Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks – Meaning & Example Sentences

“Keep your heart 3 stacks” is the sort of expression that can easily be very confusing if you know nothing else about it. This article will explain what “keep your heart 3 stacks” means and in what way could you possibly use it.

Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks – Meaning

“Keep your heart 3 stacks” is an expression that basically tells the listener, the titular “3 stacks”, to keep his heart, meaning to not give his heart away, specifically in marriage. It’s a phrase that basically tells the person that they should be very careful in love.

keep your heart 3 stacks meaning

To put it simply, “keep your heart 3 stacks” is an earnest request not to get married, or at the very least, to make sure that the romantic decision being taken is the correct one.

How to Use “Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks” in a Sentence

Obviously, “keep your heart 3 stacks” is a very specific sentence, and one that you might not be sure how you could even use in a sentence. For that reason, we’ve created some example sentences that are going to use this phrase, for you to learn it:

  1. Keep your heart, 3 stacks, and don’t let them take it away from you no matter what.
  2. Keep your heart, 3 stacks, no matter what happens you have got to keep your heart.
  3. Keep your heart, three stacks, don’t get married and come back to stay with us, please.
  4. Keep your heart, 3 stacks, you really ought to be more careful about making these decisions.
  5. Keep your heart, 3 stacks, and I think in the end you’ll be alright, as long as you keep it.
  6. Keep your heart, three stacks, and be careful of who you want to give it away to.
  7. Keep your heart, 3 stacks, don’t let them get to your heart, because I’m sure they’ll tear it apart.

Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks – Origin

“Keep your heart 3 stacks” is a line that comes from the OutKast song “International Players Anthem (I Choose You)”. The one who said the line was rapper Andre 3000, about to get married, with his friends asking him to not get married by telling him to keep his heart.

The phrase includes “3 stacks” because the rapper’s name is Andre 3000, and therefore his nickname is 3 stacks.

Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks – Synonyms

Obviously the specificity of the 3 stacks part limits the range of the phrase, but there are plenty of ways to express the same sentiment that “keep your heart” does in the English language. Here are some synonym phrases you can use instead of “keep your heart 3 stacks”:

  • Don’t let her take you 3 stacks
  • 3 stacks make sure to stay as your own person.
  • Don’t allow her to take your freedom 3 stacks.
  • 3 stacks you should be careful about this relationship.
  • 3 stacks don’t let them take your personhood away.

Phrases That Mean the Opposite of “Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks”

The sentiment expressed in “keep your heart 3 stacks” is one of keeping yourself single, and refusing to give away your heart to someone else, out of fear of being hurt. There are many phrases that mean the opposite thing, and here we’ve compiled some of those:

  • Give away your heart 3 stacks
  • Join someone else for the rest of your life 3 stacks
  • Give away your heart and take someone else’s 3 stacks
  • 3 stacks open yourself up to be loved.
  • 3 stacks embrace the love of your life

Correct Ways to Say “Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks”

Because the sentiment that it talks about is so broadly applicable to many situations, there are several different, correct ways of saying “keep your heart 3 stacks” while keeping the phrase’s meaning intact. Here are some of those correct ways:

  • You shouldn’t let them take your heart 3 stacks.
  • Make sure they don’t take your heart 3 stacks.
  • Hold on to your heart 3 stacks.
  • Make sure that you still have your heart 3 stacks.
  • Keep an eye out for your heart 3 stacks.

Incorrect Ways to Use “Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks”

There are several incorrect ways in which someone could use “keep your heart 3 stacks”.

An incorrect way to use this phrase would be to use it to talk about keeping three stacks of something, and therefore missing that 3 stacks is someone’s name.

It’s important to remember that if you’re using this phrase to talk to someone who isn’t rapper Andre 3000, you should replace 3 stacks with the person’s name.

In What Situations Can You Use “Keep Your Heart 3 Stacks”?

“Keep your heart 3 stacks” is a phrase that you can apply to several situations, but broadly speaking you should use it when talking to someone who is about to enter a committed romantic relationship that you think they should not be entering.

By telling them to keep their heart, you’re reminding them that you care about them, and that you think they’re giving away too much of themselves.