Will Resume or Will Be Resumed – Which Is Correct?

Verb tenses always represent a challenge when assertively expressing an idea. Surely we have alternately heard “will resume” and “will be resumed”. But when should we use each one? The context should help us make a good decision regarding these two terms. Read on, all answers with examples right below.

Will Resume or Will Be Resumed – Which Is Correct?

“Will resume” and “will be resumed” are both grammatically correct terms. When using “will resume” we insinuate that something will happen automatically without anybody needing to do anything. On the other hand, using “will be resumed” suggests that somebody will make that something happen.

Will Resume or Will Be Resumed

The line “will resume” indicates that a process or activity will resume regardless of what people around it do. In other words, the process will resume by itself. On the other hand, when using “will be resumed” we are giving the responsibility of resuming a process or action to someone.

Thus, the difference is small but it can be very important depending on the context. For example, in the case of a nuclear reactor, if the maintenance “will resume” or “will be resumed” makes a huge difference.

Will Resume

“Will resume” is the active form for the simple future tense. In the active voice, the noun before de verb is the one performing the action. For that reason, this verb tense implies that it will go back to what it was soon, and will happen involuntarily.

Let’s see some examples of “will resume” in a sentence:

  1. The strike is over. Public transportation will resume in a matter of hours.
  2. Don’t shut down your computer. Updates will resume as soon as the internet connection is back.
  3. They will resume their jobs when lunch break is over.
  4. The match will resume next week according to the umpires.
  5. I will escort Mr. Downey to the front door and we will resume our conversation.
  6. The machinery will resume the work, so we can go and relax in the backyard.
  7. Don’t worry, my team will resume the investigation, let’s go have some coffee.

Will Be Resumed

“Will be resumed” is the passive form for the simple future tense. In the passive voice, the action’s target is the focus, and the verb acts upon the subject. Hence, the verb coming after the noun is the one doing the action. It suggests that somebody will make it happen.

Let’s see some examples of “will be resumed” in a sentence:

  1. Congress sessions will be resumed in August.
  2. All commercial activities will be resumed once the hurricane has passed.
  3. It is expected that the negotiations will be resumed soon.
  4. As per the schedule, the discussion on this account is now postponed and will be resumed later.
  5. Family visits will be resumed as soon as Parliament delivers a clear protocol that ensures all citizens’ safety.
  6. The moment I heard that family visits will be resumed I was so happy I had to call all my friends and tell them about it.
  7. He said that the experiments will be resumed sooner or later, so I have high hopes for the future.

Which Is Used the Most?

When checking on a word’s popularity level there’s no tool more powerful than the Google Ngram Viewer. Let’s see what it says about “will resume” and “will be resumed”.

Will Resume or Will Be Resumed usage

In the early 20th century, both “will resume” and “will be resumed” shared a similar usage rate. By 1920, the curves show an abrupt growth, which falls, ten years later, until returning to the initial levels. We can observe this same behavior in the 1940s, but it is from then on, that the percentage of use of both terms begins to change.

“Will be resumed” shows a smooth but constant decline to this day, resulting in a very low percentage of use. Likewise, “will resume” is now at its lowest historical percentage.

Final Thoughts

Despite showing a subtle difference in meaning due to the passive voice and active voice, “will resume” and “will be resumed” can be used as synonyms and are interchangeable. On the one hand, “will resume” implies automatism, while “will be resumed” suggests the presence of something to make it happen.