix.

While society tends to treat folks who are single as if they are in a phase, this is often a personal choice. Some folks merely have other things that they find important in life or do not feel they have adequate time for a romantic relationship.

Here are a few examples to showcase how to use this term:

  • He is happily single and focuses on his work life.
  • She chose to be happily single, supposedly for the rest of her life.
  • While I do not personally understand it, he has decided that he is happily single and we need to respect that.

A Loner

Another excellent way that we can describe someone who doesn’t want a relationship is “a loner”. “A loner” is someone who does not actively seek out interactions with other people. This may even be a person who actively avoids people and social settings.

Cambridge Dictionary defines “a loner” as a person who likes to do things on their own without other people.

Being “a loner” by personality greatly affects one’s ability to meet new people and perhaps cultivate a romantic partnership. There are many reasons someone may seek this type of solitude including personal preferences, fear of commitment, social anxiety, and more.

To learn how to properly use this term, here are a few examples:

  • He can be classified as a loner. He’s a complete introvert and hates social interactions.
  • She couldn’t handle how much anxiety social settings brought her and because of this, she became an introvert.
  • He has always been incredibly introverted, but I don’t want him to feel that he has to live the life of an introvert.


Another term we can use to describe someone that doesn’t want a relationship is a “singleton”. When we describe a person as a “singleton”, we’re saying they are single. This is often by choice, but regardless, this is someone who most certainly doesn’t have a romantic partner.

Cambridge Dictionary defines a “singleton” as a man or woman who does not have a romantic or sexual partner.

As previously mentioned, society often looks down on folks who choose to be single, however, this is a decision based on what best suits someone’s life and is not our place to judge.

Some ways in which we can use this term are:

  • He chooses to remain a singleton, as he doesn’t want a romantic partner.
  • She is such a singleton, I don’t think she’ll ever have a boyfriend.
  • Some folks just prefer the life of a singleton and he is one of them.

Single By Choice

“Single by choice” is another way to describe a person who doesn’t want a romantic relationship. When we say someone is “single by choice”, we’re describing a person who does not need a life partner. This is a personal preference and why we say this is “by choice”.

When we say “single by choice” we are not describing someone who has difficulty keeping a relationship or who actively seeks out a new one. This is someone who truly doesn’t have a desire for a relationship.

Here are a few examples, to further explain this phrase:

  • He is single by choice and doesn’t want a life partner.
  • She has remained single by choice for over ten years.
  • Single by choice isn’t a bad thing, I just don’t have adequate time for someone else.


We often consider someone who is “antisocial” as someone who doesn’t want personal relationships or social interactions. However, this is considered a personality disorder. People who are “antisocial” often ignore the feelings of others or what is considered right and wrong.

Cambridge Dictionary defines “antisocial” as harmful to society and someone who often avoids spending time with other people.

Being “antisocial” can be considered detrimental to creating personal relationships or cultivating romantic ones.

To help clarify, here are a few examples:

  • He was diagnosed as being antisocial and had severe difficulties interacting with others.
  • She is antisocial and isn’t always sure of how to functionally communicate with others.
  • When you are antisocial, you don’t always understand how your words and actions can affect others.

An Eternal Bachelor/Bachelorette

The last phrase we will go over is “an eternal bachelor/bachelorette. Whenever we use the word “eternal” we are describing something that is infinite or will forever be without change. If someone is considered an eternal bachelor/bachelorette, they are choosing to remain single.

This can be either a man (a bachelor) or a woman (a bachelorette), but regardless, they often wish to remain single. Many folks enjoy the life of a single person and therefore, wear this term as somewhat of a badge of honor.

Here are our last few examples:

  • He is an eternal bachelor and would prefer to just remain single.
  • She is an eternal bachelorette and loves being a huge flirt, with no commitments.
  • He chooses to remain an eternal bachelor because he’s incredibly busy with his professional life.