9 Good Synonyms for “Ensure” on a Resume

You need to make sure (or “ensure”) certain things happen in the workplace. For instance, you should ensure that customers are satisfied or your boss is happy with your work.

Whatever the case, you need to include “ensure” on your resume. Although, is it really the best term to use?

This article has gathered some synonyms to help. We’ll show you another word for “ensure” on a resume.

  • Assure
  • Guarantee
  • Secure
  • Make sure
  • Minimize
  • Confirm
  • Verify
  • Establish
  • Corroborate

Read on to find out what to use instead of “ensure” on your resume. There are plenty of great options available to keep things formal.

1. Assure

Feel free to use “assure” as a formal synonym for “ensure.” It’s a great one to include because it shows you guarantee results.

For instance, you can “assure” satisfaction from customers. We recommend saying this if you back yourself and can find a way to gain common ground with the people you work with.

It’s a great trait to include in a business setting. It shows you’re willing to prove yourself and put the work in.

You can also review these examples:

  • I like to assure customer satisfaction with everything I do. Therefore, you can rely on me to get customers’ trust.
  • I assure high-quality results. There’s nothing I can’t achieve when I put my mind to it and see what happens.

2. Guarantee

You should include “guarantee” on your resume to mix things up. It is direct and professional, giving you a great way to sell yourself on a job application.

Guarantees are difficult to make. However, if you believe in yourself and never fail to impress, then you might be willing to make them.

Therefore, we recommend using this as a more confident alternative to “ensure.” It shows you’re willing to prove yourself and the results you can guarantee.

Here are some resume samples to help you with it:

  • I can guarantee positive responses from customers. I won’t quit until I know they’re happy with our service.
  • Of course, I guarantee that I will achieve high customer satisfaction. I’m very good at what I do.

3. Secure

You can include “secure” in a cover letter to show you mean business. It shows you’re capable and confident in your abilities.

We recommend using it to convince an employer to interview you. It suggests you’re very certain of your ability and want to demonstrate that you can “secure” positive results.

Incidentally, you will also say “secure an interview” in most cases. Therefore, using “secure” is almost a subliminal way to encourage an employer to take you to the next stage.

Perhaps the following examples will also help you:

  • I secure the best results when I complete projects. You can count on me to make things work.
  • I secure positive feedback from all my clients. I’m very happy to share my history with you.

4. Make Sure

“Make sure” shows you what to use instead of “ensure” on your resume. It’s a very simple change, where “make” takes the place of the “en-” prefix in “ensure.”

We recommend using it if you’re trying to be more direct and clear. It shows that you’re looking to ensure something happens and don’t want to make any mistakes.

Generally, this is a great way to encourage an employer to consider you. It shows you care about your results and “make sure” you get the best out of them.

You can also review the following examples:

  • I make sure that my customers are satisfied. I do everything in my power to ensure they get the best results possible.
  • Of course, I make sure that client satisfaction comes first. You can rely on me to look after the people we work with.

5. Minimize

This one is a little different. It’s a great formal synonym, but you need to understand where it works best before employing it.

You can write “minimize” as another way to say “ensure” on a resume. However, it only works when minimizing the potential for error.

So, if you “ensure” that you don’t make errors, it means you’re minimizing the possibility of mistakes.

This is a very effective and professional word to include. It shows you don’t cut corners and ensure your work is completed to the highest degree.

Here are some examples to show you how it works:

  • I minimize problems for clients and customers. They like to come to me when they need help outside of our usual service.
  • I can minimize expenditure and capitalize on success. I only need your approval to complete a few tasks.

6. Confirm

You may also use “confirm” instead of “ensure.” It’s a highly effective formal synonym that shows you’d like to verify some information before passing it around.

We recommend using this when you proofread your work. It also works well when you ensure high-quality results (i.e., good customer satisfaction).

Whatever the case, this term works well in a cover letter or CV. You should certainly use it if you’re looking to impress any new employers who might read what you’ve got to say.

Check out the following CV samples if you need more help:

  • I always confirm my results to the highest quality. You can look through my portfolio to see what I can do.
  • I confirm all of my projects are completed to the highest degree. You should trust that I’m able to help you.

7. Verify

“Verify” is a great alternative to use in your resumes. It shows you do everything you can to make sure of something. It suggests you cover all angles before completing work.

Generally, this is a great quality to bring with you to the workplace. It lets employers know that you don’t quit until you’re certain something is correct.

Also, it suggests you’re willing to put work in to impress people. This is great to include if you’re trying to show a new boss why you’re worth hiring.

You can also review the following examples:

  • I don’t stop until I verify customer satisfaction. It’s why I have a five-star rating online. I’m proud of it.
  • I verify the best results because I know what I’m worth. Therefore, I would like to discuss my salary moving forward.

8. Establish

Feel free to use “establish” instead of “ensure.” It tends to work best when creating and ensuring positive relationships with customers.

Generally, you’ll want to include this when applying for customer-facing jobs. It shows you’re willing to put the time in to create good connections.

“Establish” also suggests you aim to please everyone. It shows you only set things up when you’re certain they will have a positive impact on you or your company.

Check out these examples to see how to use it:

  • I establish good connections with the client base. Otherwise, they’re not going to trust that I can help them.
  • I like to establish customer satisfaction when possible. I will do what I can to help them when they come to me.

9. Corroborate

Finally, you may find “corroborate” to be a useful formal synonym. It works well instead of “ensure,” but its use is a little more limited.

It means you support or confirm something before completing a task. So, if you corroborate positivity, it suggests you aim to please customers and clients.

This is a great way to encourage an employer to look into you as a hireable option. They’ll almost certainly want to offer you an interview after this to find out more about you.

Here are some great cover letter samples:

  • My results speak for themselves. I corroborate excellent feedback because I go above and beyond for those around me.
  • I corroborate the best results. All of my projects are done to a high standard.