Is It “Intern For”, “Intern In”, or “Intern At” A Company?

The usage of “intern for,” “intern in,” and “intern at” often causes confusion among English speakers. Many of them use “have an internship placement” to avoid this confusion. This article will demystify the use of the word “intern” with the preposition “at,”” in,” “with,” and “for.”

The article will also explain how to use the phrases in different instances with examples.

Is It “Intern For,” “Intern In,” Or “Intern At” A Company?

You don’t “intern in” a company, you “intern at” a company. “Intern in,” on the one hand, is used when a specific department is involved. On the other hand, “intern for” is used for a particular position in the company. For example: we need an intern for a position.

Intern Of Intern In Intern At

Alternatively, “intern for” is used to determine the internship period. For example: you will have to intern for a month before I recognise you as a graduate.

When Should I Use “Intern For”?

An internship is for the intern’s benefit and not for the organization. It is inappropriate to use “for” for an institution or company you intern in. However, we use it for the internship period and the position we need an intern for. It also portrays a subservient relationship. For example:

  • You will intern for 5 weeks in a reputable company before you can be awarded a bachelor’s degree.
  • They have to intern for a day before being called upon by the company.

To use “intern for,” the “intern” should be nominalized.

  • We need an intern for a digital marketing internship in the company
  • She is an intern for the legal department at Mount Sinai Hospital.
  • He has been an intern for this company since 2015.

When Should I Use “Intern In”?’

Use “intern in” if you will be working in a specified department of the company. The following example will help you use “intern in” better.

  • After much consideration, he has decided to intern in the database administration of PayPal.
  • They intern in the dean’s office. I think they got the internship placement after the interview.
  • While waiting for their job placements, the students intern in the surgical world to learn more about surgery.
  • He is an intern in the accounting section of the law office
  • If you want to keep your work as an intern in this organization, you need.

When Should I Use “Intern At”?

Use “intern at” with a company or institution. However, it will not give details about your department/division. This section will explain how to use “intern at” in sentences with examples.

  • You need to respect people that intern at the Bank of America. They work from 8am to 8pm per day.
  • My friend told me to apply for the internship so that we could intern at the same place.
  • This could be your opportunity to intern at one of the top institutions in the world. Send us a message today.
  • If you really wish to intern at our school, you have diction in at least five courses.
  • Several schools have made internships part of their requirement to offer a bachelor’s degree. If you refuse to intend at any place, you might not be able to meet the need.

Are “Intern For,” “Intern In,” And “Intern At” Interchangeable?

“Intern for,” “intern in,” and “intern at” cannot be used interchangeably. While “intern in” is more specific, “intern at” is not. “Intern for” usually refers to a subservient relationship between the intern and the company. In other instances, “for” is used along with normalized “intern.”

The rule is clear, you use “at” with a company and institution. Using “I intern in ABC corporation” will be odd instead of “I intern at ABC corporation.” Also, “intern for” shows a situation where you have to be unquestionably obedient at your place of work.

Is “Intern For,” “Intern In,” Or “Intern At” Used The Most?

According to Google Ngram viewer, “intern at” is the most used among English speakers, while “intern for” is the least used. “Intern in” is somewhat used. Google Ngram Viewer represents the usage of the three phrases in a graph.

Intern Of Intern In Intern At english usage

The red line represents “intern at,” which is the most used among English speakers, while the blue line depicts the use of “intern for.” The green line shows the usage of “intern in.”

Is It Correct To Use “Intern With”?

Another word common among English speakers is “intern with.” Many non-native speakers confuse the usage of “intern with” with “intern for.” However, “intern with” is standard usage. It means the intern is working in an organization for his internship placement.

“Intern with” unlike “intern for” portrays an equal relationship between the company and the intern. “Intern with” could be used interchangeably with “intern at” in some circumstances.

However, “intern with” is not commonly used. Google Ngram Viewer shows that it is the least used when compared with “intern in,” “intern for,” and “intern at.”

Intern Of Intern In Intern At Intern With english usage

Examples where “intern with” are used are as follows:

  • My brother interned (past tense of “intern”) with Emac Technology while still attending Michigan State University.
  • You should intern with Google if you want to make at least one hundred thousand per dollar in a year.
  • I will intern with Amiable Chambers if I can complete my first year with a high grade.
  • Don’t underestimate him; he has interned with top companies worldwide.

Having a good understanding of the use of “intern in,” “intern at,” or “intern for” will help you in avoiding some usual errors that you might have been making. It will also help you improve your grammar when you write or speak.