Jaime or Jamie? Which Spelling to Use (Boy and Girl)

Is your male friend’s name “Jamie” or “Jaime”? Are both correct names? Is it possible that your female friend’s name is “Jamie” or “Jaime”? Some dilemmas show up about these terms. Read on. This helpful piece will settle your doubts regarding these names.

Jaime or Jamie?

“Jamie” is a common name for naming both boys and girls. On the other hand, “Jaime” is not an English name. “Jaime” is a Spanish variation for James or Jacob, which are names for boys. However, it is unlikely that you hear someone called “Jaime” in Anglo-Saxon-speaking countries.

jaime or jamie

So, we can say that “Jamie” and “Jaime” are both correct names. As for which to use and when, it is helpful to think that, in English, “Jamie” is always going to be more common; and therefore, more likely to be the correct option.

Jaime or Jamie for a Boy?

“Jamie” and “Jaime” are appropriate names for boys. While “Jamie” is the diminutive form for James, “Jaime” is the Spanish or Portuguese variation James, or, more rarely names, such as Jacob or Jacques. Thus, both names can be used for boys.

Boys named “James” also use “Jim” as a nickname. As for its significance, “Jamie” means the one who supplants and its origins in Hebrew.

Yet, In the UK and Scotland, “Jamie” remains a favorite for naming boys.

“Jaime” used to be a classic male name in Hispanic countries, but it seems to have lost popularity in recent years.

Let’s see some examples with “Jamie” and “Jaime” in a sentence:

  1. My father came from Spain. He was named Jaime, after his father and grandfather.
  2. Every time we hear someone saying Jamie, both my wife and I turn around to see who of us they are calling.
  3. No one seemed surprised when I said my husband’s name is Jamie.
  4. Last summer I spent a few days in Manchester, where I made friends with a guy named Jamie.
  5. Here at the office, everyone refers to him as Jaime, even though his name is Jacob.
  6. Most people have nicknames. My father, Jacques, hated his name, so he asked everyone to call him Jaime.
  7. Even though I called him by his name, James did not answer me. Next time I will use his nickname. I think it is Jamie or Jimmy.

Jaime or Jamie for a Girl?

“Jamie” is a unisex name typically used in the 60s and the 70s. Some alternate spellings we can find are Jayme or Jamye. As for Jaime, it is a typically masculine name, so it should not be used for women.

In the last decades, in the US, “Jamie” become more common for naming girls than boys. However, it can be used for boys too; especially in the UK and Scotland.

Let’s see some examples with “Jamie” and “Jaime” in a sentence

  1. Jamie and Jaime are playing the tennis tournament in the mixed doubles category.
  2. I think the name of that famous actress was Jamie.
  3. No one seemed surprised when I said my wife’s name is Jamie.
  4. I think you misspelled my sister’s name. Could you change it in the form? Her name is Jamie.
  5. The first time I saw her name spelled like that, Jayme, I thought it was a mistake. Apparently, it’s an alternate way of spelling it.
  6. In the early 1960s, the name Jamie became fashionable. Many women at that time were called that.
  7. It is quite funny though. My brother is called Jamie. And my sister too. I do not know what my parents were thinking.

Is Jaime or Jamie Used the Most?

We have used the almighty Google Ngram Viewer to detect trends in the use of the names Jamie and Jaime.

jaime or jamie usage

The term “Jamie” shows a fairly abrupt positive trend starting in 1980. Until then, its popularity was not significant.

On the other hand, the term “Jaime” shows low popularity values throughout the century. Though there seems to have been a slight rebound in recent years.

Other Variations of Jamie

  • Jaimee
  • Jaimie
  • Jama
  • Jamee
  • James
  • Jamey
  • Jami
  • Jamia
  • Jayme
  • Jamey
  • Jaymee
  • Jaymie

Final Thoughts

While “Jaime” is a name used for boys, as a Spanish and Portuguese variation for James, “Jamie” is a unisex name that can be used both for boys and girls. In the US is more chosen for naming girls. In the UK and Scotland, Jamie is preferred for boys.