Stay Gold – Meaning & Example Sentences

“Stay gold” is the sort of expression in which you might be familiar with both of the words that make up the phrase, but you might not really be sure what they mean together. This article will explain what “stay gold” means using example sentences.

Stay Gold – Meaning

“Stay gold” is a lovely, heartfelt expression that means that you should stay true to yourself and to your personal values. That no matter what happens, you should try to keep an uncorrupted heart, and be pure and kind through all of your life.

stay gold meaning

When you tell someone to “stay gold”, you’re basically telling them two things. The first thing you’re doing is telling them that they are currently a pure, good person, one who is worthwhile.

The second thing you’re doing is you’re telling them to keep it up. That they should keep being this way, no matter what happens, because that’s what makes them such an amazing person.

How to Use “Stay Gold” in a Sentence

“Stay gold” is a really small but really powerful phrase, which means that it’s perfect for a good number of different uses in sentences. Here, we’ve assembled a list of several examples that are going to help you learn how to use “stay gold”:

  1. You’ve been really good to me, so as I depart I will simply tell you to stay gold, forever and ever.
  2. You have to stay gold, kid, because there are so many bad men out there, you have to be good.
  3. She told me to stay gold, and I really took it to heart, and so years later, here I am.
  4. Stay gold, my friend, and keep that heart of yours as pure as the sun, and you’ll be ok.
  5. I told him to stay gold, many years ago, and from what I’m hearing he decided to do so.
  6. Stay gold, and as long as you remember what I told you tonight, you’ll be alright in the end.
  7. If you stay gold, if you keep true to your own values and your heart, then you’ll win.

Stay Gold – Origin

The phrase “stay gold” comes from the book and movie “The Outsiders”, in which one character tells another that they have to stay gold, because it means that they will be pure, and good. This phrase in the movie is also a reference to a classic Robert Frost poem.

Stay Gold – Synonyms

The beautiful sentiment expressed by the phrase “stay gold” is one of staying true to your own values, even when the whole world tells you that they should worsen. This sentiment can also be expressed via other ways, and here we’ve assembled some alternative synonym phrases you can use:

  • Keep on being kind
  • Continue being as amazing as you are
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Stay true to your heart
  • Follow your heart

Correct Ways to Say “Stay Gold”

The phrase “stay gold” comes from a Robert Frost poem, and the general sentiment of being “gold” is one that is applicable to a variety of phrasings. Here are some correct ways in which you can express “stay gold” with a few different phrasings applied:

  • Keep on being gold
  • Continue being as gold as you are
  • Stay as gold as you can
  • Be as gold as you can possibly be
  • You ought to keep your heart gold

Incorrect Ways to Use “Stay Gold”

“Stay gold” is a phrase that, broadly speaking, means that you should stay true to your own principles, and you should follow your heart, because it will tell you what the right path is. An incorrect way to use “stay gold” is to use it in a negative way.

This is because, naturally, the expression “stay gold” refers to a positive thing. This basically means that there is no context in which “stay gold” could be used in a negative way.

Another incorrect way in which “stay gold” could get used is to say that the “gold” in it is literal, meaning the color or, alternatively, the material.

Make no mistake: The “gold” in “stay gold” is a metaphorical gold, a gold that serves as a stand in for being pure of heart and true to yourself, no matter what happens.

In What Situations Can You Use “Stay Gold”?

“Stay gold” is a deeply valuable phrase to use in contexts where the person that you’re talking to is incredibly good and pure of heart. In these situations, you should use “stay gold” as a way of telling the person that they should always be good and kind.

When someone is true to themselves, and you want them to continue that way, you can tell them to “stay gold” to convey this sentiment.